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Will Lifting Weights Stunt Growth? (Plus MY Before and After)

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Everyday I get the question “Will lifting weights stunt my growth?” and the answer is NO! I am going to quickly show you the DATA  and tell you my own story about about how I started lifting at age 15.

First off here is what the ” AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS” has to say about kids lifting weights as it relates to stunting one’s growth.

“strength training programs do not seem to adversely affect linear growth and do not seem to have any long-term detrimental effect on cardiovascular health”

You can read the whole study HERE 

Here is my own story. I stared lifting weights when I was around 15 because I was sick of getting beat up by bigger kids…. And I wanted to get more girls. Here is a pic of me around that age.

Will Lifting Weights Stunt your Growth Big Brandon Carter

 (The other guy in this pic is serving a 25 year prison sentience for murder! I grew up in a crazy place, smh)

In that Pic I am about 140 pounds at 5 foot 7. It took me about 4 years for me to get to 190 pounds (it ONLY took that long because I had NO IDEA what I was doing!!!!!)  During that time I also grew to 6’2 !!! I am one of the tallest people in my family, so lifting weights did not stunt my growth at all!

Now The MOST important thing is that young people (or ANYONE)  know what they are doing when working out. I wasted YEARS in the as a kid f-cking around in the gym “Pretending” to workout, not eating right, and wasting tons of money on crap supplements! It took YEARS of trial and error, studying, reading,and taking classes and getting certifications for me to really understand what works and what dose not. Only then was I able to REALLY get in to the shape I wanted to be in and train other people to do the same!

That is the main reason I write this blog. I had to learn all this info on my own! I don’t want you all to have to accomplish your goals on your own. I want you all to get in the best shape you can in the fastest amount of time!

below are some before and after pics that people have emailed me after they did  my FULL workout plan !!! (the 2ed pic is one my friends that I trained for a few weeks .  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THEY ACCOMPLISHED THERE GOALS! 

High Life Workout Plan

Brandon Carter Workout Plan Jozen Cummings High Life Workout Plan

before and after weight loss High Life Workout Plan

before and after weight loss

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IF your REALLY ready to take your body to the next level, make sure your on total body routine and diet plan!!! (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter

39 thoughts on “Will Lifting Weights Stunt Growth? (Plus MY Before and After)

  1. Brandon, sorry if you’ve had this question before but do you have any suggestions for overcoming/dealing with tendonitis?

    Thanks mister,

    Curtis jackson

    • Whats up Curtis Jackson “Get Fit Or Die Trying” lol, I bet you get 50 Cent jokes everyday cuz y’all got the same name. You should really talk to a doctor or sports therapist about your tendonitis homie. A personal trainer like me is not qualified to give medical advice.

  2. that’s the reason I talked about ur website to all my mates who trying to work out! keep it up brv u’ve done great!

  3. what up carter, i’ve a question for i’ve been working out for a lil while my question is what do u think of creatine? cuz some ppl are saying that its bad can b toxic to ur health. what the carter would say about it

    • Whats up Homie. I have not heard that, but I do think its an overrated product! REAL FOOD is WAAAAAAAAAY more important that supplements no matter what your goals are. All the medical data shows that Creatine is safe. ALWAYS do your research and NEVER GO BY WHAT “PEOPLE SAY”!!

      “Most People are full of shit”
      -Sigmund Freud

      Good luck with your goals homie!!

  4. Are all of the pictures results after 30 days? Even if they all aren’t (I know the first one is), they’re still dramatic results!

    Another question, what modifications can be done to your workout to get the square, flat pecs? I don’t got to the gym btw, I train at home.

    Haven’t started your program yet but I will do on Monday. I’ll be sure to take some before and after pictures.!

    • What up Bayan. The top pic is 30 days, but the other 2 pics are some were btw 60 and 90 days.

      You have to work every part of your chest to make it even, my program had moves for each section of your chest.

      Can’t wait for the before and after pics!!! good luck!

  5. hey brandon i,m 15 now and i had no idea wat i was doing but i,m doing for now 11 years fight sport and sinds i start 3 months ago with your workout plan i,m feeling me better then ever.

  6. I’m 15 right now, 5 foot 7, and 160 pounds. I was always curious about your backstory. With luck, maybe I can get a awesome body like yours! Thanks for sharing, dude!

  7. if my back-lumbar vertebrae hurts right now , so I shouldnt be working out abs right? I am mailny focusing on my abs and chest , because those are the weakest parts of my body.

    • I am not really qualified to give you any medical advice Thanh, but if it hurts to much, try hanging leg (or keen) raises for your abs. that will take the pressure off your lower back

      • I dont know sometimes it hutrs a lot and then after rest it is better. I will visit specialist for that. Anyway thanks. I like your videos. Keep it up

  8. Hey Brandon. I was thinking about how i can loose more fat. I am muscular but fat on my stomach just won’t go away. I work in the Gym 4 times a week, run 5 km 2 times a week and do your 15 min abs workout 2 times a week plus i make sure to eat things like chicken, rice and vegetables after training and things like pasta and fruit before. But i just won’t go away. Do you have any diet or something i could use. I am 6 foot and weigh 192 pounds. Plz help

    • Personally, I’d suggest cutting down on so much running. Long distance running makes your body rely on fats as fuel, causing it to replenish the fat stores used up after running in case it’s needed again. I’m sure you’re aware that you can’t reduce fat in a single spot. You need to reduce your overall body fat percentage.

      Instead of the long running sessions, do 2 minutes sprinting, then 1 minute rest, over and over until you have done around 10 minutes exertion (so 2 minutes, 5 times, with 1 minute rest between each). You can do 20 minutes total exertion, but any more will make your body burn fats, which you want to avoid.

      Hope that helps!

    • hahaha I’m glad you found my advice useful. And the compliments are awesome too, I’ll just read the name as “Bayan” instead of “Brandon” =D


  9. is it easier to get abs if ur taller cause im 13 and im small and ive tried for ages and my abs only pop out when i tense and all the ppl i know that have abs are taller than me by quite a bit and all are tall

    great post keep it up 🙂

  10. Heyy Brandon
    i wanted to get yourworkout plan but i am a vegetarian i was wondering wether the plan can work for vegetarians or not.

  11. Hi Brandon,
    I’m a 28 yr old athlete that spin alot in time in gym. I’m a boxer first but currently playing professional football. My question is how many times in one week can I train the same muscle? And is it good to do one day heavy and the alternate day light?

  12. THANK YOU!!! Im 18 5’4″ 106 lbs .. And my family says to stop exercise because its gonna stunt your growth . I tell them shut up lmfao. but NOW i have actual proof to tell them.

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