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A New Secret Weapon For Getting Ripped Arms At Home

I have a new secret weapon for getting ripped arms at home… Well its not really a secret because I wrote about it in my last blog post. I have been using “The Human Trainer” to workout EVER part of my body, but I have been particularly impressed with the arm workouts I’m getting with it! Check out the video above!

I have been blogging a lot about “The Human Trainer” lately because I am completely in love with it… but it seems like I am not the only one! I have found some other great “Human Trainer” videos on youtube!

I know that a few how you have bought “The Human Trainer” from the links on this site (thanks!), please tell me how its been workout for you and if you have any questions!

CLICK HERE for more info about the “The Human Trainer”

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8 thoughts on “A New Secret Weapon For Getting Ripped Arms At Home

  1. Brandon i have a quick question about resistance bands

    Have you tried the Bodylastics bands by any chance?Im contemplating either getting those or the ripcords.Im leaning more towards the Bodylastics because it seems like you can do so much more with them and they have higher levels of resistance (388 lbs)

    • i have nor used bodylaxtics. i have ripcords and they work great for me. just make sure you donr get cheap ones that amy break. i have never seen ore heard or ripcords breacking, they will give your money back if one breackes

  2. Man im 14 and i play football man and ive been steadly looking weight down to 145 when i was 165 but ive allways been ashammed to take my shirt off what is the best thing i can do si i can get the six pack abs i have fat over them i can obly faintly see my first top two. i allso want to buy your full plan but i cant buy it cause noone will help me pay for it haha.

  3. Hey guys!

    i see you use bands.. i assume it are special bands..
    Is it good to use normal bands that don’t give resistance.. just normal bands 🙂

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