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Kettlebell Workout – How to gain muscle and lose fat at home FAST

There is no better way to burn fat and build muscle at the same time than  kettlebell swings, snatches, and clean and jerks. These ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work. The harder you work the more calories you burn. This is why sprinters are ripped to shreds and marathon runners have a skinny-fat look.

As effective as sprinting is, ballistic kettlebell exercises such as high rep snatches (20 reps or more per set) make sprinting look like a walk in the park. High rep snatches work more muscle groups than sprinting and will build strength in the lower back, shoulders, and hip flexors. Its kind of fun too!

For best results, make sure you follow a  good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

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24 thoughts on “Kettlebell Workout – How to gain muscle and lose fat at home FAST

  1. I am a avid runner and have really leaned out. I always thought that the kettlebell would make me bigger(bulky looking) so I have always stayed away from it. My goal is to really shred up and have the lean look (like u) so I am looking forward to actually trying it now. How often should I workout with the kettlebell (once a week? twice? five days a week?)

  2. Hey Brandon. I’m 26 years old and I wrestle.. I weigh 171 but I have to move up to 189.. I’m trying to put as much muscle on in 7 months and my. Body seems to be at a stand still. My arms are 18 inches around the biceps( no fat) and they won’t move, what can I do to put muscle weight on. And btw I’m on meds that don’t allow me to take protein supplements..thanks!!

    • 18 inches is a huge arm! bigger that mine! If i were you i would chill! but your stand still is probly because wrestling burns so many calories. When I was doing MMA I got a little too skinny. Your going to have to eat A LOT to gain more mass

  3. hey brandon i need ur help plz i know its not the place to write it but i cnt com with u
    i got packs but my diet gone wrong and now my bellly is growing bigger and bigger can u tell me what to do help 😡
    or gimi a link
    Thanks ^^

  4. hey brandon

    you do MMA right? you planning on doing any videos of your training?

    im thinking about getting into it

  5. Hey Brandon, i didnt know where to leave a responce for workout 2.0 so i decided to put it here ahha. Great stuff, it answers everything i would have asked you. I read on the diet part not to have fruit after 3pm, why is this? and what time is best to eat your last meal of the day and it it effects digestion/ aborsoption if you eat to late.

  6. hiiiiiiiiii sir i m swapnil diwan from india,i have so much belly fat i want to remove it as much as soon my present vest size is 33 i want to make it 28 as soon as possible and i want to increase my height too so please suggest me a very fast and effective workout please sir reply me soon i am your great fan……..

  7. hey brandon i’m 16 and i have 70 pounds and 1.64 metres and i want to gain muscle and lose fat at home very fast but i dont have a kettlebell . with what i could change the kettlebell or what exercices you can propose to me from your site>> THANKS!

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