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10 Minute Abs Challenge – Brandon Carter


Try this “10 min abs workout”! It really quick and effective… but its HARD AS HELL! Watch it once, then try to do it with me as you play the video. A  lot of people on youtube are saying its too hard, but others are saying that they love it!    If your up for a challenge, give it a try and please leave a comment to let me know how you liked it! LETS GO!!!

*** Remember… do the WHOLE routine in this video 3 times!!!****

This is one of my hardest abs workouts, so don’t fell bad if you can’t do it 3 times, just do the best you can! You will get there soon and have the 6 pack to show for it!!!!

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High Life Workout Plan

“I´d like to thank you for everything you`ve done up til now. Thanks to you i was able to accomplish my FItness Goals in the past year. Here are 2 pics. Sry for the before pic found no better one.
Would be glad to see it on your Facebook site or Homepage so that i can also motivate others to not give up
best regards”
-Christopher Scharner

High Life Workout Plan testimonial Before and After

“All of my coworkers, family and friends ask me how I lost all my weight (currently at a loss of 58 lbs) and built all of my muscle. I tell them that I used all that I learned from you as a base of my eating habits and work out plans. I wanted to thank you for all the helpful information and I wanted to send you a before and current (2 months ago) picture of myself so you can see my progress thanks to you. The before picture was a little over 1 year from the more current picture. I hope Brandon himself gets to see this because I would like him to know the huge impact his words and videos have had on my life and hopefully many others.” – Michael Alexander

(Some of people questioned if Michael’s pics are “real” because his tattoo is on the other arm in the 2ed pic. it is because he took the pic in the mirror. I don’t want to get into the “science” of that, but if I take a pic of my reflection, my tattoos with switch sides too. LMAO!)

High Life Workout Plan

“Results dont just come over night, and supplements can only do so much.. But these workouts Brandon provides are the real deal! For real results and real motivation quit doing the same workouts and try something new! I did, and I’m seeing satisfying results already!!” – Joshua Everett

High Life Workout Plan Brandon Carter

““i watched your youtube vids, which helped me with my body transformation. check my weight loss album!” – Kamari”

High Life Workout Plan testimonial Before and After

“Hi Brandon, my name is Ergin YALI and Im currently 17 years old,
First of all I want to thank you for all the great and helpfull
information that I learnt from you and from your site. Most fitness
instructors, and nutritionists I have talked at the past made me kept
wasting my time and money, but you man, you are completely different.
I learned almost all my eating and workout plans/tips from you. Thanks
again for sharing all your knowledge with me and others. till 9
months ago I was 105 kg, now I m currently 70 kg. My waist reduced
143cm to 86 cm. No any other words needed, photos describes my
situation. I got leaner and also added lot of muscle. I hope you get
this mail man, because I would like you to know your
words,tips,inspirational quotes and videos changed my life. I hope
others can reach their goals too. Also you’re a brilliant musician
man, KEEP IT UP!!! (sorry for wrong sentences man, my english is not
that great)”
-Ergin Yali

High Life Workout Plan

“Using you as an inspiration, I’ve got these results”
-Anders Christensen

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166 thoughts on “10 Minute Abs Challenge – Brandon Carter

      • brandon you can never imagine what you have done to me with your fitness instructions. today i’m making workout videos and i have people all over facebook asking me to do videos all the time and i’m telling them to watch you videos since you know better. today i feel more confident and i feel like walking without t-shirt all the time, for real i need to send you some of my pictures. you are my source of inspiration and i mean that.

      • What up homie,U r so n Awsome!!!! i have been woorking out for since i was 15 and u just amaz me how fit u r keep on osting videos and i will keep whatchn!!!! so u homie

    • hey brandon loving ur workout i was gona ask on high intensity treadmill training , whats the highest u have to go and what pace u slow down , thanks

  1. I had done your other workout before. I have a bit of a six pack, do you know how many time i need to a six pack?
    I am 15 Years old ;D

    Oh yes and you have the best tips, i love your Tips 😀

    • dude you need to burn your stomach fat and then you will have your six pack, no matter how often you have done this workout..

      • this is a fat burning workout too. its a mix of cardio and abs so it will burn stomach fat… you cant burn fat in one place anyway, you must burn fat from your whole body… this work out dose that well.

