How Eating Pizza, Burgers, and Fries Help You Burn FAT at And Build Muscle

Nutrition and Diet account for at least 75% of your fitness success. In my last post I went in to great detail about what you should and should not eat to gain muscle mass and / or loose weight and accomplish your goals FAST. but I left one thing out.. CHEAT DAYS!!!

Its difficult to say to yourself “I will NEVER eat burgers, fries, pizza, cake, and soda ever again”. You clearly bullshitting your self if you think that’s sustainable. The mere thought of that may keep you from even staring to eat right. That is why I recommend that one day a week you eat ANYTHING you want (pause) and forget about all the all the DIET RULES I gave you for 24 hours!!!

I already know what your thinking “If I eat crazy for a whole day, won’t I ruin all the progress that I made? NO… HELL NO…. a resounding NO!!!! You see, eating “bad” for one day a week will NOT hurt you, the same way that eating “good” one day a week will NOT help you! It’s what you do constantly that counts! <—– (Tattoo that statement into your brain!)

Cheat days are not only fun, but they help you eat right the other 6 days of the week. It’s easy to not eat a slice of pizza on a Tuesday if you know that you can eat 2 large pizza’s and a 2 later of soda to yourself on Sunday!

I usually schedule my cheat days for Sunday, thats when my girl cooks a big ass meal and we watch football or basketball all day. It does not have to be the same day every week, if i am going to an event like a wedding or a Holiday, I will make the cheat day on what ever day of the week it falls on.This is great because I can pig out with my family or friends one day a week with out felling guilty!

Cheat days work! You should be doing it EVERY WEEK! It dose not matter if you are trying to loose weight or gain muscle, Cheat days will help you stay on your diet plan 6 days a week and keep you motivated! I have seen it work for everybody that dose it. Here are some results

Here is a video of one of my EPIC CHEAT DAYS!

I have done a cheat day every week for the last 2 years!

WARNING… If you do NOT eat right the days leading up to the cheat day, then you don’t get to take one!!!! Know this should keep you motivated to stick to your meal plan the other 6 days of the week!!! And sticking to you meal plan the 6 days a week will help you accomplish your fitness goals fast, because its what you do constantly that counts!
For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter
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44 thoughts on “How Eating Pizza, Burgers, and Fries Help You Burn FAT at And Build Muscle

  1. Hey Brandon!
    I have downloadet your program, and have been doing the workout, which you recommended. But since I’m going to school I cant follow your diet plan completely. I don’t have that much time in the morning to make eggs, what would you recommend instead? and could I eat smoked salmon sandwiches too times a day? (there is 8,5 gram fat in ot)
    And what would you recommend instead of tea rexx? 🙂
    Btw. fantastic job with your program, I am really looking forward to seeing results! you are truly an inspiration! 🙂

    • What’s up Niclas!

      Thanks for downloading the program! I am glad that it’s working out for you! The Salmon is always great for you to eat. And as far as not having time to eat… No disrespect homie, but if it’s important enuff, you WILL MAKE TIME. again, I’m not taking shots at you, I’m just saying that if you make your meals a priority then maybe you wake up a half an hour early to eat. You can always replace your meals with a meal replacement shake, bar, or protien shake. Your not the first person to go to school and workout, I beleave in you Niclas! You can do this

    • I hope I dd not sound like a jerk in that comment, I did not mean to. I just want you to be successful homie. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you have anymore questions bro

      • I’ll do so! I can already see progress on my abs, it is really working! And of course you didn’t sound like a jerk, I know what you meantwith it (:
        Of course I can wake up a little earlier in the morning, I’m just so tired, but I’ll do so.
        As I’m not able to buy the tea rexx, I have bought 100 % gold standard whey, would you recommend it?
        I’m looking really forward to continue with your training, hop it will work, and I can see some results within some weeks, og months!
        thanks for your help, continue the great job you are doing! (:

      • btw bro, when doing HIIT, is it okay that I am doing 30 seconds 18 km/t and 30 seconds 9 km/t, for six minutes, og shold I do some other excercises aswell? I am quite a fast runner, so i guess I am able to run faster, just don’t know if I can do it for so long..

    • What’s up!

      I do HIIT cardio (search it on this site!) it’s hard to do that on on a machine…. I do a lot of sprinting and jumping for my cardio. I have NEVER seen a person that looked like a sprinter waiting in like for an Elliptical. Good question homie, thanks

  2. Hey man, I’ve been following your program for about 2 weeks now. I was just wondering – I live in the UK and Tea Rexx costs a lot of money to get shipped here, do you know of any alternatives or a place I could get them online in the UK?

  3. Will eating a not so good small meal (say a subway sandwich or a pizza calzone) twice a week be a bad deal breaker? I am only asking because of my busy schedule. I plan to eat anything unhealthy on the weekends so I thought 2 small cheat days would be equivalent. Thanks!

