How To Build Bigger Stronger Biceps with “21’s” (video)

How To do 21’s (see video above)

First you will need to pick a weight on a barbell or ez-curl bar that will be moderately challenging for you. Maybe about 70% of the weight you use for regular sets of 10. For example, being able to curl 110 pounds 10 times may require you to drop down to about 80 pounds for this particular exercise.

The exercise is best described as doing 3 exercises back to back, isolating different parts of you biceps.

The first movement you will be making is basically half of a curl. Have the bar at your waist and lift until your forearms are parallel to the floor, stop, lower the weight and repeat 7 times.

Without rest, after your 7th rep, start in the position that you ended with in the last movement (forearms parallel to the floor) and then bring the bar to your neck, back down to the starting position and back up to your neck for 7 reps. This movement is basically the top half of the typical curl whereas the previous step was the bottom half.

Now you have totaled 14 reps and your biceps should be on fire but its not over yet. To complete this exercise, finish it off with 7 more full motion curls to make the total 21 reps (Hence the name). Good Luck!

For best results, make sure you follow a  good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help  to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

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37 thoughts on “How To Build Bigger Stronger Biceps with “21’s” (video)

  1. Haha yea you did this on the previous video on triceps and biceps , i did them it works! Got the biceps longer ! by the way , i would like to increase muscle size quick ! shud i do heavier weights and i’m not too sure how much weight shud i increase and when shud i do so… please help! thanks!

  2. hello mate.. just would like to know opinion..ive been working out my biceps are bigger but how can i tone it to become like urs?

  3. hey man, is this meant to be just one exercise during a bicep workout, or does this constitute the whole workout? thanks

  4. how long should i rest inbetween sets if i want to increase muscle mass??

    and also how many times should i workout each muscle group per week?

  5. do u count calories? if so how many calories do u eat a day? and does ur workout plan come with any information on calorie intake?

    • I dont EVER cont cals and I NEVER recommend that others do it ether because its not sustainable. Eating the right portions of the right food is easier and more effective. I break it all down in my diet plan thats included in my program

  6. hi Brandon bro!
    I am 27 old lad and i weight 85 kilo and 1.78 m i want lose some weight espically lower parts any tips plz

  7. This is a great exercise but my arms aren’t getting any bigger. What kinds of foods should I eat to get bigger arms?

  8. Hy my name is Luis ,I weight 165 pouns please help me get a flat stomag with six pac, where can you get the green Tea HRexx

  9. Hey Brandon, just wanted to tell you, you have inspired me, and motivated me. I have been watching all your vids on you tube, and think ur the best workout guy out there. I am 5 foot 10, and only 135 pounds, have always wanted to bulk up and gain weight and muscle, but have never been able too. I am trying really hard now, i workout 3 times a week, eat way more then i use to and take multi vitamins and whey protein. Im not sure i can lift enough weight properly to gain mass, but i am lifting as much as i can properly, with only 30-40 seconds rest. I have been doing all this for a month, feel a little stronger, much more energy, and my clothes feel a little tighter. I will keep trying real hard, weighed in at 137.6 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the motivation, videos, and advice from ur website(its in my favs, and i go to it all the time) You are the man!! Ps. I tell everybody about you, ur website, and ur videos, thanks again man

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