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(NEW VIDEO) Want To Get Ripped Faster? Then Train Legs More

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Many people give their legs a weak workout at best or skip over them completely in favor of training their arms or chest more. This is a costly mistake to make. Not only does training legs help pack on lean mass it also helps keep of fat. When you do a heavy, intense leg workout your growth hormone spikes. Thus creating an anabolic environment, which equals muscle growth throughout your whole body. Because you can add several pounds of muscle to your legs, this will help you keep weight off. Muscle mass takes calories to maintain, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, therefore keeping fat off.

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For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.


28 thoughts on “(NEW VIDEO) Want To Get Ripped Faster? Then Train Legs More

  1. Bro help me out, i’ve been doing hiit, jogging, eating right doing ur fat burning excercies and other excercises but i just can’t see a different man. Could u help me out? I’m planning to go kickboxing again, would that help me out?

      • I drink everyday 2 liters of water, i also eat fruit mixed with cottage cheese or no fat yoghurt after i do the hiit. i eat 2 hours bf i do my hiit and i don’t eat after 6pm. I bring everyday 4 sandwiches with 30+ cheese to school with some fruit and water and i eat every 2-3 hours. And i have 1 cheat day.

      • And i also do whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta and i drink like 100ml orange juice everyday and other than that i drink water and sometimes self made fruit shakes.

      • You need more protein. And there’s nothing wrong with eating after a certain time. You might want to see how many calories you’re eating a day. Nutrition is definitely a major factor in someone’s physique. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym

    • Hey Surkew. The other readers have given you some good advice! I think you should do your HIIT first think in the morning in a BEFORE you eat!!! you will burn more fat that way!!!

      you also said that you can’t “see” a difference, that dose not mean your not changing!!! you might just not “notice” a difference because you see yourself everyday and your changing gradually!

      It’s kind of like when your were a kid, people that have not seen you in a long time said “wow, you got tall” but you did not notice because it was all happening gradually!

      you should get a tape measure, and measure your waist (you should really measure your whole body) ONCE a week!!! keep track of it all in a notebook, that helps me A LOT!!!

      I will do a blog post on this topic soon!!!

      “what gets measured gets managed”
      – Peter Drucker

      after a month of taking your measurements, let me know how thinks have worked out for you!

      • What type of HIIT? Is your new 15 mins abs workout suitable to do on an empty stomach in the early morning?

      • erm….actually i thinks that during adolesence, lots of nutrients are needed for rapid growth, but if those nutrients are used for repairing and growing when comes to bodybuilding, dont u think that this will cause malnutrition? which i think the person will be shorter, thinner etc. i got a teacher from a poor family, he doesnt take enough nutrients during adolesence, so he is probably shortest than other teachers. take a look at famous actors, donnie yen n jet li, both have the same background, poor family n short. they got all the toning n muscle size, but they r short n small in terms of body size. also, i got a guy in school who loves to build his body, after years, i noticed he is of the same height.

      • yo Wes,

        you just making shit up to be afraid of homie. Have you EVER read a medical study staying that weights stunt your growth? of course you haven’t!!! In the history of mankind, there has NEVER been ANY scientific evidence that wound even suggest that working out stunts growth!

        Let me make this easy for you Wes, here is a study done by the ” American Academy of Pediatrics”
        were they say

        “strength training programs do not seem to adversely affect linear growth and do not seem to have any long-term detrimental effect on cardiovascular health”

        You can read the whole study here

        The study also says…

        “In addition to the obvious goal of getting stronger, strength training programs may be undertaken to improve sports performance, rehabilitate injuries, prevent injuries, and/or enhance long-term health. Studies have shown that strength training, when properly structured with regard to frequency, mode (type of lifting), intensity, and duration of program, can increase strength in preadolescents and adolescents.”

        Sure people say it stunts your growth all the time, but NONE of the people that say that are doctors!!!

        I want to put this out here for EVERY ONE TO SEE… If you find a DOCTOR that says “lifting weights stunts your growth” (and he can reference the medical study that he got that information from) I will send you $100 via paypal!!! But you will never find a real doctor that will tell you anything like that!!!

        Your height is predetermined by your DNA. your DNA tells the cells in your body how to grow (as far as height is concerned). When you lift weights, your body adapts by telling Muscle cells to become bigger and stronger. This is a totally natural possess, your body was designed to this via thousands of years of evolution.

        you dont have to take my word for it, I don’t want you to take ANYBODY’s word for it! I want you to do real Go ask a doctor he or she will tell you the same.

        Good luck with your training Wes!!! and PLEASE, never again let people scare you out of reaching for your goals!!!

      • i truely appreaciate ya reply so much. but we all know that a tall father have high possibility of having a tall son, but if the son have not enough nutrition, of course he wont grow tall. so, im curious to think that if adolesence engage in bodybuiding, the nutrition are used up for muscle growing & repairing, instead of the natural growth process, rapid growth. what do ya think? thanks man~

  2. …B/C I usually eat 11/2 -2 pancakes(lite syrup), 3-4 eggwhites and 3 pieces of turkey bacon with a bottle of water…

  3. Hi Mr. B. Carter,

    My name is Hamilton, from Angola,I’m 26 years old and I’ve received your fitness tips and advices by e-mail. I’ve been training for some times (4 or 5 years), but I don’t see any results till now, in terms of losing weight and getting ripped. I’m young and black, I’m not fat, my height is 1m and 78cm, I weigh 81,but I’d like to know what to do to keep my self in shape and ripped. Thanks, the best for you

    Best regards

    Hamilton António


  4. Hi bro. at first i wanna to say you thanks for ur helping as,really i from u got a lot of exercises . now i’d like to know how can i get some weights???i do not wanna to eat any medicine!!!i wanna food(organic).and so sorry for my english =)

  5. Is it better to do 1 body part a day or 2body parts a day for MASS TRAINING????And my next question is how many days in 1 full week shud u spend in the gym and how long as in time shud u also spend in the gym.i want to start back gym seriously and i need some advice cause some wud say chest and back one day ,biceps and triceps the next day, shoulders and legs the next day and traps by itself ,which is 4 days for the week of gym.Also if u cud provide me with the price of your full bodybuilding guide,book,dvd.whatever u selling pertaining to bodybuilding Email me the price and the answers to my questions as soon as possible. That wud be greatly appreciated…….

  6. Bro you have awesome info and bring it in way that all levels from beginners to advanced fanatics can use it. I’ve been using your routines and workouts over the past week. Feeling the burn brother…..feeling the burn!!!! I like it! Inspiring!

  7. I been Working out for 1 and half year now and since then i haven’t progressed at all. I did an experiment where for 3 months I ate 2x my normal calories intake and instead of any weight I have gained fat and also have lost lean muscle. Could you tell me how to get growth and lose body fat fast. cheers

    bdw ur workouts are legendary and hard.

  8. hey =)
    idk…… if this is related to the topic but i can say its abt legs….. how can i increase my speed and stamina by building muscle and doing 10 min HIIT other than tht.. wat can i do??

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