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Me and A Hot White Chick (New Workout Videos)

I don’t normally post other people’s workout videos on this site, but the chick in the videos below is kind of cute (I like skinny girls), plus she is using my FAVORITE piece of home workout equipment, “The Human Trainer”! . You can also check out this crazy home back workout in my video above. I will be honest with you, I have not been inside of a weight room in over 2 years. Because I do ALL my workouts at home or outside, I am always looking for ways to improve my home workouts with out having to speed a lot of money on a Boflex or some shit like that. In the video above, I am using a piece of equipment called “The Human Trainer”.  Here are two more “The Human Trainer”videos feathering a white girl that I think is kind of hot! Enjoy!

I know that a few how you have bought “The Human Trainer” from the links on this site (thanks!), please tell me how its been workout for you and if you have any questions!

CLICK HERE for more info about the “The Human Trainer”

15 thoughts on “Me and A Hot White Chick (New Workout Videos)

  1. Hi Brandon!

    Can you tell me how to improve my most upper abs? I already have a sixpack but the 2 most upper abs don’t show so well…what kind of exercise would help on the upper abs?

    Thank you

  2. this is SICK!!! i llooked on there websight and there from Vancouver Canada.. thats where i am from!!! Im gonna drive down there to pick one up in next few days to avoid shippin costs. I am partically amazed on how portable it is. Great Functional strengh and great fullbody workout by the looks of it. Im super stoked and i will let you know of my progress.

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