  4. Also.. I purchased your program but there’s no ab workout’s with it and I’ve been going by your 15 minute workout video on YouTube. Did any come with the program?

    • Thanks for buying the program Kyle! I think my 15 abs program is is the best ab program in every created by modern man (lol) so do that! but the HIIT cardio included in the program will get you a 6 pact too

  5. brandon, if i do kickboxing, jogging and do swimming and taking cold baths, will i lose my belly fat? im 73kg and 1.76 i wanna get my sixpack and i also do your 15 mins workout. And btw, does yoghurt drinks also count as meal replacements shakes or smoothies? cause i can’t find them here in the netherlands

    • Whats up Surkew!

      All that stuff your doing can help you loose the extra fat if your diet is right too…. most yoghurt drinks are bullshit cuz they add alot of sugar and /or High Fructose!

      • Could u tell me an example for meal recplacement shakes then? And also, if u have a website with recipes for healthy meals? I would appreciate it bro.

  6. Hi Brandon

    there are a couple things I would like to ask. first I’m 17 is there a limit to how hard I should workout? second I have really strong abs and a faint 6 pack and a slow metabolism how do I get that extra little layer of fat off so I look like you (I’m naturally athletic and am in good shape). third how long did it take you to reach your level of fitness and am i wrong in wanting smoking ripped abbs in weeks or months instead of years? lastly I have never been told exactly why you should work out every other day so could you clarify that for me and give me pointers on what to workout for each day monday- friday. I am trying to get a little bigger but a lot more defined, right now i have a strong but not really defined body like you.

    ps. one last question how do I get defined pecs and bigger lats

    • Whats up homie! you should workout as hard as you can!!!! it dose not matter that your 17! being that age should HELP you because your young, its a GOOD thing!

      Cardio and diet will burn that extra fat.

      you CAN workout everyday, but you CAN NOT train the same body part everyday because the muscle need time to rest.

      it only it will NOT take years to change your body! you should start to see visible changes in your body with in 2 weeks! if you dont, that means your doing something wrong

      good luck homie. my program goes in to all your questions in more detail

  7. is it ok to eat ice cream on cheat days? like i mean the rolo and coffee crisp ice cream 😀

    and what meals do you suggest that i can take to school for lunch and which are easy to pack? keep in mind i only eat meat 5 times a week(tues, wed, fri, sat, sun)

    • Whats up Mayur

      Eat ANYTHING on your cheat days! eat as much Ice Cream as you want!

      I use to bring protien bars to school and eat them btw classes. get any kind you want, they are all kind of the same and they are all fucking gross! but its not about what “taste good” its about doing what will accomplish your goals.

      good luck Mayur, keep me posted on your progress

    • hahahhahaha. good question B. I have heard of guys who do that AFTER each workout. they tell me it helps then with gaining mass. I never did it, so I do not feel comfortable telling you to do it, but I have heard about it working…. I dont know if that answers your question, I guess my and official answer is “I don’t know” lol sorry

  8. you mentioned in this post that its ok once a week to cheat and eat/drink (burgers,pizza,soda etc.) haha does this also apply to as much beer and liquor as i want?? I find after a hard strict diet and routine i like to reward myself… that being with alcahol……..

    • hahaha Thats depends on how much you want to drink! I would say that you should not drink too the point were you feel like shit the next day, because the NEXT day is NOT you cheat day. make sure your ready to get back on the plan the following day homie

  9. Hey Brandom, could you give more examples of what to eat in the breakfast besides eggs + potatoes or eggs + oatmeal?? I’ve heard that breakfast it’s the most important meal of the day ;P


  10. Hey Brandom, I’am very happy because i found your website. Im form Poland, from EastEurope, and i love your idea called “cheat days”. Sorry for my english, it is not my primary language. I will read, train, and achive goals 🙂 Thanks for this webside MAN 🙂

  11. hi what do you recommend to eat for a 150 pounds and 74 inch man. im doing upper body workout + cardio on monday,wednesday and friday. And i do ab workout + cardio on tuesday,thursday and satruday. sunday is my cheat day ? and how fast do you think i can gain muscle mass with so much weight and height with this workout ?




  13. Yo homie I got a quick question. It may be stupid, but is cooking homemade fries in “Smart Balance Omega with natural blend of canola, soy, and olive oil” or “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” healthier then the typical fast food fries or is it all the same mess? Thanks, boss!

  14. Aye Brandon, what up!?
    Igght, so I’m in high school and I’m wanting to get the defined/cut abs for summer.
    I have abs, I can feel them, but there’s that lil stubborn layer of fat over them… Mostly the lower abs.
    I was just wondering if you could suggest a simple diet for me to lose the stomach fat.
    I really appreciate man!
    God bless.

  15. Hi Brandon, awsome article, I eat -600 calories from sunday to friday, but I manage to include two cheaty mini meals on the week while keeping my calorie deficit(like IIFYM)…Then I have a cheat day on sundays…is it to much? or is ok, I try to loose weight slowly…thanks

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