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One Of The Best Exercises For Chest (New Video)

One of the best exercises to build your chest are “Flys”. There is no better exercises for working our your inner chest. In the gym, Flys are commonly done with Dumbbells or Cables. Most people that workout at home don’t have Dumbbells or Cables so they think that Flys are not an option for them, but you CAN do a version of flys at home buy doing “Towel Flys”. Check out the video the above for a full explanation of how to preform the move correctly.

Its great to ad Towel Flys to the  “Explosive Plyometric Chest Moves” that we talked about last week. Below are two videos that show how to ad both techniques together in a power chest workout!

Don’t get discuraged if you can only do the moves a few times. Working out is not about competing with anyone (unless your a probational athlete). It’s all about doing the best that YOU can every time…   That kind of what every part of  life is about. Keep giving it your all and I promise you that results will come!

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter A.K.A. “The Life Coach for Gangstas” 

29 thoughts on “One Of The Best Exercises For Chest (New Video)

  1. hey, how are u doing? I would like to ask u a question. If I’m gonna train only one type of muscle once a week, do u recommend me to exercise that muscle as much as I can or simply three differents types of exercises with that muscle with 8-10 reps?

    • Whats up Leonardo! First of all, training each muscle group hard once a week is a great way to train if your trying to put on mass (and if you have that kind of time) because do dont run the risk of over-training. If your going to workout like that, I would suggest that you do FOUR different types of exercises for each body part! and dont count your reps man, go to FAILURE with each set! When people say “do sets of 8-10” the mean (or they SHOULD mean) “pick a weight the makes you go to failure some were between your 8th and 10th set”. If you can do more than 10, the weight is too light. If you can’t get a least 8, the weight is to heavy

      I personal think that all that “rep counting” is arbitrary. Its FAR more important to TIME HOW LONG YOU REST BETWEEN SETS! use a timer (smart phone, watch, or stop watch) and rest 30 secs if your trying to get ripped and cut up. Rest 90 seconds if your trying to put on mass.

      I hope that helps you out homie! keep me posted on your progress!

  2. Yo brandon,

    First of all I really liked your reply towards leonardo It was really informative.

    Second, how much is your bodyfat percentage?

  3. Thanks again for the video Brandon.

    I’ve tried your full ABS challenge video and its the best I’ve seen. I was sore for a whole week but have start training again.
    I want to lose weight so I’m going on a low strict carb diet and intense cardio. Do you personally think I should buy tea rexx? Would it get me in shape quicker? Or just carry on at what I’m doing?

    Much love homie

    • Whats up Jaks!

      I am glad that you like the abs workout! I think you should try the diet in the fat lose section of my plan! you have to be carfull with low carb stuff cuz if you dont get enuff cals, you will be sleepy and moody all day.

      Tea Rexx is the shit son! it will HELP you, but its not magic. your diet and workouts are most important. good luck with you goals! keep me posted on the results!

      • haha ‘its the shit son! 🙂 love it . ste coming from the uk man . your videos are amazing burv . really enjoy home workout stuff as i dont have time to get to the gym around work and have limited transport so thankyou so much for the seriously informative stuff !

  4. Hey homes just had a few questions I wanted to ask:
    Would you recommend protein powder or just natural foods? and could you please help me out with a home workout for your lats and entire back?
    Get back at me bro

  5. Wadupp Brandon, Ive been lifting weights for about 7+ months now i do full body workouts for 4-5 days/week im trying to put on MASS. I train on my own (dont go to the gym), im 16 y.o. and I use some of ur workouts, I have seen progress. But my workouts are very long cause i do fullbody. And im thinking on changing my routine to one muscle group a day.

    Wat routine do u think is better for building muscle? Full body workouts for 4-5 days/week or One muscle group everyday??

    Please help me decide. Or do u know any good workout routines i could follow? I really need help from an Expert like U to achieve my goal because ive been training on my own with no help except from ur videos & other workout videos. And if u got any tips for me id really appreciate it. Thanx.

    • Whats up Jorge!

      I an glad the the info has been working for you!!!
      a 4 or 5 day split is WAY better… if you have the time and dedication to workout that much, GO FOR IT!

      Thank homie

  6. Hey Brandon.
    Isn’t it possible to buy tea rexx outside USA? otherwise, what would you then suggest?
    Btw. What can i eat instead of eggs in the morning, with good proteins? 🙂

  7. Hi Brandon
    I Downloaded your full workout and had a few questions… 1) Do I do cardio immediately after weights 2) If I train first thing in the morning is it advised to have a protein shake just before?…

    Thanks for the help man.. this would clear up some questions I have with the HLWP…

  8. What’s up Brandon.

    I would appreciate it if you replied to this comment. I am 19 years old, 5’9 150 lbs. I used to work out and was almost reaching a six pack. However, I got Urticaria, a disease where I get sting like sensations when I work out, play sports, get nervous, etc. This led to me gaining weight but only on my chest and stomach. I really want to start working out again, but first I want to lose my stomach fat before I begin to work out the rest of my body. What exercise or steps should I take to effectively lose the fat in my chest and stomach?

    Rafael J.

  9. Hi Brandon

    I have been working out for a few years and my arms, shoulders, stomach are in great shape as i eat well and train a lot! My chest on the other hand will not build and i have done every possible move going and my diet has been up to scratch!

    I take it i can just put this down to genetics!?

    • Whats up Kevin!

      People overestimate the role that “genetics” play in fitness.

      Because you say that your arms and shoulders are in such great shape, that may mean that they are doing most of the work when you are working out out chest! To fix this, you should try doing moves like “Flys” or “Cable Crossovers” BEFORE you do something like “bench press” or “push ups”!

      “Flys” or “Cable Crossovers” are isolation moves that take your shoulders and arms out of the equation and focus onlyon the chest more! then when you move on to the compound moves “bench press” or “push ups” your chest will already be tiered, so it will get a better workout!

      also, try using the widest grip you can when you do “bench press” or “push ups” because if focuses on the chest more.

      Good luck Kevin. keep me posted on your progress!

  10. Dear Brandon, i started working out 2 months back at a Gym and since then have been a regular at your page as well..My main target it to gain mass…. I need suggestions with regards to chest exercices.. I usually do Chest twice a week and my workout is as follows:
    After warming up with pushups, I go onto Flat Bench Press, Then Inclined bench press, Then i do Dumbell Press, Then Dumbell Fly and then I do Fly on Butterfly machine…

    Problem is, at the end i dont feel my chest is worked out enough, and my shoulders/arms seem more worked out… Please advice, m i working out too much or too less, wrong or right?

    • Whats up Zubair.

      Thats a common problem. When your doing Flat Bench Press,Inclined bench press, Dumbell Press you cant help but work your arms and shoulders too. but if your arms are stronger are stronger than your chest, they will do all the work with before your chest had a chance to really come into play.

      Try doing Dumbell Flys and Incline Dumbell Flys FIRST!!! then do your Bench Press and incline presses! This will work because flys will focus more on your chest and leave your arms and shoulders out. so when you get back to bench presses, you chest will get more of a workout because you targeted it first.

      Good luck homie. keep me posted on your results

  11. Hey Brandon i”m 18 years old and I’m at that point where I want to be ripped and big not just for the summer but all the time how to you lose body fat % cause I’m stuck and not sure whats best for me any ideas.
    Thanks Jordan Houston

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