5 thoughts on “HOME BICEP WORKOUT!!! How To Build / Gain Muscle Fast pt7

  1. Hey Brandon, im 16 years old, and i would love to get some bigger arms. I don’t really have any equipment, i have one weight 🙂
    You have so many bicep workout plans, which plan is best to use, if i only have the one weight, and do you have any advice to get some nice arms. it would be awesome if you could help me.


  2. wish can get more about Brandon for body build plan, guess money payment will decreas number of ppl to interest more deep in to bradon…. actually Brandon huv a perfect body, world ppl will interest about tis, so can make more free download?…

  3. thanks guys my name is sheikh salman & i am so happy i lose my weight but how i get abs farther please tell me i want to make abs. please help me.

  4. hi stuart here ehm im 12 years old and geting bulied about bieng fat and i was wondering if u could suggests which workouts i could do to lose wieght and inpress the girls with a lovely six pack. cheers

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