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How To Get A 6 (six) Pack Fast! (part 2)

Here are 3 abdominal exercises that will help you build a 6 pack fast.

Do 3 set of each
Here are 3 abdominal exercises that will help you build a 6 pack fast.

Do 3 set of each

For each set do as many as you can

Do this 3 to 4 times per week

Keys to Build strong abs and lose abdominal fat :
You can have the greatest, most muscular set of abs in the world, but if they are blanketed by a layer of body fat, who cares. In order to rid yourself of the extra body fat around your midsection, you need to incorporate effective cardio sessions into your fitness plan. You cannot spot-reduce the midsection by doing extra ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups. You first must burn off the body fat through proper cardio to properly define the area.

Abdominal training by itself will not do much. Cardio needs to be intense enough to do the trick. Three to four sessions a week of intense jogging, running, the Stairmaster, the elliptical, jumping rope, or biking should be enough to get the process in gear. Swimming, hiking, and taking aerobics classes are beneficial as well. Nothing beats jogging or running. It is the most intense, efficient, and effective method of burning calories. If running outside hurts your joints, try running inside on a treadmill or outside on a dirt path. It definitely is easier on the body.

Again, you NEED three to four intense cardio sessions a week to help create a calorie deficit and help rid the body of the fat that covers your abs.

Proper Nutrition:

Do not sabotage your results in the gym by giving yourself a passport to pig out. Ridding the body of fat once and for all is accomplished by proper nutrition more so than incorporating cardio. At the end of the day, if you have consumed more calories than you have expended, you add body fat. So you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Nutrition is important because you can reduce the amount of calories you take in, therefore greatly having an effect on the amount which you have to expend through cardio. Eat five to six small, well-balanced meals spaced apart about every three to four hours. Try to keep something healthy on hand.

If not, when you become real hungry, you will opt for something that isn’t as good for you. When you become overly hungry, all rational thinking goes out the window.

But it is important to get something in you. Not eating on time or at all is almost as bad as eating too much. Keep protein intake high (approximately 50% of daily calories), carbs moderate (40%), and fats minimal (10%).

Muscle fiber is made of tightly-wound protein molecules that is damaged during a workout, so you need more protein than the sedentary person to help that muscle tissue repair. Carbohydrates have an important role in the body, but do not base your meals on them. Try to avoid simple sugars like cane sugar, honey, fruit juices, syrups, and even a lot of fruit.

Drink at least a gallon of clean water each day as well. It will help in nutrient absorption and digestion and will help flush toxins from the body.

Bottom line, make sure you are supplying your body with well-balanced, healthy food every three to four hours.

Weight training The Abdominals:

Here is where most people go wrong in their attempt to develop their abs. I often ask those I train, “Would you train your biceps with sets of 50 reps with no weight?” Of course, they say “no.” How about your chest, 50 reps with no weight? Another no. I then ask, “Then why would you do that with your abs?”

Here’s an important key. If you want proper ab development, you need to add resistance (weight) to your ab exercises. Abs are muscles just like biceps, triceps, pecs, glutes, whatever. You need resistance to properly strengthen and build them. The same goes for abdominals

Make sure you follow a good diet (like the one in my workout plan). I will also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.


Check out the Resistance Bands Brandon Carter Uses (RipCords)

Check out the Resistance Bands Bands Brandon Carter Uses (RipCords)

27 thoughts on “How To Get A 6 (six) Pack Fast! (part 2)

  1. Im 17 and play safety for my high school football team i was wondering if you had any decent lifts for me to use so when i hit someone, they feel it. I have a hard time putting on muscle though. Do you know any supplements i could take to help with that? – thanks, alan. ralanr@hotmail.com. Please reply asap!!!!

  2. Well i do those lifts all the time but its just hard for me to put on muscle and i eat at least 6 times a day with good food like chicken, pasta with red sauce, ham sandwiches, peanut butter on crackers and all that . Would it be smart to take creatine and whey protein? I take it already and u dont really notice a change in muscle growth, any tips on puttin on muscle on? And its really important that i do, now that i need to get bigger for college football

