Tea Rexx is Back In Stock


Brandon Carter High Life Workout Plan



Tea Rexx Fat Burner

TEA REXX is the fat burner that I use everyday to stay ripped! A lot off other fat burning supplements make me feel like a crack head because  they have too much caffeine and un- natural ingredients.  TEA REXX: EXTREME is unlike other fat burners in that it leaves out substances with  dangerous  side effects. What it does contain is 100% natural & mainly plant derived. It’s even comes in vegetable capsules to avoid consumption of animal byproduct known as gelatin – which is what most other fat burners on the market use.

TEA REXX is safe and effective  because it contains natural ingredients such as

Green Tea EGCG
Green Coffee Bean extract
Raspberry Ketones
Rhodiola Rosea
Yerba Mate
Rhodiola Rosea

TEA REXX: EXTREME combines the most concentrated form of green tea extract available with raspberry ketones, green coffee bean, quercetin, L-carnitine, yohimbe, yerba mate, & more. This blend of super antioxidants, herbs, and amino acids gives you a tremendous amount of natural energy as well as fat burning capabilities.

TEA REXX  is ONLY available HERE

12 thoughts on “Tea Rexx is Back In Stock

  1. Hey Brandon, I might wanna try this Tea Rexx, but first i have a few questions about it..
    -Do you use this only before a work out? or also after?
    -How long before a workout do you take a capsule? (like right before or a hour before the workout?)
    -Does this only help for training with weights or also for jogging/runnin outside?

    And about the jogging/running, some say u can burn muscle with it, others say u cant, only maybe if you run 2 much.. whats the deal with this? Hope 2 hear from u!

  2. Hi Brandon!

    Tea Rexx sounds great ;however I always like to hear testimonials from people who have tried it. If this product sold out on amazon then my assumption is that it works; however I find it odd that no-one on Amazon has reviewed this product. I am always reluctant about these types of products especially when I can’t read reviews.

    • THere were some testimonials up, but i think they got deleted when it was out of stock. I would never mislead you homie. you can return it if it dont work. Amazon is really good with that

  3. Heya!
    Im following your program did it for like a month 5 days a week, i am happy with it 🙂 Though i got some problem with being sore after like every work out :S but i really think you should think about putting Tea Rexx on for us in in EU 😛

  4. Hi Brandon, Miodrag here, I’m actually writing you from Shanghai ( China ) and I’d like to buy Tea Rexx, however I can’t from as it ships only through US. Is there any other way I could get this product? I’d rather pay the shipping fee and get this product over here, perhaps?? hope to hear from you on this.

    btw..thanks to your program I do see great results. I’ve gained more then 30 pounds ( muscle ) over one year, now I’m 165 pounds and I’m 5.10



  5. Hey BC, why not put Tea Rexx on eBay or other sites? I can’t get it shipped internationally to where I am as of now. Really hoping to get my hands on this fat burner! 🙂

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