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Top 5 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals In 2012

A few weeks ago I reserved some before and after pics from someone that got in shape by using my workouts! The emailed he sent me was titled “Using you as an inspiration, I’ve got these results” Here are his before and after pics!

The pics were emailed to me from Anders Christensen, you can contact him on his Facebook if have any questions about how he go in better shape!

I love hearing about the great results you all have been getting from the info on this site! I want even more of you to reach your goals in 2012 and I know that a lot of you have made new years resolutions to do just that! Unfortunately for many, surveys suggest that up to 88 percent of people who make a New Year’s resolution fail. Here are 5 tips to make sure you accomplish your fitness goals this year!


1. Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine. Exercise should be a regular part of your day, not something sporadic. Just as you set aside time for meals, sleep, School and/or work, set aside time for exercise. Pencil it in on your calendar, program it into your smartphone and stick to it just like you would any other important appointment. For best results, you may find that exercising at the same time and on the same days each week (such as first thing in the morning Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) helps you stay on track.

2. Pick a SPECIFIC goal. Goals that can’t be measured can’t be attained.  You need to be able to determine whether you’ve reached your goals or not.  For instance, a goal like “Get in better shape” is not easily measured, but a goal  like “Have a 32 inch waist by July 4th,” is.  Don’t start your resolutions until you have a measurable goal, or you will almost certainly fail.

3. MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE! (!!!BUT NEVER WITH A SCALE!!!!) You must measure your progress, because when you see that you have progressed, you’ll be motivated to keep going.  If your goal is to lose weight, or gain muscle mass, I STRONGLY suggest that you stay off of the scale!!! Scales are grossly misleading! if your trying to lose weight, you may be losing A LOT of FAT but you can end up weighting the same (or MORE) because you have gained muscle!

The same goes for people trying to gain muscle.The scale may tell you that your not gaining, or that your gaining really slow, but your probably gaining a lot more muscle than you think, but your weight may be staying the same because your workouts are burning your extra body fat off!

The best way to measure your progress is with a Tape Measure! I am going to go into more detail on this subject in upcoming blogs, but for now, just know that measuring inches you lose on your waist is the best way to  tell if your losing fat or now.If your trying to gain muscle mass, its best to measure your arms, shoulders, chest and legs to see how much you have gained.  I suggest you take your measurements once a week and make sure you keep records of your progress.

4. PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLAN! A goal without a plan is just another one of your bullshit ideas that will never come into fruition. You NEED to know time your going to workout everyday, and you need to know EXACTLY what your going to do! If your not following a detailed workout routine, your just waisting your time!

you do NOT wont to be one of those guys aimlessly wondering around the gym, not know what to do! Or even worse, you don’t want to be in there talking to people like the gym is the happy hour spot! if your going to do that, you should just stay home and pretend to work out there!

If your are serious about working out, fitness, and your health (nothing is more important than health!) you need to be focus when your working out! Wither  your working out in a gym, or at home (like me) you need to be focused! When I am working out, I know exactly what I am going to do and how long its going to take. If you need help with knowing what to do HERE IS A GREAT PLACE TO START FOR FREE.

5. Take Action “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’ll start new week.” No way, start right now. Don’t wait because we all know that tomorrow never comes. What steps can you take right now to get you closer to achieving your goal?

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter A.K.A. “The Anti-War War Hero”


53 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals In 2012


  2. My name is andie and I hv been reading a lot about. The highlifeworkout plan.

    I use to play sports in high school made it into any team I wanted and was always in shape after high school I stopped playing, I went to law school became a lawyer ate badly and never hit tha gym! I’ll b turning 28 this year and it is my 10th year reunion, I do not want to go meet my old friends in this shape, yes I’m successful in business but I hv become a fat slob not that sport playing guy they remember! I guess what I’m asking is will the highlife work for me? I work long hours, but I live real close to a gym so I guess I could make it to tha gym in the mornings or evenings after work.
    All I want to knw will it work for a single guy who lives alone and works 8-9 hours a day?

  3. Hey Brandom! I’m from Brazil and I really appreciate your help in my workouts. I have a question: I started to go to gym but I’m concerned about my cardio workouts… can I have it in the same day of a gym session or do it, for example, on tuesdays and thursdays then the other days I go to gym? Should I do it only once in a week to improve mass gain? My weight is 61 kg and 1,75m tall.