      • Yes i know but i don´t believe that i am fat^^
        But thanks for information..
        how often should i do the workout in the week?

    • congrats on your progress. just keep it up. i would have to know more about your cardio an diet to tell you how long it will take… but dont worry about that, just keep it up and you will get to were you want to be.

  2. I do your other workouts and they are really helping. But I can’t tell from this video: When you bring your knees forward in mountain climbers, do your feet touch the ground? I can’t seem to get them going right and if I had that answer I might. Also, can you give us some stats on you: Age, height, weight? Thanks.

  3. HI Brandon!
    I love your workout plan. Folllow you all the way from Norway(skandinavia).
    Keep up the good work.
    Love Karoline ;D

  4. YO brandon whats up bro! dude u are an animal. I been doing your video i found on youtube when i was watching subway,bus, or walkin lol. I downloaded your free fitness manual and been trying to follow it religously. I really like your workouts but you gotta stop makin em look so damn easy, i watch em and im like yea i can do that, and then i try and im like well maybe not. Im 5’8 and 209lbs, yea id say a lil over weight. i try to go at it as hard as i can but cant complete it, is it okay if instead of going straight thrru each excercise i take like a minute break in between, until i get to the point where i can do the complete excercise?

  5. Yo, Brandon right now I am 5’7 150 lbs and around 13 % body fat, what is your recommendation on how I can get down to 10 % body fat so I can really reveal these abs that I have gotten from your wonderful videos? I have an extremely clean diet and I am following the High Life plan.. Help me out brotha. Preciate it.

  6. What’s up Brandon? I love your workouts, especially the one’s that don’t include some type of equipment (like resistance bands or suspension straps). Within the last two years I’ve had two kids, the youngest 7 months ago, but I’ve always loved working out, so it’s not hard for me to get back to my normal size (5’4, 119 lbs). I’m just trying to tone up a little more… Do you think that a fat burner is absolutely necessary, or is there something I can add or remove from my diet to make up for a fat burner? Or should I just do ton of cardio (cardio sucks for me… I can lift weights all day, but ask me to jog for 10 minutes and I might die, lol)?
    ttyl =]

  7. Hey i’d like to know, what application do you use to make the whistle go off at every 30sec? I’ve been following your workout for quite a while and i just can’t stop asking this to myself.

    Good job, keep it up man!

  8. Hey brandon! Ur video is sick man! Always produced good videos man ur body so far ive seen the best body a guy dream of man!

    I have a question for u. Amoung all the abs video which one u recommend? Theres one video i follwed till now its a 7 abs workout rest 30 secs each . U made that video in ur gym and also ur highlifeworkout plan ?. So my question is which one should i follow, this new video, the 7 abs workout video been done at your gym or the high life workout plan? Hope to hear from you soon bro thanks!!

  9. Hey! I liked the workout! I just tried it out, and was able to complete the 3 rounds! I think I am in low to medium fitness, have been doing lower and upper body workouts as consistently as I can, but sometimes they just take too long for my busy sched!! I like this short but killer 10 minute ab workout!
    Thanks for the video Brandon!

  10. Hey Brandon! I just wanted to thank you for all the workouts, meal plans, advice and motivation that you’ve given me & every one else I really appreciate it man.
    I was doing half assed workouts until I came across your videos, they’ve really whipped me into shape but still, lots more to go. Thanks again buddy!

  11. Hey Brandon in this video I noticed ur not using ur weights for more resistance. Would u say it’s so hard that u don’t need weights?

  12. Dude, your workouts are original and intense and they work man. Your a true boss. I wanna know though, how did you get your waist that narrow yet your not skinny. I noe some guys who have a full 8 pack yet they have more like that body builder look were thier obliques bulk out to much making them look kinda square around the waist but like you got it narrow and athletic mid section with very visible abs man. Is it your genes or can anyone get such a waist size with bulging abs dude.

    • I have a really small frame, if i did not work out i would be crazy skinny!!! i had to workout just look normal! but first my diet was fucked up so i got fat too. them i got that under control and got cut. its a balancing act

  13. Hey mate,

    First up thanks for the videos and exercises. Particularly enjoyed reading about your HIIT, and am seeing results in my fitness all ready. I start my full on training and dieting on the 1st of March when I get back from holiday. Looking forward to the pain!

