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(New Video!) Take Your Home Chest Workout To The Next Level

If your working out at home like me, it can be difficult to new ways to train your chest. If your sick of doing the same old push ups. The video in this post will show you how you can change things up to get a better workout at home!

Explosive plyometric moves, like the ones in this video, force your body to trigger fast-twitch muscle fibers – important because those fibers have the greatest potential for strength gains. This move, the plyo push-up, will help train those fibers to produce a great amount of force in a very short period.

You can do the moves in the gym too

Make sure you try out my new 6 pack / Fat burning workout too!

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For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter A.K.A. “The International Road Rage Champion”

28 thoughts on “(New Video!) Take Your Home Chest Workout To The Next Level

  1. Hey Brandon, When I do my chest workout I usually do 3 excersises and 3 sets.I start with Bench press, flies and then do push-ups with each set being a different variation of push up.
    I was wondering is only doing 3 excersizes enough for my chest routine? And would you ever recommend increasing from 3 sets?

    • Are you training for strength or size?
      You could add static contraction to your bench-press.
      Holding max weight at strongest point for as long as poss.
      But you also need to vary your routine to keep stressing
      muscles. As in the video here, one day pylometric press ups
      one day add ruck-sack to back and change reps, etc.
      But for strength, static contraction is good! Just my 2 pennies worth!

  2. hi brandon iam 14 and iam training for the six pack abs for 5 weeks and it little worked but itisnot ripped like you so can u till me other ways to complete it

  3. brandon..i work out with ur advice whilst my time in Korea, China, Kenia and now in Germany!..I highly appreciate ur highly effective, honest and to the point concentrated training approach…highly appreciated!

  4. Great vid. Question that is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy off topic though are you going to make any more vids in the whole core? And do you
    Know any good home ones

  5. Hi Brandon, Huge thanks for the workouts. I have been doing them for a month and already seeing good results. Also the Iron Butterflies are also known as a Dish Crunch.
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Hey, im new to excersise world. i am not fat but have belly fat and girl chest. what do you recommend for me to get in shape fast?

    • your going to need a good diet and cardio program. My free program here is a great place to start, but if your ready to go all out, you can get the full one. Try the free one first to see if like my methods. good luck bro, please keep me posted on your progress!

  7. Hi i am following your some of exercises I just want to know what best pre workout and post workout is and at what time we should take one more thing can we start with heavy wt after warm up and keep on reducing wt with increasing no of rep Thanks

  8. hi…
    this is vinni(luv)
    im 18 years old nd i m so thin i want to gain fat or i want to give coool body like u bt i dnt want to go gym i want this at my home so plz tell me diet nd some work out excercises plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    thank u

  9. Hey Brandon, how many times you think i should do cardio a week? i can see my 6 pack but only when i flex my stomach i still have some fat to loose but i dont eat bad i eat thinks that are high in protein and low in calories becuase i lift as well, any suggestions? im 17 btw

  10. Hej Brandon.
    I like your Full workout plan.
    which interval Timer, do you recommend for android.
    all the best.

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