    (My cardio consists of sprints of 30 sec. followed by 45 sec. rest pace, 8-10 times)

    I hope I could make myself understood… my english it’s not the best.

    • You “can” do the cardio the same day, but its better to do it on a day you dont lift weights. if you MUST do it the same day (i do sometimes) make sure you do i AFTER the weights.

      • Hey Brandon,

        I hope it doesn’t make a HUGE difference if i do swimming or spinning/cycling in the morning on some days, BEFORE i lift weights in the afternooon… Do you think it does?

  4. you are dead on it pardner… I’m about “being about it”…
    Already started, so expect my before & after pics real soon
    ez now-

  5. Hi! I’ve heard that the best heart rate to burn fats off is between 107 – 127 for a person who’s 25 years old…. So does that mean that if I could monitor my heart rate and keep it stable between 107-127 then. I’ll loose fats?

  6. Legend! As always……makes perfect sense. Keep it up man.i love informative & inspirational emails n people’s results.

  7. sup brandon
    you suggest that we workout on a empty stomach
    to burn fat faster
    whats the pros and cons on working out on am empty stomach???
    i hear that some can do it and alot of people cant or shouldnt….they can get light headed…..headaches….weakness or possibly vomit when working out with no food in the system….
    is it ohkay to have a small banana before workout???
    and if so how long should we wait before working out???
    thx in advance

  8. Hi! I am from Polish. Maybe not everything what I write will be for you to understand. I watch your videos that can help me build my dream body. I have a question:
    What are your measurements (size): chest, arms, forearms, waist, legs, calves?
    Are supplements like: creatine, BCAA, HMB, fat burners are healthy and necessary to have such a figure as you? I look forward to your reply.

    • I think Brandon takes Tea- Rexx supplements (mix of fat-burning ingredients such as green tea extract and taurine etc.)

      It’s not available outside the US though, I think.

      I’m sure drinking green tea or other teas can have similar effects though….Pu’er is known in the South of China (where they have a very fat-heavy diet) to help maintain a lean shape for ex…

      As for other supplements, I think creatine and glutamine are pretty safe? But that needs to be confirmed by the expert (Brandon!)

    • Thanks homie

      I dont have my measurements on hand but last time time i checked it was

      arms = 16.5inch
      Waist = 29
      calvs = 16 (i need to work on them, they dont grow as fast on me)

      I dont remember the rest because I have not be trying to gain size or lose fat. MY current workout is biased on speed, endurance and strength because I am thinking about getting back in to MMA fighting.

      as far as supplements go, BCAA is a waist of money. Creatine is ok, but its WAY over rated. I can not take most fat burners because (like a lot of Black People) high blood presser runs in my family. The ONLY fat burner I take is TEA REXX because its 100% natural. you can not get it out side of the USA… yet

      • Thanks, for your reply. I wonder how log you trains? You have very good genetics, diet and workout. I go to the gym 1 year and 6 month at 5 days a week, practicing an hour. Is it enough? Unfortunately, I do not have money for a good diet. Have I a chance to achieve a form like you? What do you think?

  9. I am very interested in purchasing your workout but really wanted to chat to you about something first. Contacted you on twitter. Please email me when you have a moment (asap lol) thanks.

  10. Hey Brandon,
    Quick question. I’m in this bet with a friend of mine to see who can get a six pack faster. He’s a guy and a lot of people have been telling me recently that girls with curves can’t get a six pack. Is that true? I’m 16 and I’m doing home AB workouts every other day and on the days I don’t I run 3 miles, and drink a lot of water during the day, apart from watching my diet and drinking protein shakes. Could I have a chance at achieving my goal?
    I would really appreciate a response because I am in some need for guidance here.
    Thanks for the great videos by the way!
    God Bless!

    • Whats up Luisaa! Girls with curves CAN get a 6 pack for sure!!! look at Janet Jackson or Beyonce! I have been to Brazil a few time, and with out going in to too much detail, there are A LOT of curvy girls with 6 packs (I plead the the 5th). My girl got a big sexy ass that you could rest you drink on wile she is standing straight up… but she got a 6 pack too!!!!