    I bought your full fitness workout the other week and just had a few questions about form and the correct weights to be using. I am essentially a beginner, not in bad shape, but have a lot of work to do to get the body I am after. Watching your videos helped a lot, but am not to sure about the correct weights to use, and in what order. I.E. do you increase weights for each set, or keep a consistent weight throughout?

    Also, do you have any pointers on form? What to try to maintain, and if there are any common mistakes that people make, and I should be avoiding?

    And lastly, what are your views On kre-alkalyn (in particular a supplemental called purple K?) and creatine? I am ordering Tea Rexx when i get back to NZ (assuming its available there) but am also looking into Purple K?

    Cheers mate, look forward to hearing from you,

  14. Hi Brandon Carter,

    First of all, many thanks of your workout instruction, you have a great workout guideline and I’ve been following your workout instruction for few months.. It’s wonderful. However, I’m still confusing in some of the anaerobic exercises, one of your video is talking about “how to get ripped ABS which showing the anaerobic exercises, will it affect muscle lost if I do overload? After having few weeks of your anaerobic exercises, i found that I lost weight and even muscle as well. Untill now, the problem is still going on, I really have no idea about this problem. Btw, may I know what is your waist size? My height is 178cm, weight 146lbs, and my waist size is 29 inch. is it consider a good BMI? I usually sitting on chair while working, is there any other way to get rid of belly fat? Last but not least, I am really enjoying every of your video. Thanks Mr Brandon Carter. (^_^”)

  15. Brandon I saw in ur program description that u said u work each muscle group once a week and give a week recovery. Do u do that for abs too or do u work em everyday?

  16. Hi Brandon, I greet you from Colombia, Latin America, a few days ago, I saw your videos on youtube and I almost went crazy … that body brother, I want a body like this, who does not want one?? .. I take 4 years training .. at first it was very thin .. but thank God, gym work helped me gain muscle mass, I am still growing slowly, but the damn abs … not ripped, I have some fat there, not much, I’m flat on abdomen, but hopefully with your videos and instructions out of this problem and improve by 200% … thanks for being here brother … I recommend something to burn fat deposits located .. take something? … My height is 1.75cm and weight 76k and try to train at least 5 days a week … I await your response … and thanks for everything.

  17. I am definitely going to try this currently I’m doing the workout for passionforprofession but I might switch to this
    I think if I keep it up and lose the little bit of stomach fat I have by doing track I’ll have a six pack

  18. Ima try this.
    your last workout was so effective.
    if i train my abs with wieghts would my abs become bigger blocks if you get what i mean ?

  19. Ima try this.
    your last workout was so effective.
    if i train my abs with wieghts would my abs become bigger blocks if you get what i mean ?

  20. hey Brandon
    Can u do a tips for losing belly fat
    cuz i started to build muscle then stopped for a while then my belly started to grow T>T

  21. hey Brandon i am 14 years old can you please tell me that doing exercise is good for 14 years boy Or not. I am asking this because i heard it from many people, can you clear me that. i will be thankful.

  22. hello brandon..im bryan 25..i have been doing work out for almost 2 years now. I would say i already lost a lot..from 103 kg to 80 now..but it my abdomen which not really responding as i expected..any tips there? thanks..im doing crunch regularly..by the way, im trying your HIIT..almost a week now..still waiting for the effect..thanks

  23. Hey, im 13 years old and that workout is amazing! i have been able to do 3 sets but barely.. haha it is amazingly hard but it does feel really good once accomplished. I was wondering if i should do it every day? or every second day?

  24. hey dude, i’ve got a question. is it possible to train uneven abs to make them symmetrical again? my left side is smaller than my right side, so i was wondering if it was possible to be able to do ur workout and make it come out evenly? or what should i do to make it even? thanks!

  25. Brandon thanks for the time you spend to come up with these vids man

    i only started using your advices two weeks ago to be exact and i can already see some results

    thanks man

  26. hey Brandon. I’m 17 years old i want to know if with this exercise you can lose weight?? And how much time on week i should do this Thanks a lot and keep going.

  27. Hey there Brandon! First of all, I gotta tell ya that you’re amazing. I’ve been doing your workouts for a couple of months and I’m already almost ready for the summer. Thanks alot man.

