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How To Build Bigger Stronger Biceps with “21’s” (video)

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I great way to shock your Biceps to make the grow faster is to try a technique called 21’s. I know that I say NEVER COUNT REPS, but here is an exception.  First you will need to pick a weight on a barbell, ez-curl, Dumbbells, or Resistances Bands that will be moderately challenging for you. Maybe about 70% of the weight you use for regular sets of 10. For example, being able to curl 110 pounds 10 times may require you to drop down to about 80 pounds for this particular exercise.

How To do 21’s (see video below)


  • The exercise is best described as doing 3 exercises back to back, isolating different parts of you biceps.
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    The first movement you will be making is basically half of a curl. Have the bar at your waist and lift until your forearms are parallel to the floor, stop, lower the weight and repeat 7 times.
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    Without rest, after your 7th rep, start in the position that you ended with in the last movement (forearms parallel to the floor) and then bring the bar to your neck, back down to the starting position and back up to your neck for 7 reps. This movement is basically the top half of the typical curl whereas the previous step was the bottom half.
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    Now you have totaled 14 reps and your biceps should be on fire but its not over yet. To complete this exercise, finish it off with 7 more full motion curls to make the total 21 reps (Hence the name). Good Luck!

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Brandon Carter

14 thoughts on “How To Build Bigger Stronger Biceps with “21’s” (video)

  1. Yo was good man?

    Thanks for the video, really appreciate the work you put in to record and put up your videos.

    I’ve tried this variation on your last post and it kills!

    You mention not to count reps, to do it to failure, 3 sets on your

    I wanna gain mass so what I usually do is 3 sets of 8-10 reps on a hard weight.

    How many sets and reps do you recommend to gain size and bulk up?

    Much love, homie

    • Whats up Jaks

      If your going to do 8-10 reps, make SURE you can not do 11!!! so if the goal is 8, but you can do more, KEEP GOING! basically just pic a weight that makes you hit failure at 8-10 if 8-10 is the goal… it is a good goal to have, but FAILURE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT ANY REP NUMBER.

      Great question Jaks. Thanks for all the compliments! I am REALLY glad that you have found the site to be useful! That really means a lot to me homie! thanks

      • That’s cool man, thanks for the response!

        So what usually happens with me is:

        First set – I do 10 reps – (Moderate, good weight)

        Second set – I do 10 reps – (Intermediate, getting harder)

        Third set – I do 8-10 reps – Try my best to reach ten, usually fail at 9 but try to force myself to ten.

        30 second rest in-between sets.

        Is that okay? What I’m worried about is doing loads in the first set, to failure. Second set and third set I wouldn’t be able to lift one because I’m out of juice?

        Sorry for being long man, just wanted to clarify.


  2. Hey brandon can you tell me which is the application for android q have the timer-timer with alarm to make the breaks and exercise? thanks brother …..

  3. Haha !!
    Another great exercise by you brandon
    I really appreciate the effort you make into giving us all info
    I’m continueing aslong as I have until I reached my goals
    after that I’ll post before and after pictures for you if you want

  4. Hey Brandon.
    I recently decided to start working out in the morning(around 11-12) on an empty stomach along with a scoop or 2 of JACK3D. I usually do this on ab/cardio days and weight lifting days followed by a short cardio session. What I’ve been reading recently is that when doing cardio on an empty stomach your body actually breaks down your muscle for fuel instead of fat. True? If so, after I workout I usually eat a big protein filled meal followed up with a protein shake. Is this good enough to help keep my muscle mass but burn fat? Thanks

  5. hey man …
    whats up….
    i have a question brandon……….
    is cigarette smoking slow down the process of gaining fat ?

  6. Yo brandon, i,m Calvin from the netherlands and 14 years old and i have a question do i not train to mush?
    on monday i train 1 hour fight sport
    on tuesday i train 1 hour and a half fight sport
    on wednesday i train 1 hour at home
    on thursday i train 1 hour and a half fight sport
    on saterday i train i train 2 x 1 hour at home
    on friday and sunday i have rest day.

  7. This is a fantastic exercise!!!! 1 question however, should this be done only once a week or more frequently?

    Cheers from down under!!

  8. Hey man , great bicep workout. Ive tried it and my arms were damn sore !!!
    Do you know any bicep workouts that trains the length instead of the peak , most guys I see has great peak but their biceps looks like a small ball on big arms …. how do I train my biceps to look like yours ?because yours by far is the best lookibg biceps ive seen ..
    Thank you

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