      Don’t lesson to that dude that told you that you cant do it! (dont EVER lesson to ANYONE that says you cant do something!) you said you and him are having a contest to see who can get a 6 pack, right? that means that he don’t have one! so what the fuck dose he know about getting one??? I believe in you! keep us posted on your results! and PLEASE send before and after pics 😉

  11. Great post and all of it is 100% true. I’ve followed you and your videos for the past 8 months and my before and after photos like incredibly similar to Anders’. I couldn’t be happier and thanks Brandon for all the new workout ideas and motivation!

  12. Hi Brandon,

    I’m 32 years old and i got an appendicitis operation when i was in high school. I work out seldom due to my work schedule 😦 but i want to start a new life this year.
    Now my problem is, i got huge problem on my abs specially on my operated part of my stomach (right side just below my navel). there’s more fat on that side that to my left side. What should i do? do i need to do more obliques exercises or lower ab routine?
    if yes what are the best ways?

    thanks a lot.

    regards from Taiwan,


    • Sorry about your operation, hope you are feeling better. I am not qualified to give medical advice bro. You should asks your Doctor about that condition. Good luck, please let us know what you find out because a lot of people get that operation and may have the same issue.

      • ohh i see but my operation was long time ago. I’m a foreign worker now.lower abs exercises are not good?

    • i also have had an appendicitis operation while i was 8 then unfornuately again when i was 11 over the same stitch, i am now 15 turnin 16 soon and i’ve been doing your ab workouts for a couple of months but my lower abs do not show nd i can’t really feel them. I also have more fat on the right side compared to left.
      I don’t think theres anything wrong with doing lower ab workouts because i have been doing them for over a year and it has not affected my operation in any form. Brandon can you suggest some really good lower ab workouts nd a create a video for it ?

  13. I will get a body like yours brandon.
    I dont care if it takes months or years perhaps
    I’m very determined to reach my goal and with your plan I hope I can reach it

  14. Hi Brandon have one question…at first I have to say that I really like ur approach…I want to ask u if it would be possible that u post more ‘real time videos’ of ur routine…i mean such as u did with ur ab workout video where u did a 15 min video actually doing the excercise… ..its great motivation as i moved to a new city and do not have a trainingspartner yet to simply workout with our advice in real time..due to that I can keep up with u in ur ab workout and would like to come to this level in other parts too…I know its a big request but i think this would bring ur videos to the next level…peace

  15. Pingback: One Of The Best Exercises For Chest (New Video) « HIGHLIFEWORKOUT.COM

  16. Here’s the 6th tip…coming from someone whose used Brandon’s Full Workout System with great success.

    #6: Don’t look at eating right and exercising as some sort of a diet routine, look at it as a lifestyle change. Why? Because everything Brandon tells us about getting in shape and getting healthy are things that we’re supposed to be doing any way! If that weren’t true, then why do you think we go back to eating a certain way and becoming more active in an effort to regain our health? Because that’s what we’re supposed to be doing any way.

    If you come into this plan with the idea of doing it long enough to get in shape and then go back to your old ways afterwards, you’re going to be disappointed. Once you begin to USE this program, stick with it for the rest of your life.

  17. Hey brandon,

    You mentioned the TEA REXX fat burner, is that really helping to burn fat off? And isn’t it dangerous for your health? Cuz i’ve been doing your workouts and it realy helped me a lot! My muscles are getting really bigger but there’s still fat (especially around my waist) so you cant see the muscles good.( i’m 18 years old) i know a lot of stories about fat burners and i dont know what to believe from all those things i hear,

    Hope you can help me out bruh! Keep up this good work,

  18. I am lacking motivation. I want to do better and look better but need more motiviation. I am one who gets pissed when I do not see quick results. I just need to fu–ing get up and do something. I just bought your workout plan.

  19. Hey Brandon, those tips are great!! i only have one problem! i have to lose weight in order to get ripped, but i don’t know which goal i should set for my self?? like if i should measure myself, weigh myself or should my goal be a Six pack (a bit undefined but still)

    Also if i should measure my waist for example, what should the end result be in length? need some help here champ!

  20. Hey men, thanks for all that you do to help others. I’ve been using your methods for some months now and i feel great. Keep up the good work and God bless.

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