  28. Man, you aint never lied. This here workout is hard. I can do it as long as i do it with the video. I guess motivation, when I do it on my own, I make it through while cursing your name. LOL. No hard feelings.
    I have been doing it for two weeks and the results are looking good. Thanks man for another workout that can change my workout regimen. Those damn crunch,oblique, going in a circle on the floor, turtle on its back thingy…..yeah, thats when you get cursed out the most. Its all luv tho. Keep us motivated and thanks again.

  29. Wassupp
    I brought the workout plan last week but now i got a mail from you to buy a SIX PACK ABS MANUAL, Do I have to buy it all again or can you give me a link to download it ?


  30. Well man, what I can say toyou outside from THANKS !! Discovered your videos about 2 weeks ago and this one yesterday… Every single video you post on youtube is just good work. I’ve been doing different abs workouts for 2-3 months and cardio from 3 weeks and when I first did this workout i could barely catch my breath… Just insane workout and I am going to stick with it for now and I am hoping maybe after 2-3 months to get my 8 pack. I am like 183 cm and 77 kg now, 23 % body fat so lets see what the results will be. And once more AWESOME job !

  31. Hi brandon dude you have the sickest work out I’ve been doing your videos for a couple of weeks there really sick I’m starting to develop a six pack kinda what kind of exercise can I do to increase the upper abs the most though 🙂

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  33. yo bro am really pleased from your videoes, my age is 17 n iam from england, manchester. I go to the gym regularly and iam fit but is it okay for me to build up muscles as u in this age ?

  34. Hello Brandon, I downloaded the Full version of your work out video and find it very informative. I plan on performing each exexcercise to the best of my ability as my endurance progresses. I have a paticular question regarding ab workouts. I’ve noticed that when performing incline ab workouts or any other ab exercise where my legs are suspended in the air for x amount of time, I genaraly fatigue easilly because my legs get tired in a short amount of time from being suspenden in the air. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to correct this problem. Thanks in advace for your input.

  35. hey brandon! I LOVE your videos, thanks for them, this one is great!!! i made it at the first time!! i’m in a good shape it seems lol 😀

  36. Brandon, that is a great workout thank you for it!!
    and thing: if i do it and then do cardio right after, my mucels will brakedown? ?
    i mean: should i eat something between the abs workout and thw cardio workout? ?
    thanks :))))

  37. Brandon i sware that you are in the best phisique ive ever seen.!
    but about this routine , im a girl and will this training help me to slim my waist down.? im gonna do it like 3 times a week
    thank you


  39. But How Many Reps Do I Do? SHUTUP. You Go Till You Can’t Go No More.

    LOL, hit me like a ton of bricks. Makes sense though. Anyway nice site man thanks for all the FREE legit help.

    I’m a Skinny White guy that was stuck in the library to long. Now that i’ve graduated i want to get my life on track. I just started running/working out almost a month ago. I am 6 Ft tall and 150 pounds, Im 22 and could bench more when i was 17. Lets see what i can do with it.


  41. Also Isn;t that too much protein for me since Im not like you, what should I do? Shoudl I change muscle milk wen this 1 is done?

  42. Soo I misdid the plan I 4got something

    Here is the correct plan

    7-9am 4 egg whites with either OJ or milk or water
    11-12am-Muscle Milk (the powder is mixed with milk) -1 bottle of water
    1-2pm-homemade chicken salad with water
    4-6pm- Muscle Milk (the powder is mixed with milk) -1 bottle of water
    7-9pm-Salad or chicken w/ brocolli with water

  43. hello i am a young Brandon in Argentina and is really good I hope I have 16 years trying to be my salvation:)

  44. Hey man, been doing your workout routines for the past 3-4 weeks, and lost about 7 pounds of body fat and can see my abs, thanks, gonna keep on going trying all your workout routines and hopefully achieve my goal of getting ripped (: thanks!

    • CONGRATS!!!! I am proud of you!

