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How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle With Circuit Training

The purpose of circuit training is to keep you moving by only allowing you to take minimal breaks between exercises. If you absolutely must rest, you can take 10 seconds to walk around and then start again. Whatever you do, don’t stop moving.

This workout is different from other programs you may have followed. For example, it differs from supersets or compound sets, which target one or two specific muscles and work with the fatigue factor of those particular muscles to increase the intensity of your workout. Circuit training, on the other hand, works because it causes you to keep pushing your body aerobically, while still challenging your strength.



First, it allows you to work your aerobic system while simultaneously working on your strength. Since you are constantly progressing through the workout, you will keep your heart rate up, therefore reaping the same benefits as the guy who mindlessly logs all those miles on the treadmill. You, however, will be constantly stimulating your mind, which will help keep boredom at bay.

Second, due to fewer rest periods, you will increase the amount of testosterone you release, which serves to help your muscles grow. While it is true that if you were to perform long aerobic sessions, your testosterone level would drop and you would start to release cortisol (which causes the body to break down muscle tissue), this workout won’t take that long to complete. Therefore, you won’t reach the time required to start this cortisol-releasing process.

Finally, since you will move through this workout quickly, you won’t have to spend long hours in the gym, and you will be able to spend your time doing the things that you never seemed to have time for when you were making the gym your second home.

Make sure you follow a good diet (like the one in my workout plan). I will also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.


Check out the Resistance Bands Brandon Carter Uses (RipCords)

Check out the Resistance Bands Bands Brandon Carter Uses (RipCords)

8 thoughts on “How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle With Circuit Training

  1. i have just ordered you $7 workout package as i belive it wil work. i started to feel bad about my weight and as i am restarting mixed martial arts i want to feel good about my self and get into better shape. i thought i would order you plan as you your self is muscular and ripped. i do hope that working out following you plan works and i will comment back when i recieve the videos and start to feel and see changes.

  2. I downloaded the free workout. is that the ripped in two weeks one? and what time of the day should i take Tea Rexx? And on the free workout plan, am i supposed to do the back one day then the abs another day then the biceps another day, etc., or do it all monday wedsday and friday?

  3. It’s a great pleasure that i have downloaded you free workout videos, I’ve been doing those techniques in my house lately and it has given me the exact result that i wanted. It’s a good thing that I have came through your site at the same time follow each and every workout tips you are sharing. I’ll keep track on this daily.

  4. The body in that video with you working out in the gym is exactly the kind of body i want! Do you suggest that i should eat more because lately i have been working out A LOT and also eating about 2500-2600 calories a day but sometimes i lose weight :/ i weigh 148lbs and im pretty much ripped (not ripped to shreds) but ripped enough to see abs,chest muscle etc. I do a lot of sport training like MMA,basketball,sprints,HIIT,weights,etc

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