How To Workout From Home With The Least Amount of Fitness Equipment

I hear a lot of people say that you cant get in shape by workout from home. I understand why they say that. They say it because they don’t know what the f*ck they are taking about. The truth is that you can get everything you NEED to workout at home for less the the price of going to a gym for ONE month! Below is a short list of everything you need… and some extras.

All you need is

A Pull Up Bar

And some “QUALITY” professional grade Resistance Bands


They wont give you the workout your looking and they also brake easy

The ONLY Resistance bands I recommend are RipCords
(link to find it is in the description)
You can buy some bullshit “wall-mart” brand resistance bands if you want, but when they brake and snap your goofy ass in the face, don’t tell people that I told you to get that shit.

The Pull up Bar and the RipCords will cost you less than $100
And they will last for years

That’s all you “need”…
but If you want to go even harder you can get a Weight Set too

For extra credit you can also get
Gymnastic rings

And a Arm Curl Blaster

Remember, all you NEED is a Pull up Bar and the RipCords, together they cost less than $100. If you get all the other stuff too, it will cost you less then one year at a gym!!!

To lean how to use all off this to gain muscle and / or get ripped fast click here !!!

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3 thoughts on “How To Workout From Home With The Least Amount of Fitness Equipment

  1. Thanks for the workouts Brandon, you are inspiration to many of us.
    i was wondering if you have any H.I.I.T. workouts for weight loss.
    like a video or something, i think i need to loose the beer-gut before i get on a six pack workout you know.
    thanks man’

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