      You body NEED food after a workout! you should eat a nice meal RIGHT AFTER your workout is done! Eating is good, if your eat 5-6 small meal per day you will burn WAY more fat than someone the only eats breakfast lunch and dinner. this happens becuse your body thinks that it is starving if you go more that 3 hours without eating. when your body thinks its starving, its STORES FAT!!!!!! so if your divide your normal 3 meals up into 5-6 smaller meals, your burn fat …… EVEN IF YOU DID NOT WORKOUT AT ALL! ( i explain this better in my full program http://highlifeworkout.com/get_ripped_fast/ ). the sad truth is that alot of people gain fat because THEY DO NOT EAT ENUFF!

      Congrats on losing 20 pounds!!! I am proud of you!!! keep me updated on your progress

    • it depends on were you are at now, what your diet is, and if you do (or need to do) cardio. if your doing everything right, you should notice an improvement with in 2 week. after 12 week, you will like like a NEW person.. but thats only if your doing everything rigth…. my program shows you HOW to do everything right!

  45. i am going to try your ab workout because of the girls at my school. i am 5’11, 155 pounds and 13 years old. should i be doing this intence workout because of my age? i dont want to hurt my muscles while i am young.

    • Girls are a great motivator! if it were not for girls i would be fat and homeless… and I would not even care lol. Working out at a young age WILL NOT hurt you or stunt your growth. people will try to tell you that it will, but thats only because they dont know what the fuck they are talking about. Ask a REAL doctor and he or she will tell you the same. Dont expect to to build muscle as fast as and 18-19 year old kid cuz you probly dont have as much testosterone as him yet ( i could be wrong). But if your follow my advice, you will be the most in shape kind in your age group!

  46. Hey Brandon Thanx for such great videos. I dont want to take any fat burner and want abs naturally with exercise. I have seen quite marked changes when I started following ur abs routine but I still dont see any difference in my oblique muscles. From the front I have a flat stomach but obliques are bothering me.
    What can i do for those.

    • Thanks! congrats on your progress! the obliques will come, but the will come last. they are the smallest of the abs muscle, so they have to really be built up A LOT before they show. keep it up, you willl get there!

  47. Been following your workout for nealy two year now,i did pay for the full download workout but never receive any link to download it. what i got was the free workout. A bit disappointed but i have learned some good workout which i have included in my training.
    I have been training 3 to 4 times a week lately but no real progress in terms of my body .my bicep getting bigger but not ripped why is that.
    I will highly appreciate if you could please help me to achieve a body like you.
    I’am a big

  48. hey brandon, man u know…I’m 18 I’m 1.62 with 10% body fat, I’m martial artist u know…in how many time aprox I can get ripped and bigger with your workout :o?

  49. well im going to try this im 15 6’0 and 185 pounds im a football player and my abs are my one muscle group im not proud of i really hope this works i would be extremely happy 🙂

  50. Hey man, thanks for the vids.I’m 5’9″ and 175 but I still got a ways to go before I have prominent abs. I play football for my high school so we do more running then core this year:(.so I was looking up core exersizes on YouTube and came across a video of yours.Im glad I found it. I can do all three sets whitch amazed me, but I just wanna know if this helps your chest as well?

  51. hey brandon, i wanted to purchase that fat burner tea-rexx but amazon does not have it is there anywhere else i could purchase the product?

  52. yo! this workout was hard as hell, i felt the burning in the first try, but i couldn’t go anymore after the second one. but imma def. keep trying everyday! Thanks bro! 😀

  53. Dude Brandon, im 14 5’6 and like 130. I go to the gym 4 times a week at 6 am but just do cardio. Should i do this before cardio or after or even during because i want a kick ass core building workout.


  54. Hey bruh wassup, wanted to now if having a papaya diet is good or bad? i eat it at mornings and afternoons, only that , then i get along with ur workouts 1 hour and 30 mns a day including weekends, tell me what u think, used to weight 134 kls now i weight 119 kls lost 15 kls in one month… i wanna get to 75 or 80 kls, tell me ur opinion, lol am 18 yrs old. since a kid i was always fat, nd now am tryng to loose sum weight , am a hip hop dancer and i think i need to b more thin so i can b able to make more dance moves. ::wb:: hmu

  55. Hi I want to know in one day how many time that i need to it and one exercise do how many minute??? and all exercise do how many hour ?? i want to do it well !! pls reply me back

  56. Hey brandon, i was wonder what do you do to improve your lower abs? I’m 14 going to be 15 this August and I want to be able to have a six pack before school starts again can u help me? oh and i did your 10 mins ab workout and yeah i think it’s HARD AS HELL too!

