15 thoughts on “Home Power Chest Workout

  1. hey bro, at the moment im doing one of your ab routine workouts (got me abs 🙂 thanks) and one of your older chest workouts. im doing your biscep workout, but i was wondering, do you have any better biscep ones, because my biseps dont seem to be getting any bigger, thanks man.

    • thats bullshit bro. it an old wives tale. the people that told you that dont know what they are talking about. ask your doctor, he will tell you its fine. I’m 6’2. your high school has a weight room for a reason

  2. Growth stop is a MYTH. Ignore it.

    Anyway Brandon I really like the exercise but you didn’t really add any numbers to it. How much I should do them, series.. reps.. Or just go by feeling?

  3. hey brandon i was wondering if there is anything for the lower pecs cause my upper pecs r hard and bigger then my soft lower pecs its really annoying cause it looks stupid what i mean is how can i round the bottom of my pecs?

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