Gain 10-15 Pound of Muscle in 8 WEEKS (Part 1)

Gain 10-15 Pound of Muscle in 8 WEEKS (Part 1)
This is a Diet/Meal Plan For People That Want To BULK UP FAST

You Can Expect to Gain a Little Fat Wile on This Diet
But You Will Gain WAY more MUSCLE Than Fat
And You Be Able To Burn It Of FAST When The 8 Weeks are Up

If You Don’t Want To Gain Any Fat Wile Doing This Plan
You Can Cut The Carbs In Half
And Stop Eating Carbs After 3 PM
(unless you workout at night)

This Plan is JUST and example of what you can eat for your meals.
I used a this diet to gain almost 20 pound of lean mass a few years ago.
This time I’m just having my girl cook a big ass pot of chilly that I will eat
7 times a day with pasta. That way I Dont have to think about anything
I Suggest that you use a Journal or your Smart Phone to
Keep Track of What you eat every day
To keep yourself accountable
In “Part 2” I show you what excesses to do wile on this plan
To make sure you gain as much Muscle and as little fat as possible


For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

21 thoughts on “Gain 10-15 Pound of Muscle in 8 WEEKS (Part 1)

  1. hi brandon,

    great video. purchased your workout about 6 months ago. so far seeing great results. just wondering if you still work out one muscle group monday to friday, or do you sometimes work out 2 muslces in one session. also, do you still work out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning? can i work out in the morning on an empty stomach with the goal of gaining mass?


  2. hello this video came just in time! I just started to adjust my diet so I can put on some weight over winter then aged the fat come spring. I’m going to miss my six pack Haha. Can you hurry up with the exercise plan please? And also when going for weight gain only high intensity cardio right? How often if you are really not trying to burn the fat is my question. Thanks brandon

  3. Hi Brandon

    I lost some weight and i am only training my stomach(abs). I want to have the sixpack but how low shall my fat percent be? and i got one more problem.. i got hivs, you know those on the sides and how do i get rid of them? they are really annoying me and it looks ugly.. Please help me Brandon!

  4. hey Brandon! i think i don’t have a prblem following meal plans lyk this but the only problem i got is i don’t have whey protein….they’re not available in my hometown, i’ve tried to search in department stores and malls but i don’t think whey pro are available here…i’m in the philippines btw..so cn u help me find an alternative tnx brandon…

  5. yes indeed good for VERY skinny guys who only have ONE purpose in life. But it is impossible for a normal working 9 to 5 kind of guy to maintain such am impossible diet.

  6. Hi Brandon.

    Thankyou for keeping me updated via emails.

    How much do you roughly spend on your weekly shop with the food/meal plans sample in the above video?

    For the past 4 months I’ve been eating clean and training on the pushbike, I’ve lost 2 stone of body fat. I was trying to shift a lot of it around my waist and legs, buttocks. It’s worked.

    However I used to train with plyometric incorporated with Dead Weight Training back in 2010. Where I was consuming a well-thought out meal plan of 7 meals per day and gained both muscle and body fat. I was bulking up.

    Your meal plans above will work to gain accountable size both in muscle and medium to little in body fat. After 4 weeks I realised I had to stop eating carbohydrates after 14:30-15:00 as I started to gain weight in the gut.

    So after I cut the carbs out after 3pm and incorporated my weight training (30 mins) first before 3pm then (20 mins) cardio after I realised that the weight both muscle and fat was being spread around my back, shoulders, arms, torso, buttocks, legs. I got a lot bigger.

    This year the majority turned to fat because I was ill for 2 months so couldn’t train, then decided to start from scratch again and that’s how I progressed by loosing two stones of fat in 16 weeks.

    Thankyou for your tips. I just wanted to post this information here and my experience and hopefully other’s will up the courage to trying out your meal plans. I used to weigh in at 128lbs now I weigh in at a healthy 158 lbs in 6 months. I’m 5ft – 11″ just to give others an idea. I want to gain another 30lbs and sit it out at 185-188lbs.

  7. Hey Brandon, really appreciate you share all this knowledge. I’m inspired and also I have learned a lot. I tried for years to get sixpack, but I learned for you how easy it is (I’m 40). Did you do any other kind of training (i.e. pilates) to gain knowledge of chore strength and anatomy or not? Do you spend time on gaining flexibility?

  8. Hey brandon,

    There is no exact website link to buy ripcords. Can you please link it here. Also once I start using ripcords there is no need for dumbells?

    I am assuming ripcord will replace dumbell.


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