  57. i was using your ” ‪top 5 abs exercises to get a six pack fast workout 6 _ How to Get Ripped Quik‬‏”that i saw on Youtube.should i replace it with this workout or should i use them together?thanks alot

  58. hey man, I work in a remote camp area, i work 11 hard hours or throwing chains around materials and running around a construction site. i eat 6 small meals throughout the day and a good dinner after.

    then i bust out in my dorm with your routines.

    why do i still have the beer belly

  59. hey brandon! i need some help with my lower abs can u help? im 14 gonna be 15 in august and i have the upper abs now i just need your help on my lower ones!
    (my name is brandon too)

    Thx alot, brandon d.

  60. hey brandon loving ur workout i was gona ask on high intensity treadmill training , whats the highest u have to go and what pace u slow down , thank you

  61. Hey Brandon, could you tell me which is the best exercise to shape the abs that are at the navel ? Get any tip for that element will be great men…

    Thanks fot the time and reply


  62. thanks man yeah i understand , the problem is its impossible to do outside as i am in new york and its 100 , really hot , but yeah i did for a while for as fast as i can but then i burned out quickly , i guess i will just do step by step, thanks anyways bro

  63. Brandon, you’re the best!! I’m a big fan! Your videos are great! But which workout do you think is best? This one, or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7AnkFPjMLg&feature=player_embedded ?

    I’ve done the last one for a whole year and i think it goes great, but i don’t think I have gotten the best result… I’m 15 years old and looking for a great upper body.. Do you have some exercises i can do every day to accomplish my goal? Without weightlifting or something like that? I prefer to use my own body as resistance.. Is pushups good? Can you pleeaase set up a workout plan for me? The tougher – the better! As effective as possible! 🙂 🙂

  64. hey man, thts a really good exercise, thank u so much, its really helping. i have a question tho, how long well it take untill i can really see a true 6 pack?

  65. hi i have alredy started to go at gym ; iam 15 years old and 65kg i try to get six pack.

    does that vedio help?


  66. i just tried this workout for the first time and i gotta tell ya my abs r on fire! this is by far the best ab workout i hav ever done and im sure i will get a 6 pack in time for college (hopefully)

  67. umm branden, im slightly confused how the reps and sets work as you’ve written in the free work out video. can you please explain it to me?

  68. Hey Brandon!

    I did this workout yesterday and it was HARD AS HELL!
    But i did it 3 times and rested only 1minute betwen sets.

    Tnx great workout!

  69. Yo brandon.. I did you workout man.. My Abs was like WOW!!! Thanks a lot man.. I didn’t even manage to finish 2 sets.. Gonna try again next time.. Awesome workout man.. Thumbs up.. 😀

  70. yo brandon i have been doing your workouts since 4 months Im 14 and i got abs but they are not like square, they are like two lines from my chest to my bellybutton and on my upper abs looks like im missing one ab ……can you tell me what i have to do so my abs look like your and i dont want to take suplements … please respond

  71. brandon i have been doing your workouts since 4 months Im 14 and i got abs but they are not like square, they are like two lines from my chest to my bellybutton and on my upper abs looks like im missing one ab ……can you tell me what i have to do so my abs look like your and i dont want to take suplements … please respond

  72. I found your Videos just searching random things but i just told my self starting tomorrow i am going to start ab training and i am going to follow yours because it looks the best out of the videos i have watched thanks for making these videos.

  73. Saw your resistance band video. good. I just need advice as a slim dude who wants to build some extra muscles to look a bit more athletic. which exercises would you recommend please?

  74. Hi Brandon, I have been working out for a couple of years now training for Ironman New Zealand, before I started I was 114kgs which for my size of 6’3, I carried well, but I’m now 89kgs which is totally awesome. This was all made possible by eating smaller portions, and eating every 3 hours, sometimes 2 hrs, and changing what I eat. I have been having problems getting rid of the stomach fat I have, but been doing your 10min program for just 1 week now, and MAN have I noticed a difference :):) I will keep you posted on how I’m going, hey and I will send you a before and now photo lol. Keep the great work up :):)

  75. I just had a baby in June and wanna lose my baby belly. I am 17 pounds heavier than I was before I was pregnant. I run about 3.5 miles per day. What can I add to get rid of the muffin top, lol????

