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(New Video!) Extreme Triceps Exercises To Build Bigger Stronger Arms Fast

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A common mistake people make when trying build there arms up is to concentrate on  biceps to much.  Your triceps are actually the bigger muscles in the upper arm. Focusing on triceps exercises that isolate the muscle, such as dips, narrow-grip bench presses and  triceps extensions, will lead to bigger gains.

Chair dips are great exercises for the triceps, and they work really well for all of us that like to work out at home. In The video below, I will show you some extreme  versions of Chair dips, as well as some basic ones.

Right now, you may be wandering “How many reps should I do?”  Work to failure!!!!!! 

To build muscle you need to fatigue the arms, forcing them to grow back bigger and stronger!

Also make sure you ‘squeeze’ the muscles at the top of every rep to really work them.

Here is some another triceps moves that I like A LOT!

Try both moves out next time you train your arm!!! Be sure to leave a comment about how they work for you, we would all love to hear about your success!! 

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Brandon Carter 

22 thoughts on “(New Video!) Extreme Triceps Exercises To Build Bigger Stronger Arms Fast

  1. Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for the dedication and knowledge you put into this. I’ve been making some great gains and learning hell of a lot! Ever get to Orlando hit me up, would love to hit the weights with you! Thanks bro

  2. Another great video homie!

    I see on your other post you mention to try and do about 15 mins HIIT after hitting the weights to lose fat.

    I know you gotta eat well and increase your calorie intake to gain mass.

    Would HIIT affect this? Or should you just bulk up then at the end do HIIT?

    Much love bro,


    • Hey Jaks, your right about eating a lot to gain man. I would still do HIIT 2-3 times a week when bulking up! I may slow down your gains a little, but way less than regular cardio will!

      Plus its a great way to stay in shape when bulking up! you dont want to get fat then have to slim down (especially now that its spring time! ) I Know pro bodybuilders do that, but we cant do everything they do because we are not or roids, so we will not get the results (or the cancer!)

      Great question Jaks! thanks

  3. Hey Brandon, Thanks for the vids real useful just wanted to ask you if you have any heavy bag routines off the chain. Any help would be useful

  4. I follow your fitness blog religiously and have purchased your plan…great as always! I too work out solely from home with free weights and resistance bands. I usually train triceps on chest day. However my triceps regimen isn’t as extensive since they are usually fatigued after hitting my chest. I usually do about two exercises for a total of 4-6 sets to failure. I do the same for my biceps after hitting my back.By following your program in the second video of this post, would you recommend performing these 4 exercises on chest day, or dedicating a day solely to arms? Thanks! Keep up all your great work!

    • Whats Up Jason!

      That is a great question! I REALLY like doing Triceps, Chest, AND shoulders TOGETHER! It works great because you CAN’T work your Chest without working your Triceps (and Shoulders) too. So if you work Triceps on a day that you don’t work chest, your really working them out TWICE and you risk over training! (See this post —> http://highlifeworkout.com/2012/02/27/are-you-working-out-too-much/)

      Don’t worry about you Triceps being fatigued after chest. As long as you are going to failure, they will respond by getting stronger! you may not be able to lift as much, but thats ok because if your working out at home your weights are not as heavy as in a gym.

      THanks for buying the program and keeping up with the blog Jason! I am glad that you like it and it’s working out for you!!! That really means a lot. Please keep me (and all the reader’s) up dated on your progress!!!

  5. I used to workout almost everyday but I’m not sure that’s right ,Can you tell me what days would be good to workout?Thanks

    • If you want to workout everyday,you should do some kind of split like this

      Day1: Chest / Shoulders/ Tri
      Day2: Back / Bi
      Day3: Legs / Abs
      Day4: REST
      Day 5: Start over

      good luck homie

  6. Thanks Brandon, actually did this yesterday with my two legs on chair will definitely try with one leg my next session, thanks bro for your vids helping me out here all the way in South Africa!

  7. Im about 5″6 and im 17. Quite small. Any tips on how to get taller?? By the way my triCeps have gone big. Thank bruv.

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