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Before And After Pics – How Jozen Lost 30 Pounds FAST

Brandon Carter Workout Plan Jozen Cummings

I am really Proud of my friend Jozen Cummings. He lost over 30 Pounds FAST by using the same workout program I offer here at this site! The best thing about his transformation is that he did it all on his own! All I did was show him the program, them he did it 6 days a week at his home. I was truly impressed by the results, but not surprised. Check out this before and after video below!

Jozen achieved his results by strictly following the workout and nutrition outlined in the High Life Workout Plan and by taking TEA REXX to help speed his fat loss!

Checkout Jozen’s blog   and follow him on twitter 

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28 thoughts on “Before And After Pics – How Jozen Lost 30 Pounds FAST

  1. I would like to start training. Came across your website and it’s giving me inspiration. Need Brandon Carter to push me all the way. 

  2. Nice work, Brandon. I follow your excercises and I can saw changes in my body. Sorry for my english. Hugs from Argentina.

  3. how much carbs should I be eating if I want to burn fat ?
    I do boxing 5-6 times a week and do alot of circuit training and i havent noticed any fat loss for about 4 weeks
    please reply

  4. This is surely a great inspiration. I started to lose weight a month ago, and I’ve lost about 11 KGs in the past month. I checked out this site called – for honest reviews of weighgt loss programs and picked up one from their recommendations.
    I’ve seen great improvements, hope this helps everyone out there trying to lose weight too!


  5. hey brandon, im just done watching a couple of your vids, im really pumped and wanna start on your program, but i have 2 questions first, do you have a detailed nutritional program? and i was wondering if there were any other way of buying your program, without paypal

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