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Drink More Water To Burn Fat & Build Muscle Faster

Drinking water is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked ways to burn fat and build muscle fast. Still though most people experience that they should drink “plenty” of water every day, few people follow it.

In fact, most people don’t Even experience how much is “lots.”
If you want to gain muscle weight and/or burn fast, it’s a priority for you to remain hydrated.

Water is vital for life, and only second in importance to oxygen.
The human body cannot survive even a few days without water, while it can go for weeks without food.

Our bodies are 80 percent water, and our brains, 85 percent.
But how will this assist you to gain muscle weight fast?
Well, most (70 percent) of the lean muscle mass in your body is composed of water. So you need to drink a lot of water if you want to maximize the potential of your workouts and gain muscle weight fast; in fact, you need to drink a lot of it.

You lose water every day without yet knowing it.
For instance, sweating scores you drop off 16 ounces of water, and you drop off another 16 ounces when you exhale.
You need other 48 ounces of water for the proper functioning of your intestines and kidneys.

So just getting by needs 80 ounces or 10 cups of water.
When you exercise intensely, your body’s need for water goes up.
If you’re attempting to gain muscle weight fast, it’s imperative that you ensure your body is always fully hydrated.

Studies show that a drop of 10 to 20 percent in muscle contraction can be caused by a mere drop of three to four percent in the body’s water level.
Keep in mind that building muscle is all about lifting as much weight as you can, for as many repetitions as possible.

To gain muscle weight fast, you have to drink a lot of water, especially before working out, to make sure that the 70 percent water content in your muscles is maintained.

When you’re working out, water also prevents injuries.
Extra stress is put on your connective tissues and joins when you train at high intensities over long periods of time.
Water helps prevent injures by cushioning and lubricating your joints. This will enable you to gain muscle weight fast, and will decrease the risk of injury in the procedure.

The digestive process also cannot work without water.
The mainstay of any diet designed to gain muscle weight fast is protein.
It cannot, however, be straightaway absorbed by the body’s cells.
To allow the cells to use it to help you gain muscle weight fast, protein needs to be broken down into its component amino acids.
To be able to do this, your body needs water.

Water also helps to regulate your body’s temperature by keeping your skin moist by perspiration.
This becomes all the more important when you’re attempting to gain muscle weight fast by performing intense exercise.
Through urine, feces, sweat, and expired air, water also helps you remove unwanted waste products from the body.

So when you want to gain muscle weight fast and get ripped, its paramount to ensure that you get enough water.
Eight to ten glasses of water every day is what we’ve all been told to drink.
But when you want to gain muscle weight fast, is this enough?
I dont think thats enough at all!

You know your drinking enough if your piss is clear.
Your piss should be clear all the time (except 1st thing in the mornigh, and after you take your vitimens) . If your piss is clear your drinking enough, if your piss is yellow, you need to step up your water intake!!! I drink about 6-8 LITERS of water a day!!!
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Brandon Carter A.K.A The South Side Chi-Town Savior 

34 thoughts on “Drink More Water To Burn Fat & Build Muscle Faster

  1. Great information!! Could u pls make tutorial on how to burn ” love handles” and sides? And now I feel like I keep lifting and I get more and more buff!! Is there a way I can build lean muscle but not getting too buff up?? Thank you!!

    • Replying to Win’s comment. In order to burn “love handles” and sides, you need a calorie deficit and you need to work out more. It is the same process. Everybody’s bodies are different. For example, some people burn body fat faster in their bellies while others burn body fat faster in their oblique areas. BTW I drink about 2-3 gallons of water a day

  2. more water more mass bradon you the only one says tru thing about fitness hey new abs workout its a killer akimbo thumbs up wish you all the best upload more shoulder workout

    Meryy christmas i think im the first to wish no homo this dude rock

  3. I highly RECOMMEND EVERYBODY TO BUY THE FULL Workout Plan . I did and it works for me thank you very much Brandon for you Help now it is Hard as hell but if you follow this Routines and diet plan you will see result very fast .

  4. hı bro i want ask u about somethnig about diet program how i can do taht what must food i take do that program please

  5. friend, sorry if this is a bit off the subject, but… This will make just about anyone angry: Diets in reality lead you to put on pounds over the long haul which has turned out to be more and more recognizable in the unhealthy weight epidemic that\\\’s

    hurting this processed food, minimal activity generation. Are you concerned that arena seats have

    to be increased to aid the rise in peoples increasing, ahem…girth? It suggests that we are now being

    a much larger country (and by

    no means in any smart way) of men and women than we have ever have prior to now which happens to be before two full

    decades only. Our young ones suffer the pain of overweight associated

    problems by way of example all forms of

    diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.

    Someone said that in a research project 70 heavy American youngsters in the age range of six to nineteen have been exposed to some battery of exams to observe the end result that the eating habits packed

    with fat had on their more youthful

    figures. The outcomes were eye opening. All was cursed with

    high cholesterol levels as well as were inside the high-risk group of acquiring heart problems and heart failure which a number of people are already exhibiting indication of.

    Can there be any kind of a cure for all of us? I contemplate your answer should be you bet. Apparently

    just about all we end up needing is a little bit of exercise and diet. We almost all need to embark on doing it NOW!

  6. Hi Brandon,

    I have a question related to eating…I read your document about sixpacksecret and you mentioned there, that a healthy balanced food consists of proteins, legumes a veggies. My question is how important is to eat fruits or fat if you work out?

  7. how can u burn fat by doing ab exercises i thougt spot reduction is bs and the way to burn fat is by doing cardio, i thot ab exercises build muscle

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