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Use “Drop Sets” to Build Muscle Fast

Are you using doing “Drop Sets” in your workouts? If not, then your are really missing out. “Drop Sets” are are great way to add intensity to your workouts! This video explains how what Drop Sets are and how to use them when you are working out in the gym or at home.

For best results, make sure you follow a  good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

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23 thoughts on “Use “Drop Sets” to Build Muscle Fast

      • just another question. im 5’7″, 182 pounds. i didnt exercise for quite some time but i started being careful as far as my meals are concerned 2 weeks ago, and i started exercising every day last week. i weight myself and im still at 182p. when am i supposed to lose at least 2-3p ? ( 5 meals a day, protein shake at breakfast and after workout, and fat burner before breakfast and lunch. )

      • Your weight might be fluctuating. You’re gaining muscle and lossing fat. Muscle weighs more than fat. Plus you just started working out give it some time and keep working out it isn’t a waste. You can’t transform you body in a week, but overtime if you keep it up you will see a big difference.

        FYI fat burners are not that good for you, some studies show that fat burners can affect your heart down the road. I think if you are trying to lose weight the best way to do that is the old fashioned way, work for it, and eat healthy.

        Just beleive in yourself and keep pusin yourself as hard as you can.

  1. What’s good Brandon? I watched your videos and honestly this Monday (December 6) I begin my workouts. You motivated me. I just have two questions for you. I want to try the Tea-Rexx but is it safe? And have you experienced any side effects? Because I’m ready to go hard on Monday but I just need to hear you out on those two questions.

  2. that s exacly what i ve been doing for a couple of months now and it s very very effective.
    i also like do the same thing with push ups. i start with the heaviest one i can, then do are more lighter version and so on.

  3. Yo Brandon. Love the drop sets! I am doing the shoulder raises now and they burn like hell. its awesome. I trained a lot when I was younger. I stopped for a while and am busy serious again for 3 weeks now gaining quickly. I am working out 3 times a week doing chest/shoulders/triceps on monday and friday. On Wednesday I do back and biceps. Abs I do as much as I can. I didnt implement legs cause I just hate the exercise. I might do them on wednesday. I tried working out 4 days a week but noticed the gains were lesser cause of lesss rest. If you have any tips Id love to have your input on everything. Keep up the good work man! Greets from Holland.

  4. Waddup Brandon, I have a question cause im kind of Rookie when it comes to this weightlifing thang lol. I have watched most of your videos and enjoyin them, very Infromative. My question is: when you work out with weights and you do 3 sets, do you usually do a warm up set and then bang out 3 sets of a weight that you can only do between 8-12 reps and stick with the weight for the whole time. Or do you start with easy weight then go into a mid range weight then last set go to a weight where you can barely get to the desired ammount of reps. Great new vid,ill try it soon.hit me back

    • Lifting heavy weights cause your muscles to grow fast .Lifting light weights but many times keep you looking good (Gets you ripped) at least that what I heard .

      Example of my biceps workout:I start by lifting 5kg. (20 reps) then 10kg. (10 reps) then 15kg. (5-8 reps)

      Then If I steel don’t feel that good pain I do these again.

      Anyone correct this if I am wrong.

  5. Hey i’ve been wondering, what did you look like befor you worked out. it’s a wondering question.
    Some fitness people show befor and after photo’s.

  6. Sup Brandon, big fan, made progress with your workout and motivation. I have a question about the drop sets. I’ve been doing full body workouts, 3 times a week, Mon Wed and Fri. I’m wondering if I could incorporate the drop sets in my full body workout, or do they only work if your focusing one body group? thanks

  7. I’ve been doing something like “Drop Sets” since I’ve started working out except I do a low weight and do sets increasing in weight slowly to a max then slowly drop back to low weight. I think I might try doing this way and see how it works for me. : )

  8. Hi there this is my workout

    Monday Legs
    wednesday back biceps shoulders
    saturday triceps and chest

    IS this to little should i be doing it more often? on these days i do train pretty hard not light


  9. im super skinny 5 11 125 lbs and i wanna gain muscle mass im like ripped but i want muscle mass now and i just dont ever seem to get bigger results in muscle no matter wat i do so imma start ur workout and see how it turns out

  10. hello i am shekhar,

    i am now 16 years old. my hieght is above 6 feet and my wieght is only 46 kilogram i want to build my body how i can do that.please help me.
    and i joined gym 4 days ago

    • Who told you i did?!!!! It was just onec in collage, i was drunk and everyone was doing it!!! …. Lol. ok, all joking aside, the shake weight is a bullshit scam made to seperate fools from there money. Stay away

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