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Using Cold For Exposure quick For Fat Loss

The Human body burns more fat when its exposed to cold temperatures because our bodies must generate internal heat to maintain a constant 98.6 degree temperature. To do this the body will convert available and stored energy  (BODY FAT) into body heat.

To take advantage of this I tried to start taking ice baths…. But I found out that I could not handle that shit at all! I have found that working out in the cold works a lot better for me

I go out in the cold with not much clothing on and I do the following workout:do 3 sets per exerciseDo each exercise for 30 seconds rest 30 seconds between sets

1. jumping jacks

2. Jumping Lunges

3. Jumping High Knees
I am sure that any form of HIIT cardio will work.

5 Reasons Why Cold Exposure is Healthy

1. Cold exposure makes your body release fatty acids to fuel your shivering.

2. Cold exposure increases adiponectin, a hormone secreted by fat cells and responsible for fat burning, and glucose uptake by muscle that may last long after you warm up.

3. Cold exposure stimulates brown fat, the “fat burning fat” to increase in quantity and activity.

4. Cold exposure improves immunity.

5. Cold exposure may be an effective treatment for depression.

5 Ways To Use Cold Exposure To Lose Fat..

1. Lay on your back on the couch with an ice pack under your lower neck and upper back for 20-30 minutes, preferably in the evening.

2. Drink 500 ml of ice cold water immediately upon waking. I wrote about this yesterday when I discussed 3 healthy eating habits.

3. Take 5-10 minute cold showers, focusing the water on your lower neck and upper back. Best times for a cold shower is before breakfast or before bed.

4. Take 20 minute ice baths that induce shivering.

5. Do some of your exercise in a pool! Swim laps, take an aqua jogging class, or even aqua aerobics!

6. Go for shiver walks. That is, go for a walk with the most amount of clothes on that will make you shiver slightly.

For best results, make sure you follow a  good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

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35 thoughts on “Using Cold For Exposure quick For Fat Loss

  1. when i run in the morning i make sure to stretch before so the body is not all stiff. cause thats a easy way to injur yourself.

  2. Hey Brandon when do we get the free upgrade to are 2.0?? I ordered the regular versions a couple months ago and I’m patiently waiting for the upgrade.

  3. Brandon, I live in the UK and cannot get Tea Rexx over here. Would you recommend any substitute? Thanks

  4. What upgrade is that? and would a cold bath be alreeeet? also brandon.. i’ve been trying to diet but chicken and tuna cost too damn much to be eating 2 8oz fresh chicken fillets every day and 2 tins of tuna a day! but i think its only expensive in the uk !!! DAMN send me some chicken BRUUUCEEEYY !

      • Brandon, can you reccommend any decent meal replacement? do you ever use mrp’s? or do you constantly stick to the diet you show in your vids? ALso i have been taking casein at nights and i cant fucking sleep wake up same time every night and i am awake for 2 hours :O

  5. Hey Brandon, just got your programs and am keen to start! Just wanted to know, do you use maximum weight possible for all your sets or do you use the progressive overload method? Thanks bro.

  6. Hey Brandon! I have been following you for a quite a while now, a question for this, isn’t there a possibility of getting hypothermia(forgot how to spell it) because you sweat and your chilled. I lived in Canada btw, the temperature nowadays is -4 to 4 degreeas

  7. Hello,
    Is there any study to back up this claim? It makes sense though, and I really want to believe it! It is just that a technical study would greatly enhance your credibility when you claim cold weather makes you lose body fat.
    Thanks. =)

  8. hey I’m 17 senior o play varsity football I’m kinda a bulky guy muscular but the only problem I have is a lot of lower stomach body fat and I guess u can call love handles and a lot of fat on lower body I wanna have a beach body but I play defensive end so I can’t lose to much muscle from trying to use fat burneers and stuff like that.. What should I do? Is there any method I can use to get definition while staying and getting bigger

  9. Hey Brandon for your cardio do u just do the stuff in ur videos or do you sometimes go out somewhere and run like 3 or 4 miles

    • I have never ran more than one mile at a time in my life. I dont believe in long cardio for bodybuilding. You ever see how marathon runners are always skinny and week looking but sprinters are always ripped and muscular? take your pic

  10. I need you to answer this question! I workout for 1 and a half hours then i eat, then about 10 minutes after i eat i take a cold shower… Will my body use the food energy for heat or use my fat or should i just not take a cold shower,,, But i take cold showers every morning though.

  11. Brandon,

    I recently went to this fitness seminar through work; which raised more question than answers… you are a role model to me and I would like your input on a couple of things discussed at the seminar.

    Is it possible to ”clean bulk” – to put on muscle without nearly any fat (if you watch your diet closely)? & many weeks would it take for a 10% body fat guy to slim down and get a nice six-pack? How long does it take for you and do u lose lots of muscle in the process? Do you intake TeaRexx everyday even when bulking?

  12. Hey Brandon im doing the cold shower trick,and for the 1st few days it seemed to be working and i was even feeling better. But it seems like my body is use to them.Is it possable that if i continue to do this my body will get use to them and compleaty lose the effect it has on it? And should i be taking them everyday?

  13. hey brandon,

    i have been doing H.I.I.T cardio for a week now and doing mountain climbing, high knees and all those fat burning exercises u showed in the video!!
    i am also doing your 6 meals per day diet!
    the question is when will i start seeing results and what can i eat instead meal replacement shake??
    please reply fast


  14. Hey Bradon, LOVE your stuff here…I’ve tried so many different things and heard a shitload of different theories from people, but I’ve been following your videos for a while and holy shit they definately give results, fast.

    So anyway, I’ve been wondering about 1 thing though that I’m still unsure about, a lot of people say that you should let the muscles rest for 1-2 days after you work them hard, to get maximum effect from the training, true or false? right now I basically train my abs everyday, + cardio once or even twice a day (yes I have a lot of free time hehe)
    Anyway, keep the awesome work up dude, recommended your site to a lot of friends and they all agree with me when I say you’re site is the BEST for people who wants to see some results fast, AND through hometraining!

  15. Hey Brandon, Can you help me???, im 14, i need exercises for abs, legs, chest , shoulder, back, biceps and triceps… tell me what exercises should i do so i dont force my body much, Im thinking of working out monday to friday then rest on weekends… tell me the exercises, how much sets and how much times, I’d really appreciate your help. im not fat just skinny…..

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