Great Exercises For Bigger Biceps

In this video, I want to show you a Great Exercises For Bigger Biceps – TOWEL CURLS

Towel Curls a are great for building the Size on your Biceps and building the Brachialis Muscle (the Muscle Btw your Biceps and Triceps). The towel curl isolates your biceps and forearm muscles as would a traditional biceps curl. Run a towel through the handle of a kettlebell. Pick up the kettlebell with the towel so that your arm hangs at your side with your thumb facing forward. Slowly curl the towel up toward your shoulder, rotating your arm as you go until your palm faces toward your body. Flex your biceps muscle at the top of the movement, and slowly return the kettlebell to the starting position. Switch arms to work the other side. As with any kettlebell exercise, perform the movement over a protected surface in case the towel slips from your hand.

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

36 thoughts on “Great Exercises For Bigger Biceps

  1. Fark.. I want to have a body like yours man 😐
    Can you post a quick fat burning workout that keeps your metabolism high throughout the day?

  2. hey brandon can you tell me the quickest way to lose my belly fat? im 22 im over weight man i feel sorry for my girlfriend because its true no girl likes overweight boys and its really stressing me out 😦 i wonder if she will leave me soon because of my body its a possibilty so i need your advice man

    • Whats up homie! Girls are less superficial that us so you probly wont leave you for that, and if she dose, your better off!!. but you gotta get your confidence up! you can gain 30 more pounds and she will still like you if your confident with it! but yo, your gonna have to start dieting and working out. My plan can really help you with your goals! check out how this guy lost over 30 pounds with my plan! —>

      Keep your head up homie! i will do all i can you help you with your goals!!!

      • hey brandon ! your a gentleman !
        yeah man i understand you and what your saying,but its like in the back of my head i know i can lose this weight with your support and your work out plan,so i always think i’m betraying my girlfriend if i don’t so i’ve decided,im going to buy your work out plan to lose my weight!! and yes im going to follow it strickley with tea rexx !

        i mean is there anyway i can like pay you to like help me progress or like pay you to keep in more direct contact with me on advice,like i can say i done this today planning todo this on wedsnesday and so on and you can say to me if you done this,next time do that? like you know moral support or something

        im really confident that i can achieve my goals with your plan im going to download it now !

        hope to you hear from you soon, umm can you email me my email is !

        i really look forward to working with you and losing this belly fat ! it’s really stressful ! to know i can lose it and i’m not doing anything about it ! help !! hope to hear from you soon bro ! – adnan

  3. HEy BRandon, I’m 16 years old, i’m really tiny. I really don’t know how many set, And how long, sould i do for me. So if you can suggest me some set, its would be awsome =)

    Thanks man!

  4. hey man.another great vid of urs
    but does it help chest muscles 2??cuz i saw ur chest muscles moving so i thought it can be useful in 2 ways.
    and by the way:u r awesome

  5. Hey I’m hopin to buy ur plan and everything my main question is do the tea rexx supplement pills really work or were u just bein paid to say that like I’m askin cuz I’m money tight and don’t wanna spend money on somethin that don’t work get me

  6. Hey Brandon,
    I have been suffering from shoulder injuries for quite sometime. everytime i do a pull up or a push up I get acute pain in my shoulder. Can you let me know few good tips to strengthen my shoulder and get back to working out again?


  7. hey,your videos really inspire me to stay fit.but i want to gain good biceps with simultaneuos ab much cardio should i perform daily? and is it important to intake supplement?

  8. Thanx for the workouts and diet plans i lost 30 lbs thanx to you now i gotta start bulking up bro. Does it do the same thing if you use the rope from the rope pushdown machine at the gym and lower the machine to the bottom?

  9. hey dude! im 29 and considering using something like t-rex for the first time, is there anything like t-rex for the uk?
    Also wondered what you recommend to tone and lose the fat? i seem to gain muscle quickly but i don’t really want this, i would like to look lean and toned. My down fall is my eating route-en as i work random hours through the week so hard to plan my meals.

    great video’s and advice man keep it up!

  10. Hi
    I purchased your full workout, I’m doing the gym workout and feeling the burn, its damm good, just wanting to check, on each day do you do 3 sets of 10-12 reps, unless told otherwise?
    Cheers Mate

  11. Yo what up Brandon this is the thing I’m 23 and I’m gonna enlist in the army in Feb and wanted to get bigger chest arms and start my abbs to pop out and burn this belly fat I’m about 5’5″ and about 150-160 pounds what should I do kid get back at me

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