6 thoughts on “Secret Weapon to Build Muscle and Burn Fat At Home

  1. hi brandon , my name is jason and i am trying to lose weight i want to ask you if i do these workouts will i lose fats …… coz many of my friends used your plan and became ripped …..

  2. not sure if the link is working….just shows the picture of Ripcords. Also are they better then, or just as good as normal free weights?

  3. Brandon, what’s up?

    I have a question.. what time does it cost to gain muscles like yours? I think you have the PERFECT body.. I’m working on that but how long do you think I have to train?

    right now I’m 1,80 meters tall
    84 kilograms
    and I have 14 % of bodyfat

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Yours faith..

    Bjorn Meekel

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