Will show you how you can drastically reduce your body fat, build muscle and transform your body safely and quickly! In as little as 6 weeks your can transform your entire body!

– Will show you how to lose more fat by eating more food in the form of Healthy fats, good carbs, and lean protein!

– Will show you how you can workout less and get better results. You will learn why doing short sessions of cardio (10-20 minutes a day) is better for you and more effective at burning fat!

– Will show you how to quickly and easily build muscle tone that will burn fat for you and help keep it off for life!!!!

– Will show you how you can build more confidence in yourself and in your body!


THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN is a program that can get you in the most amazing shape of your life and in a shorter amount of time that you ever thought possible. It is easy to follow and only takes an hour a day.

THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN has been created by Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Brandon Carter. Brandon has also worked as a fitness model for many of America’s top Fitness companies including NIKE, PUMA, Reebok and Brand JORDAN.

Brandon Carter High Life Workout Plan

Brandon Carter High Life Workout Plan


THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN Consists of 2 downloadable videos.

Video #1 Extreme Strength Training and Muscle Building (5 DAY PLAN)!

I believe that this is the most intense strength training program known to man. This a program that will fully explain how to get incredibly ripped in the least amount of time! This program is a preformed 5 days per week, Monday – Friday, focusing on a single muscle group each day. By pounding one muscle group for one hour a day and giving it a full week to recover, you’ll get stronger and more ripped in less time than you ever thought possible.

Video #2 10 Minutes Cardio

In this video I will describe the most effective and efficient cardio fat lost routine ever invented. Best of all it can be preformed in only 10 Minutes a day!

You get both videos for the extremely low price of $9.95


That’s nothing! that’s less than one hour with a personal trainer. Many personal trainers charge up to $100 an hour!!!

If you went to a personal trainer 4 times per week for 12 weeks that would cost you $4800 !!!

THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN is a 6–12 week program that will cost you $9.95. Thants a saving of $4770.05 !!!!


For a limited time I will include in a an extremely effective fat burning and muscle building nutrition program!

This program is not some bs fad diet. This is an effective program based on sound principles. This program allows you to eat carbs and all the foods that you love and still lose fat and burn muscle!

you’ll learn how you can eat fast foods and still get in great shape

– you’ll learn how to lose more fat by eating more food! In the form of Healthy fats, good carbs, and lean protein!

– you’ll learn why 80% of Americans are over weight and how you can stop it from happening to you .

– you’ll learn what foods you should avoid to lose fat… this will surprise you!

you’ll learn what foods will burn fat for you!- you’ll lean what are the best food for building muscle and why!

This nutrition plan alone is valued at over $50 but for a limited time, you will get it for FREE with your order of THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN.


When you order THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN you’ll get…

Video #1 Full Body Strength Training (With Weights)

– Video #2 10 Minutes Cardio

– The Fat Burning/ Muscle Building Nutrition Plan! (a $50 value)

For the extremely low price of $9.59 !!!

Order now, using PayPal, and you be given instant access to download the 2 videos and The Fat Burning/ Muscle Building Nutrition Plan!

Click HERE to Order now!!!!


16 thoughts on “GET RIPPED FAST AS HELL!!!

  1. whats good, im from the u.k and just downloaded your workoout plan. your looking in good shape bro. how long will it take to get the plan through? and does it come with diet plan?

  2. Hi,

    I bought you’re work out plan 2 days ago, and I saw one video on you’re website about rip cords, does it really work? could I really get Rip, can’t hit the gym anymore got no time, so I was thinking of purchasing a set of Rip cords and the workouts at home…

  3. Hello,

    After a depression of 12 years i decided to buy a kickboxing bag and crawl out of my cave. First 2 min a day 😛 and after 3 months i practice Muay Thai 4/ 6 days a week (at least 5 X 3 min) without a trainer, so it’s more for cardio and stretching. Do i have to take the cardio out your workout or is it even better if i leave it with dubbel cardio?

    BTW awsome body!! I am straight! NO HOMO!

    • I just started Muay Thai Kickboxing myself, but I still do the cardio in the program. i find that it hepls me with sparring.

      p.s congrats with your progress!!!! i have read that workingout has been proven to be far more effective than drugs in dealing with depression. I am glad your feeling better. keep me posted on your progress!!!

      • Thanks!! I still feel like shit 😛 but very healthy so thats good.
        when i have all the training equipment i can begin the workout.

        p.s my compliments for this workoutplan!! Now i know what to do for training at home. I did fitness but very careful cuz i was scared for a injurie.

      • as u post new videos are they more effective than the previos ones and ur updating the site with better videos, or r they just other options

  4. Hey brandon i’m your big fan,you’ve changed my life.I got ripped in like a month : Doing standard ab exercises ( now i got 4 pack abs ).I have a question for you.You have like a 100 ab workouts on a yt . I’m only sixteen,which ab workout will help me get 6/8 pack abs 😀 ? I am able to go 2 gym if it’s necessary,please answer 😛

  5. Hey man I’m overweight, so would ur program honestly make me hve results like urs, and also how often should I do the differen exserises for the body

  6. Hey Brandon, I actually decided to get off my butt and get in shape, you also inspired me. I know it sounds cheezy but its true. I just have one question, I want to do the tea-rexx but I wasn’t sure if it safe or not. Do you get any side effects while using it? Your feedback would really help me out. Thanks in advance

  7. Hello,
    I am 13 and I was wondering if this will make me stronger without damaging my growth and i dont want to buy any gym equipment so does your workout plan do you have to use lots of gym equipment


  8. Hey, i was just asking that first you were givng 4 downloadable videos for$7 and now your just giving 2 for $9………. Why????

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