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(New ABS Video) Warning: This is one tough workout

Whats Up everyone! Just in time for the Holidays and New Year’s resolutions, I have put together my hardest Six Pack / Fat Burning workout yet! Warning: This is one tough workout… But it REALLY works!

Check out the new workout video above. I did it with a production company here in NYC. Let me know what you think of the new look. Do you like that you can do the workouts WITH me instead of me just telling you what to do? let know know what you think. I really want to make this site the best I can so you can get the most out of it

Download the The Workout and Diet plan for FREE from my FaceBook page (make sure to “like” it!) This FREE Link will be taken down in 14 DAYS! so act now!!!

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.

Brandon Carter

76 thoughts on “(New ABS Video) Warning: This is one tough workout

  1. Yo whats poppin fam..Dj Phanatik here…SouthSide reppin joe….yo first off mad love to u for this post…second of all those butterflys are called in and out crunches…u killed it on this one B… Yo on ur next post do a video in video shot…meaning narration on one side and action on the other side that way u aint talkin and tryna workout at the same time… Holla at me…..

  2. You are great man! First time I see something that good like your workout plan and workouts! After long looking for good workouts to fit for me I found it here. Thanks man! You are the Man!

  3. awesome video as always brandon!!!!!
    can I substitute with mountain climbers with other HIIT cardio with skipping ropes, high knees, jump squats, lunges. etc?
    I find mountain climbers really hard as I continue for 10 mins of this workout.
    Or alternative with bicycles, mountain climbers. Iron butterflies then high knees. Then the crunch followed by skipping ropes?

  4. Doing workouts with you is great! Having you to tell is difficult to know if your doing it right, having to workout and do it wrong is baad.

    Great video and keep it up!

  5. brandon is it 30 seconds per excersice? 🙂 please answer me i really wanna know and you are really a great inspiration what you are doing are really really great

  6. Great video brandon u can tell this workout is gonna be hard wiv all those mountain climbers. what are the time intervals is it 30secs of each repeated twice ?

    I have a question for you brandon, i have only 4 visible abs my top two which are like 1.5 inch below my chest and two abs beneath them which go upto my belly button.So Where are my lower abs ? are my upper abs and core abs too low ? can my lower abs be beneath my belly button if so how do i get them to be visible, i’ve tried lower ab workouts but no results what-so-ever…please reply to this comment Brother

    i’ve been doing your other 10min ab workouts alongside with your hiit cardio and the results from them so far are great, a lot better compared to 6months ago when i was following the p90 workout on youtube and the app on my phone (i stopped working out after 3months because my results weren’t improving).and now i have began again i have been doing your workouts for 2months
    Thnkx for reading this Brandon 🙂

  7. Great workout it really makes you sweat 😀
    btw you said that we can download free The workout from fb age nut I cant find it..glad if you help 😀

  8. Yo waddup B! You Said to let u know what we think of your new look . You look a little malnourished to be honest, put that weight back on bro!

  9. Great workout. You know what you are doing. I don’t know if you only did all the talking to guide people through the exercises. I know it must have winded you more. The scenery looks more professional from your other workouts. The important thing is the exercises that you delivered nicely. What made you transition from less talking to more talking?

  10. Hey, I am in Afghanistan. I have about 4 months left and I am doing your workout every chance I get. I love it.

    Really enjoyed the new workout plan. I wish there was a way you could download each video or for people that bought your package send out a link to download each routine. Cant wait for more.

  11. I’ve Been doing this workout a while ago! and It was so hard! but I manage to do it!! and it’s awesome!!!!!!! thanks BRO!

  12. Love the workout, and the new background set. I liked the music you use on your other video’s better though. Keep up the great work!

  13. I can do this new ABS Video everyday…
    my plan is 6 times a week …after this video ,I still can do others ABS workout ,,,
    I tack a break on SUNDAY…
    before i do this new video,i feel a little pain ,but i really still can follow you video . and i eat health . i eat breads and fat free milk for breakfast ..I eat turkey and some fruit for lunch ..i eat chicken and some vegetables for dinner ….
    this is my plan …

    if my plan is not right. just help me to change .
    i know you told me that do not try to do the video everyday ..
    but i really can do this everyday ..

    please give me some suggestions.

      • really ? so, how about 4 times a week..
        i do this one day.then i take a break a day .
        one day do this ..one day take a break ..
        is that OK ?
        do you have any suggestions ?

      • i am sorry for bothering you ..
        as you know . i eat health ..
        i always work out after 8:00 pm..
        i am hungry after work out ..
        but i keep me hungry .. because i eat dinner before i work out //
        i really do not know how i can lose my weight ..
        i had been doing your 10 Minute Abs Challenge (New Video) until this new one came out ..
        i do not know where i did wrong …
        i did not lose weight at all..
        please help me .
        tell me where i did wrong
        how can i fix it….please
        thank you ..

