top 5 abs exercises to get a six pack fast workout 6 / How to Get Ripped Quik

top 5 abs exercises to get a six pack fast workout 6 / How to Get Ripped Quik

Here is a great abs Workout that you can do at home! if you do it right, is should take 20-30 mins max!

It also beatifically to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX



29 thoughts on “top 5 abs exercises to get a six pack fast workout 6 / How to Get Ripped Quik

  1. hey man, i just want to say thanks for helping me out with this stuff. you’re an inspiration, and your stuff really works. i’ve been at it for about 7 or 8 months and i still get a good workout from some of your routines.

    good stuff man,
    thanks again


  2. these ab workout kills! , even though i feel that i am doing the workout wrong , and i cant even get half way done doing it right . any advice?

  3. hey hey brandon i´m carlos from chile , your website is very useful for people like me because i´m training in my house every day , thanks for your tips i´ll use it
    adios y mucha suerte

  4. Will really doing these workouts get me a 6 pack in 2 weeks? How long will it take for my stomach to look like yours?

    Thnx 🙂

  5. hi sir.i have a question..i havent build up my chest..now im on defining my muscles..im on diet and drinking nitrotech..am i able to define my muscles on diet? people say i need to eat so i get big? im confused.. tnx sir!

  6. Ive been doing these ab workouts and there helping but im still having trouble getting rid of the fat bellow my belly button and wanted to no what kind of diet i should do and do that TeaRex supplement really work?

    • Yes. It wont stunt your growth. thats an old wives tale. people think that cuz alot of bodybuilders are short. Bodybuilding did nnot make them short… being short made them body builders! Im 6’2, you will be fine

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