  76. Hi Brandon! I’m 14 years old, 1.70m, and about 55 kg. So what do i have to do? I watched your workout vids and it looks realy hard but i’ll try it. I’m doing sports like football, breakdance etc. How long should I do this workout to see the first results? Sorry man for my bad english, im german 🙂

  77. brandon thanks for all tips and sincere help,let me know what food must i take and is it ok i’ll try to take anabolic amino acid 360 and im new and beginners thanks ,looking forward to your response soon ,,keep it up…thanks

  78. tried this today you are a machine,worked really well, im going to continue using this workout your a inspiration to me keep up your good work man.

  79. Hey brandon, I dont have the mat that you’re using in this video. So, I’m doing on the floor, it makes my back pain. What should I do?

  80. Hello Brandon last time I posted here was on June 20th. I did stop exercising for a month but kept my diet up. I have started again and now I dont just have a flat stomach. I can see vaguely see the lines of the six pack coming. I have recently started taking Promax diet protien for lean muscle. Also I have lost about 3 -4 inches of my waistline. But i still dont see the solid abs popping out and obliques are still bothering me. I know u said that would take time. Could tell me some exercises for obliques.

    Thnx for the videos again specially the towel in the bag for bicep curls.

  81. Thank u brandon i have been doing sixpack trainings for a long time but no results, thats why having sixpack became my big wish and today by watching ur video it became very clear to me what to do, and i believe its gonna work thanks one more time.love u bro

  82. brandon i have been doing your workouts for 5 months and i got the six pack but the only problem is that my six pack are small , i mean anyone can see them without the need to do poses which is good but is there a way to make ’em get bigger ?!
    Thanks man !!

  83. Hi Brandon nice video, i’m looking to get your plan but i have a question about the ABS. I lost 30lbs in 35 days in a diet that i did now i got to be at 133lbs I look skinny now i lost a lot of muscle in all my body because i did not eat sufficient protein but i was eating a lot of carbs so i’m still having to much fat in my abdominal part but i look skinny in my arms, chest and booty

    Do i have a solution for my problem?
    Is there some special diet plan for my problem?
    Thank you very much!

  84. hi Brandon! Your abs are greatest abs i ever seen. Serious. I begin do them just three days ago, but WOW! i feel more better and real stronger 🙂 I will do this “Challenge Abs” in two days, cause today I already done your Abs, and tomorrow will do your “Cardio”. Or maybe I can do cardio at morning and “Challenge Abs” at evening? How do u think?
    Aaand thannks ya again for your workouts. I will send you a photo with progress in month “before/after”.
    Thanks a lot, man and sorry for my bad english 🙂

    with da best regards,
    Russia, Saint-P. 23y.o.

  85. hey bro brandon ı want ask you somthnig i from iraq i have watch your videos it was amizing i work for me but waht food must aet and what protein i must use

  86. Hi Brandon!

    I just wonder if you can do these exercises every day. And besides that my gymcard is kinda dead so i’m gonna run for like 20-40minutes most likely every day. I thought I would do this every day and rest on Sundays. Is that ok or do I need to rest more than only Sundays?
    My body is in a great shape, I just want to train my abs because I didn’t focused on them as much as I would have wanted to, but thanks to you, I will have time to focus on them. Will keep you updated on my results during 2 weeks of time. Thanks alot for now and I hope you can answer on my question in a short time because today I started my workout and I don’t want to destroy my body because I didn’t know any better.

    Regards, Adrian

  87. brandon do you have any tips? ok i have a problem im 15 and i have abs but only the top 4 show how do i get the bottom two to show? i tried all types of lower ab crunches i feel it in my abs but they don’t show.

  88. this is the second part of the 15 min and how do have stay with it the 15 min abs one month and them change for the this one or how long or what i need to do

    help me men i am confused

  89. HELLO MR CARTER, IM YOUR FANS, I ALWAYS WATCH U AT YOUTUBE, I HOPE ONE DAY I CAN MEET YOU, AND I WANT THAT YOU TRAINEd me, to get a beautifull body , had a big arm, shoulder , amazing cest . came TO MALAYSIA AND BE MY TRAINERR

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