      • Well every morning I eat a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter on it, a muscle milk protein shake, and a bowl of fresh fruit like strawberries or peaches. Lunch is my biggest problem since my school isn’t really good with food, so I’m thinking about taking food to school
        When I get home I normally make two everything bagel sandwiches with lunch meat ham I heat up in a pan, then I put two slices of pepper jack cheese in the pan and then put in in the sandwiches and I eat a cup of noodles too, and normally for dinner we eat pretty good hearty protein meals like bbq chicken on the grill with rice and corn or salad with chicken, or spaghetti with meat, or hard shell tacos with ground beef and home made salsa. Then I usually go to the gym for two hours and when I get back I’m starving, like literally craving meat or something hearty ya know? And I don’t eat a lot of sweets and dessert. I take snacks to school too, like a sandwich bag full of trail mix with a lot of nuts for protein, sometimes a protein bar, I always take a water bottle to school and drink anout three full bottles during the day and at lunch ill drink the school milk and buy some juice.
        Sooo what do you think? Oh and whenever I don’t have school I make oatmeal with milk and brown sugar and toast (no butter)

  3. Hi my names aaron I’m 14 and I’m tryin to get a 6 pack and I need to know some good foods. That I could eat with the meal plan

  4. hi. all the excersises that i will get if download, will the all be possible to do at home because i don’t have great access to a gym?

  5. hey lovin youre workouts brandon there killin me ( in a good way , the fat is droppin off) . Im running 5 to 6 miles 3 times a week so my cardio is ok .with weight training how much should you increase the weight by and how often. cheers si…

  6. im 13 and trying to get a six pack. I cant download your workout plan(which REALLY sucks cuz i want it bad), but my abs are really hard but they dont show. I do the cardio workouts, but should i do more running and jogging beacuse my abs dont show.

  7. Hey brandon,
    I talked to you about my progress nd thnks for the ab vidz. I cant get rid of these last few kg of fat off my abs can you help?

  8. Hey Brandon, so i have been trying to get sum abs, but i have too much fat so im trying to burn it off with cardio. Problem is that i recently broke my leg cause of sport, so i can only walk at the moment. So i was wondering, would the rowing machine be a good subsitute, as it can also work out my upper body too?
    and atm i do 4 sets of crunches, leg raises, (in total 8 sets with 25 reps each) and half an hour on the rowing machine everyday.

  9. Hey Brandon,im only 14 years old. Yea i know,maybe im too young for this,but i very want to train my abs,what you can tell to me. What would be first step ? Please help.

    • Whats up bro! you are NOT to young. working out will NOT stunt your growth, thats why your high school has a weight room! use it bro! I’m proud of you for starting early! the first step is to get a good workout plan and diet… then stick to it! the results WILL come! keep me updated on your progress homie

  10. Hey Brand!
    I’ve been wondering if I’m doing right… I’m going to gym everyday and this is how my plan looks like: Monday, wednesday, friday and sunday = Biceps/triceps workout (Your plan, I got it from youtube). And tuseday, thursday, saturday High Life workout plan. And every morning abs workout and after the gym another abs/fat loss workout. Is that okay? I’m only 15 years old but tho I’m doing great and I’m capable to do it, just wondering if that’s not too much for me and my body. And about my diet.. I’m eating good food, meat, salad etc. but still 1 or 2 times a week (not every week) candies. I’m not doing much cardio either, only 5-10 mins at the start of high life workout plan. But as I said I’m doing fat loss. What do you think I should change in my plan? If you recommend something better please tell me bro! 🙂

  11. in this vid the first exercise should i NOT touch the floor with my chest or belly or can i touch it?thank you so much for the vids 🙂

  12. I will add this to my workout, I thought fruit was good for you, I will cut back and I eat oatmeal and honey all the time, I will cut back, thanks

  13. Hey brandon,
    I would like to create a sixpack and some nice muscles, im not overweight or anything but i can’t see my abs very good and i think i should cut some weight. How much cardio do you recommend during the week?

  14. brandon,what proper food i must to take everyday please help me on this,i worked out during morning coz my work during evening.. and friend give some tablet of anabolic amin0 360 is it good,,looking forward to your response soon thanks for hel[ing a guy like me.keep it up

  15. Hey Brandon, I haven’t got your full workout plan thingy yet…. Theres a problem when I get it though, I dont have a gym…. Infact there’s none near where I live, I’ve done your workouts for 2 weeks with the equipment I have and now I have a 4 pack 😀 , I lost most of my money on protein so It will take me a while to get your Workout! I only have 2 6kg weights and 2 10kg weights (dumb-bells) help me out, should I get your full workout and just use the equipment I have or what? I need you bro, reply soon, your changing my life man I love it!

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