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How to build more muscle in less time: Multi Joint Exsercizes

Exercises can be classified either as compound, which are exercises that involve more than one muscle group, or isolation exercises, which are exercises that isolate a muscle group by concentrating on that one group of muscles.For the most time-efficient workouts, compound exercises are recommended because compound exercises can stimulate all the major muscles in the body and create the greatest change in body composition in the shortest time. As an added bonus, compound exercises help develop the body proportionately.

Compound exercises are movements that use multiple joints at one time. When you perform compound exercises, more muscle groups are recruited and used per exercise. For example, POWER CLEAN AND PRESS is a multi-joint exercise because the shoulder and elbow, nee, and hip joints are working to execute the movement. In turn, the POWER CLEAN AND PRESS works several muscle groups, including the muscles in the, legs, cavs, glutes, chest, shoulders, and triceps.

On the other hand, the biceps curl is a single-joint exercise since only the elbow joint is moving. The biceps curl only works the biceps muscle and is more of an isolated exercise.

So, when you are looking for a quality workout that hits lots of muscles, compound exercises help you do more in less time. By working several muscle groups at the same time, you can perform fewer exercises and reduce the total amount of time you spend in the gym.

Compound exercises also increase strength and size far more effectively than single-joint, isolation exercises. This doesn’t mean that single-joint exercises are ineffective. Exercises that isolate certain muscles and muscle groups do have an important role in fitness, especially for advanced lifters. However, if your schedule calls for reduced exercise time, compound exercises are the way to go. As an added bonus, they are more functional since virtually every movement in everyday activities, such as sitting or kneeling, and in sports like basketball or baseball, involve moving multiple joints.

Multi-Joint Exercises

Squats: Recognized mostly for building powerful thighs and hips, squats also add size to the upper body — including the back, shoulders, chest, and arms — due to their anabolic effect.

Deadlifts: The deadlift is another anabolic king because it not only increases lower body growth, but that of the upper body as well.

Leg Presses: These enable you to use heavier resistance than do leg extensions or curls, thus promoting more muscle growth. While three or more sets each of leg extensions and leg curls mainly work the quadriceps and hamstrings respectively, three or more heavy sets of leg presses or squats will strengthen and add more mass to the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals — in a shorter time frame!

Lunges and Stepups: These are also excellent time-saving multi-joint lower body exercises, and they are particularly more functional for sports and daily activities than leg extensions or leg curls.

Bench Presses, Dips and Pushups: When it comes to the upper body, bench presses, dips and pushups not only add mass to the chest, shoulders and back, but the triceps as well. In fact, they do it much more effectively than single-joint tricep pressdowns or kickbacks. Also, eliminate those single-joint dumbbell flyes for the chest for several weeks; these exercises will build up your chest muscles to a greater degree in less time.

Overhead Presses: Excellent for shoulders and triceps.

Pulldowns, Pullups, Barbell Rows, and Dumbbell Rows: You’ll see your biceps grow without doing one curl; not to mention the added size of your back muscles from doing these exercises.

Upright Rows: They’re also a bicep and forearm-building movement, as well as a wonderful shoulder and upper back exercise.

When Trying to build mass, it is wildly important that your getting enough sleep and eating right!!!

I have brokend down how to do ALL of thies workouts and more in my workout plan (It includes a video for each)

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



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22 thoughts on “How to build more muscle in less time: Multi Joint Exsercizes

  1. Yow wazzup,

    I’ve got a question. I’m overweight and I got fat especially around my belly. Now I got my focus on the things that i eat. Is it OK to use protienshakes or not.

    Peace and tnx for all the information.

  2. sup Brandon
    nice short and very detailed description(s) on exercises and building muscle properly within!!!!
    ive have been doing split workouts for some months and recently change to full body workouts for a while like 4 times a week and cardio/abs 2 days a week….with some good results thus far…i dont really want to bulk up…just want to get ripped with great strength and endurance and also great abs like bruce lee….is this a good approach???
    and also what is your difference or take on split workouts vs full body work outs???
    -thx in advance!!!

    • WHats up Ray!

      I think that if your going to be working out 4 times a week, you should use a split!!! if your doing a full body workout 4 days a week, your may not be getting enuff time to recover!

      I like a full body workout for people that may only workout 2-3 times a week (and for people that are JUST starting out). I still do full body workouts on bizzy weeks that i KNOW I will only have 1 or 2 days to workout.

      Hope I answered your question homie! thanks for the comment!

  3. Whatup bro,
    Love ur videos keep em’ up.
    Why do people say that you need to eat 6 times a day, but that does not necesserely increase you metabolism does it? Also, does extra skin go away during weight training? Im buying ur workoutplan today!

  4. heey brandon i got a question, ive lost 3kg in 2 weeks just by eating healthy and drinking alot of water and ive did some jogging. I have fat around my belly what is the best excercise to lose that belly fat?


  5. I got another question, i just wan’t to lose my belly fat and have a sixpack, however, i don’t got room for home equipments if i buy ur workout plan so i don’t know if i should buy it or not, cause those equipments also costs alot of money for me. Can u give me some excercises to lose my belly fat without any workout equipments needed?

  6. Hey brandon.i get some really good tips from your website.i seen majority of your videos,but can u post a really good back fat workout.have a hard time losing it

  7. sup!
    awsum! page
    it has been 1 whole year leaving exercise which included half an hour running , situps and some pushups.
    Now i wanna start again and want quick results wich exerises should i prefer
    n once again awsum page

  8. hi what do you recommend to eat for a 150 pounds and 74 inch man. im doing upper body workout + cardio on monday,wednesday and friday. And i do ab workout + cardio on tuesday,thursday and satruday. sunday is my cheat day ? and how fast do you think i can gain muscle mass with so much weight and height with this workout ?

  9. Brando, the main focus of my routines are based on compound exercises. They sure can cut the workout time down considerably. What I usually do if my schedule allows is after a few sets of compounds like pull ups, I add in a few sets of isolated exercised, like curls, to help breakdown the muscle a bit more.


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