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I canceled my gym member ship! now i workout at home. here is a list of the equipment i bought for my HOME WORKOUT

Weight Set With Dumbbells

Weight Set With Dumbbells

US Weight F0115 115-Pound Duracast Weight Set With Dumbbells

Men's Health Get Back in Shape Kit

Men’s Health Get Back in Shape Kit

Resistance Band with Door Attachment

Resistance Band with Door Attachment

Make sure you follow a good diet (like the one in my workout plan). I will also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.


Check out the Resistance Bands Brandon Carter Uses (RipCords)

Check out the Resistance Bands Bands Brandon Carter Uses (RipCords)

7 thoughts on “Gain Muscle Fast HOME SHOULDER WORKOUT!!!

  1. hey brandon im 12 and i just got done wit football and we r gpoing to strt working out i am 5’8 and i way 170 pounds how much do u think i could bench squat curl and barbell. and im diing to loose my ab fat wat can i do for that……..thanx reply

  2. Excellent Brandon…
    It would like to develop my chest. But of preference without weights or some materials of gymnasium.
    If it was possible for routines, I make them of certainty. 🙂
    Thanks Brandon

  3. hey brando, i just bought tea rexx and im doing your cardio routine, but i have a doubt, how do i keep the volume in my hole body but with ripped abs, i dont want to loose volume due to the cardio, help me.

    • Good question. Make sure your doing the Sprinting or a form of HIIT cardio. Distance runners are ALWAYS skinny. Sprinters are ALWAYS ripped and muscular… that is why i recommend sprinting or some form of HIIT cardio. make sure your also following my diet plan or one like it

  4. Generous Hello’s Brandon I’d just like to ask you about working out at home and at the gym I’m thinking about going to the gym 2-3 times a week and the rest of the week I plan to work out at home I have 2 questions when you worked out at the gym before how many days did u go per week? The second question is as followed do u go to the gym every now and then?

    • Yes i go to the gym 1ce a week and work out at home whenever have spare time, dude just do whatcha can and youll begin to see the difference. 🙂

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