      • no matter i do exercise or not …
        i always feel hungry,,,
        i afraid that i eat too much ..
        so i have to keep myself hungry ..
        i do not know what to do

  14. Heey, Brandon! I was actually wondering, what it takes to be a fitness model? I’ve been doing your 10 minutes challenge, and it has become easier for me. I’m 15 years old, skinny built and have a quite visible sixpack, and I like being sore the day after a workout, but after this one I didn’t get sore. Could you possible make an “Ultimate Abs workout” or something, that really, really kills your abs?
    Thank you!
    Jonas 😉

  15. hey brandon. this look maddness!! 😀 and i wanted to know how long will it take for a 14teen years old boi like me and weight 74,4 to get ripped?? i need to get ripped like you as hell please.

    • Bro your 14? Dude, 14 isnt a age where you should be working out. You should be working out at like, 16 and over. Because thats when your body starts to stop growing. You could stop growing if you work out:/

  16. Hey Brandon like this workout happy to finally find an ab workout which is a challenge. Just 1 thing, the last exercise where you twist around in half-circles, it just seems kinda weird to me and doesnt really work..is there any other exercise you could recommend to replace it?

    • Yeah it IS wierd, but you clearly have not done it yet because its the hardest ad exercise i know of!!!!!! It works good as HELL! Sure, you CAN repace it with anything, but i dont recommend that you do. There is a reason i passed out tat the end!
      Give it try homie

  17. Greetings and thanks from down-under Brandon:0) Great stuff. Just wondering about your exercise mat – was it expensive? I have a standard one but it slides around everywhere on the floor, whereas yours looks to be very stable.. Any particular brand or type? Thanks again

  18. yo, just a tip of a mistake that maybe you should fix on the video… at 7:30 you say “go back to bycicles” and the Bycicles world shows up at the screen, but you are doing mountain climbers at the time…

  19. OK. After I did it I don’t feel my abs sore. Can I do this more then 2 times per week or maybe I am not doing it right?!or just have to do it more intensive? I just wonder should I feel sore ?! 😀

  20. Can I do this while bulking up? I find mountain climbers hurts my shoulders, can i replace them with skipping ropes or high knees?

  21. hey im 15 turning 16 this year i realy wana get ABS ,back ,Bicep ,Chest ,Legs ,shoulders and Tricep muscle what are some good work outs 2 do?

  22. Hi Brandon
    I wanna cut weight, i know for a woman the input must be around 1200 cal / day but i work out every day for about 45-60 min, mixing weight training, explosive training, hip hop dancing, breakdance. So how much calories do i need so that my muscles stay in shape and so that i can loose weight ? Heard too sth like i should multiply my bodyweight per 18 to get the right intake, but all of that is if i just sit all day long doing nothing isn’t it ? Thanks bro

  23. I am doing this 2 times a week. But my “abs” getting hurt and sore so quickly, just after 3 minutes. Is it because this is “rough”, my “abs” get all tight up and that. So i should do something more easier?
    I am trying to lose kg’s. my sides and belly.
    Thank you a lot.

  24. love your vids bro ur a beast, im 6ft 2 and in between skinny and ripped, I was wondering what foods I should eat to bulk up as much muscle as possible before baseball season, thanks man..i like your music to btw.

  25. I do the exercises but from some strange reason Im not sore the next day. Should I still only do this twice a week?

  26. Hey Brandon,
    I’m glad you made the video. Just today, after a month of doing it I could do it exactly as you… This shows how hard it is, so nice job. But I have a question.
    I started doing swimming when I started uni but stopped for the Christmas holidays ( away from uni, break, etc. ) I was going Monday, Wednesday, Friday but when I started doing this prog, because I was used doing it those days, I started doing the program the same days too. So now when I’m back and my exams are over I wonder how should I combine them. Should I swim on Tuesday, Thursday and train mon, wed, fri or do both on the same days ?

  27. I know you said not to do this everyday but I can’t help myself. I do take 1 or at most 2 more breaks in the workout tough as I’m still at the beginning and not that into shape yet but if I would feel growing pain any day I would pause for a few days . All that said this workout really gets results and fast.
    Thanks Brandon, hope more like this will follow.

  28. Brandon great job on mixing this up into a great exercise… Because homie i did lots of abs workouts but never combined them in something crazy as this.. Works my abs much better 🙂 So thanks i just wanna ask you are you willing to do a video like this for chest or biceps… Keep it coming homes 🙂

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