Get a 6 Pack By Spring Break: Top 5 abs workouts!

Spring is just around the corner and you should start getting ready for it now!!! You don’t want to be on of the people that wait till the first warm day to realize that you have to start working on your 6 pack! Here are my top 5 abs workouts for you to start NOW! You never want to do the same workout over and over because your body will adapt to if and your progress will stop. switch up you abs workouts every 2-3 weeks to keep your body guess and keep the results coming!!!

#5 This is the first one I ever posted on youtube. It has 1,449,021  views!

#4 This is more of a cardio workout to burn the fat off your abs so theywill show!!! no matter how much you workout your abs, if you have fat on them, nobody will see you 6 pack!!!!

#3 A lot of great moves in this one!

#2 This one focuses on adding weights to your your abs workouts. it’s something thats underrated!!!

#1 I think this is my best abs workout!!! warning!!! it is NOT easy… but nothing worth doing is! you can download this workout for FREE from my Facebook page! 

In addtion to the workouts, your also going to want to make sure your EATING RIGHT to burn fat off your stomach, make sure your getting enough rest, and Drinking enough WATER!!! You have to do ALL of these things right to get the results you want!! If you punk out on ANY of them, you will slow your progress!!!

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For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter

23 thoughts on “Get a 6 Pack By Spring Break: Top 5 abs workouts!

  1. My downstair neighbours gonna kill me for doing those cardio exercises but to hell with them I wanna get ripped! Haha.
    Thanks Brandon, you’re a huge inspiration. Peace!

  2. Ok I’m going to do it. Will I have a really noticeable abs if I do this consistently by spring break. What about my obliques. Will this really get me ripped by spring break as you say it will?

  3. Brandon, thanx for being a true inspiration to me!
    Watching all your videos and getting lots of new ideas.
    P.S You killed me with this one..

  4. hi what do you recommend to eat for a 150 pounds and 74 inch man. im doing upper body workout + cardio on monday,wednesday and friday. And i do ab workout + cardio on tuesday,thursday and satruday. sunday is my cheat day ? and how fast do you think i can gain muscle mass with so much weight and height with this workout ?
    and what should i eat i have protein drinks after every workout

  5. Brandon! Dude I love the contributions you’ve put forth toward the bodybuilding community. I absolutely love the FREE education you’re providing for millions of people to get in the right shape. I do have a slight problem with this post. I’m not trying to say that all of what you have posted here to get a six pack is wrong.. in fact all of the ab exercises on here are killer ways to build a strong core, but I feel like you’ve forgotten to emphasize to everyone out there that even if they do these exercises, it doesn’t matter how hard they’re killing their abs… they won’t see great results unless they take the mindset that they have in the gym, and also implement it in the kitchen. You and I both know that abs begins and ends with macronutrients (an exception can be made for genetic freaks..who have insane metabolism). Otherwise, dude, I have to say, you’re fucking awesome.

  6. hey brandon, i’ve been following you for like 1 year now. Love your routines!

    so i’ve been training seriously in the gym for almost 2 months now. i’ve gained 28.6 lbs so far. BUT i am still experiencing ONE little problem.. i just can’t burn the fat on my lower abs, i’ve tried walking several miles and even jogging! hell, im honestly considering sucking the damn fat out! even though it aint much fat, i still want it gone.. cause i can grab it 😛 Please help me Brandon!

    P.s. im 17, i play professional soccer and occasionally do BJJ with my cousin.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Isak, the only way you will be able to burn this lower fat off is to follow strict implementation when considering your diet. Find your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) Find how much you’re burning off when working out, and track everything that you put into your body. I can tell you from experience that I have been in your situation, and the only way I was able to make progress was to become very meticulous with what I ate. Follow a good “cutting” diet. You can find several bits of information about cutting on the internet. I personally prefer bodybuilding.com. The diet I followed consisted of a 50/30/20 ratio (Protein/Carbohydrates/Fats) If you do decide to follow this sort of diet, keep in mind how you feel everyday, because.. say.. you feel very weak and unable to lift as much as you normally could.. it could be due to a lack of glycogen replacement, which deals with carbohydrates. If you do find that happening, try either carb loading on one day (an excess of 100-200g carbs) a week on this diet, or try following a 40/40/20 diet. I am not saying that this is the absolute only way to go because there are several ways to manipulate your macronutrient intake to achieve the results you want. The only piece of REAL advice I can give to you is that it will take time, and you will need to make some sacrifices, and stay determined. Best of luck to you!

  7. so you do a couple reps of these workouts from one video and after 3 weeks or so, do i start doing moves from your other videos?

  8. What if you have a high metabolism? I’ve been eating a lot so then I can burn it but I don’t gain weight.

      • GOOD shit bro. Im seeing results already and its only been a month. Im 18 and I have a FAST asss metabolism. 105 lbs. Everytime I work abs should i strive to feel sore the next day? also when i do HIIT i do it for 15 minutes so I walk at 4mph on my treadmill then i do 7 for 30 seconds and jog at 5 for 30 seconds. sometimes i increase it to 8mph for 30 seconds and 5 for 30 seconds. Is that correct?

  9. Yo Brandon! What about lipo 6 black? Is it good or bad, because I know someone who used L-Carnitine and she had heart problems like fast beating.. and she still has sometimes she told me! And oh yeah I have the feeling that my stomach bloats, because of the protein shake(water) or broccoli or maybe chicken breast… I don’t know. And euhm is it good to run 20 min then weights and abs and then end with 20 min cardio? I wanna ben more ripped by the way especially the abs core and lower back. (Just dropping body fat and hold muscle create more definition).

    Peace out,


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