How To Eat Like a pig and Still stay in shape during the Holidays

If your like me, you ate WAY to much food on Thanksgiving! Not only did my family cook a huge Thanksgiving dinner, but we also had a lot of Cake, Pie, and Ice Cream! Here is a video of the workout that I am doing to burn of the the extra pounds that I put during Thanksgiving.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

I know that most of you are not going to be following my diet plan during the Holidays, and I don’t expect you to to (because I wont ether) . But I do think that it is important to at least maintain the progress that you have made. The best way to do that is to keep working out and doing H.I.T.T. cardio during the holiday season.

It will also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped during the Holidays.


Brandon Carter

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23 thoughts on “How To Eat Like a pig and Still stay in shape during the Holidays

  1. Hey carter do you know of any ab workouts ,with out haven’t to seated or crunch on the floor ,any standing up workouts?………

  2. Greetings from Aussie. Thanks for the tips bro. I’m getting great results from hanging leg raises. I’ll add this to my abs work out arsenal too. Cheers again.

  3. In the first line of the paragraph there’s a huge typo..
    You wrote:
    “If your like me, you ate too much food on Thanksgiving!”
    The Correct way:
    “If you’re like me, you ate too much food on Thanksgiving!”
    (I don’t even know if a comma is supposed to even go after “me”..just saying.

    btw..Thanks for the tips..I plan on started back to my diet/body transformation this coming week.

    • hahaha, are you an English teacher or something? lol, thanks. Your brain will explode if you try to edit the typos on this site lol! I am happy as long as you can understand the information and get the results your looking for.

  4. Hey mr Carter I used to be a little overweight right now I’m 5’4 and weigh 163, Ive tried to get a 6 pack but it seems that my lower stomachs fat won’t go away anny suggestions? Thanks !

  5. Hey thanks for the video. I don’t know if I should be doing these kind of workout im 13 and don’t have any weights just a resistance band. I’ve started to do your workouts and I’ve seen a big difference physically. I have a little bit of belly fat and I don’t know what I should do to get rid of it. It’s a bit hard to change how I eat since I don’t buy my own food. please help me out.

  6. Brandon

    I did this workout last night and it hurt like hell, I just need help with the timing
    What timer are you using to countdown 30 seconds, is there any iphone apps that i can use.


  7. wassup carter,
    i been doin abs exercises and im seeing results but i got fat covering them, i been doing cardio alot but no fat is getting burned.
    what workouts do you do to burn belly fat ?

  8. hey brandon,

    i’m very curious about whats the best way to lose weight.
    is cardio better, or just weight lifting, becouse my stamina is very low…
    in both ways cardio im tyred in 10 min. and with waight lifting to. even if i lower the waights… please please could you gife me some advise..

    greets from holland !!

  9. What’s good Brandon? I watched your videos and honestly this Monday I begin my workouts. You motivated me. I just have two questions for you. I want to try the Tea-Rexx but is it safe? And have you experienced any side effects? Because I’m ready to go hard on Monday but I just need to hear you out on those two questions.

  10. hey yo brandon u r d best man thanks, when i see your videos i get lots of motivation….. i introduced lots of ppl to this website an they are amazed. keep up the work man. by the way i am 15 years of age and 5ft 7″ and gonna start using whey + your exercises. i heard about serious mass an have been told to use it. please i need help from u on whether or not i should……

  11. Whats good Brandon? The workout looks real difficult but I will definitely be using it. I am gettin married in 6 months and I want to look my best for the honeymoon. Keep up the good work. And that beat in the back go hard!!!

  12. one simple question bro!! Do you do your cardio before or after your weights workout? so many differnet people say different shit.. so i need to hear it from a chiselled bad boy !!!

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