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NEW VIDEO “How To Get Crazy Ripped Arms” (Super Sets Pt2)

This is the 2ed post on this site about how to Use Supersets to Build Muscle and Burn Fat Faster. In the last post on super sets, we talked about training chest and back together, but I believe that Super sets work best with Biceps and Triceps like in the video above.

If you don’t know what Super Sets are or why you should do them sometimes, review my last post on Super Sets. I went into more detail in the post.

If you have tried this workout or the my other Super Set workout, I would really to know how it worked for you, or if you have any questions.

Make sure you try out my new 6 pack / Fat burning workout too!

Download the The Workout and Diet plan for FREE from my FaceBook page (make sure to “like” it!)  If the download link did not work for you last week, please try it again. we fixed the issues

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter A.K.A. “Mr Steal Your Girl’s Girl”


21 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO “How To Get Crazy Ripped Arms” (Super Sets Pt2)

  1. When you do triceps kickback, your back should be straight, right? I saw that your back is arched. I wonder that will affect your spines?
    thanks for the routine though. 😀

    • yes, I filmed like 8 videos the day so i was tired and my form was a little bad…. I was probably using to much weight…. You can’t lift with your ego, but i still make that mistake sometimes lol

      • oh man 8 videos. yeah your weights are way heavier for me. I can do only 8kg :P. I still dare not try your 15 minutes abs as it seems to be so tough. And my fitness level is not that high. Hopefully, i will get the body like you one day. Hopefully.
        Thanks for the video. btw, i include knee high jump into my cardio.

  2. Sooo dope man, keep it up. Uhm i was just wondering are there any home workouts which will workout the lower part of my bicep, i mean when i flex i’ve got a ball and then there is a gap between my forearm and bicep…. its kinda lame 😛 should i just keep working out and it’ll get big eventually or is there a certain bicep workout that works that part. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Just came across your site & am on your mailing list now.

    Dude you frikin rock man!

    Keep the vids coming…awesome! I need to get off my ass & get with the program Brandon & I need to shed about 55 lbs. With your guidance & inspiration I know I can do it!

    Thanks in advance for the push.


      • Thanks for the inspiration Brandon! I’m moving forward & gonna kick some you know what in 2012!

        Hope you are enjoying the Holidays! have a GREAT News Year night up there in the Big Apple!


  4. Hey man nice videos keep it up i was just wondering if supersets are good to bursts trough a plateau because i cant seem to get anymore gains im 5 foot 9 and 175 pounds

  5. Thanks again for the video Brandon.
    I’ve tried your full ABS challenge video and its the best I’ve seen. I was sore for a whole week but have start training again.

    I want to lose weight so I’m going on a low strict carb diet and intense cardio. Do you personally think I should buy tea rexx? Would it get me in shape quicker? Or just carry on at what I’m doing?

    Much love homie

  6. Hey man thanx for the info I’m always learning a lot from you, but I have a question, what do you think about cheat days? Do you recommend them?

  7. What’s sup Brandon, well I’m need some advice man I’m 25 215lb and it’s mostly fat I got the free workout plan and watched a video of your friend doing the workout and he looks damn good I’m trying to get there I don’t have a gym membership so what should I start out doing?

  8. Hey brandon,
    i am from sri lanka.i never saw a one like u who work with so much dedication.i am using an abswing but i came 2 know it was not just enough.i will try my best.tanku 4 all u done and wish u a happy new year

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