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How To Get Ripped and Cut-Up For Summer

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If your like me, your working on getting more cut up and ripped for the summer so you can stunt on these fools. The 2 keys to getting ripped are Burning fat and adding definition to your muscle.

A great way to add definition is to do Isolation Exercises. I mentioned in an other post that Compound Exercises are the best for adding size (and they are the best over all) but when it come to targeting a specific muscle and sculpting your body Isolation Exercises work well. Let me explain each.

What Are Isolation Exercises?

An isolation exercise is any exercise in which only one major muscle group is trained by itself. Typically, the movement is done in such a way where usage of all other muscle groups is avoided, which leaves one muscle group isolated and able to do all of the work.

Here’s a list of the most common isolation exercises along with the muscle it isolates/trains:

  • Flat, Incline or Decline Flyes (dumbbell, cable or machine)
    Muscle Group Trained: Chest
  • Lateral Raises or Front Raises (dumbbell, cable or machine)
    Muscle Group Trained: Shoulders
  • Biceps Curls (barbell, dumbbell, cable or machine)
    Muscle Group Trained: Biceps
  • Triceps Extensions (barbell, dumbbell, cable or machine)
    Muscle Group Trained: Triceps
  • Leg Extensions
    Muscle Group Trained: Quads
  • Leg Curls
    Muscle Group Trained: Hamstrings
  • Calf Raises
    Muscle Group Trained: Calves

compound exercise is any exercise that involves the use of more than one major muscle group at a time. Typically, there is one larger muscle group that ends up doing the majority of the work, and then one or more smaller muscle groups that are recruited secondarily.

Here’s a list of the most common compound exercises along with the primary and secondary muscle groups each one targets:

  • Flat, Incline or Decline Bench Press (barbell, dumbbell or machine)
    Primary Muscle Group: Chest
    Secondary Muscle Groups: Shoulders, Triceps
  • Overhead Shoulder Press (barbell, dumbbell or machine)
    Primary Muscle Group: Shoulders
    Secondary Muscle Group: Triceps
  • Dips (on parallel bars with slight forward lean)
    Primary Muscle Group: Chest
    Secondary Muscle Groups: Triceps, Shoulders
  • Rows (barbell, dumbbell, or machine)
    Primary Muscle Group: Back
    Secondary Muscle Group: Biceps
  • Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Lat Pull-Downs (any type of grip)
    Primary Muscle Group: Back
    Secondary Muscle Group: Biceps
  • Deadlifts (many variations)
    Primary Muscle Group: Posterior Chain (Hamstrings, Glutes, Back, etc.)
    Secondary Muscle Groups: Much Of Lower Body, Much Of Upper Body
  • Squats (many variations)
    Primary Muscle Group: Quads
    Secondary Muscle Groups: Most Of Lower Body (Glutes/Hamstrings), Lower Back

How to Use Them

I want to present an analogy to describe what I believe to be a good approach to using both compound and isolation exercises.

I want to present an analogy to describe what I believe to be a good approach to using both compound and isolation exercises.

The artists receives their block of clay or stone and decides to make a piece that depicts the human body. The first thing the artist does is decides on the overall shape and dimensions of the body. The artist then carves off large pieces to get  the general shape of the body created. Once the general dimensions are figured out they begin to shape the body parts focusing progressively on the finer details.

So the message in this story is that the artists creates the sculpture by working out the largest aspects first and moving down to the details or finishing touches last.

So how does this apply to getting fit and building the physique you want?

Compound exercises relate to the overall shape of the body, whereas isolation exercises relate more to the finishing touches.

Compound Exercises are like the sledgehammer and Isolation Exercises are the chisel

I personally believe that the majority of your weight room exercises should be compound movements.

Compound exercises should be a major part of your programs -in fact I would say somewhere in the ballpark of 80% compound to 20% isolation is a good ratio.

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Brandon Carter

44 thoughts on “How To Get Ripped and Cut-Up For Summer

  1. hey man,sorry i comment to much:))),but still i want to ask you something,what is better running or the 15 min abs?

    • lol its cool Jeffy, comment and ask as many questions as you want! the more the better!!!! first of all, you should not be just “Running”, you should be doing HIIT Cardio. So you should be SPRINTING… Not running! Try Sprinting for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. 10 or 15 mins of that will burn WAY more fat and help you keep muscle. running (or Jogging) is for old ladies!!! you need to train like your getting ready for WAR!!! so back to your question “what is better running or the 15 min abs?”, running just sucks, HIIT Cardio is GREAT but trying to compare it to the “the 15 min abs” abs program is really comparing apples to oranges for one is fat burning cardio and the other is an abs workout.

      Thanks for the Comment Jeffy!!! keep the questions coming!!! i really TRY to get to them all!!!

      • thanks man for the answer,i will try to combine in a week the sprinting with the 15 min abs

  2. Hey Brandon….just wanna say thanks bro for all of the advice that u give..I have been following u for a while but never commented before …I respect your approach to body building and I wish u continued success…I have a question: is it cool to do compound and isolation exercises in the same session or do compound exercises on one day and do isolation the next day? Thanks in advance bro and never stop giving advice. Truth.

  3. I have a question I am a sprinter in highschool track and do a lot of sprinter workouts like 6x150m sprints and 400m run with 50m sprint and 50m jog ect. will that do anything for me to get me cut and burn fat or should I workout on my own also?

    • Whats up tankstager. Splinting is GREAT! I did the same in High School. you should train with weights (and or Resistances bands) too! every Olympic sprinter trains with weights.

  4. Hey Brandon, “running or jogging is for old ladies” that’s a statement lol… I’m desperate with my body man, 1. big arms not ripped but nice in a t-shirt.
    2, Belly fat for life not even the 2abs normal people have from birth. 3, My chest come & go it’s not ripped, keep in mind I’m a killer when it comes to push ups sometime i sleep on the floor.
    4, when I removed my shirt you can tell I have potential but I dont have the tools.
    5. Without changing my diet I get fat & lose weight for NO REASON, I always tell people I got my body on sales. I decided to kill myself with water, soup & fruits for a while + heavy lifting.
    6. Almighty Jah made the world with his words, Sir Brandon help me build mine with your words
    From Glasgow,UK.
    Jah bless

  5. I just calculate my fat % , i have 5 % of fat but i still don’t see my abs so hard ? :S Do i need to do more abs exercices ?

  6. Thanks Brandon! You are awesome for all the posts! Really helped a lot in my workout. ;)) there’s one thing I would like to ask that’s keeping me confused. I should do 30 seconds on each exercise n rest 30 or do to failure n rest

  7. HiBrandon, ie if for example I train for a month with compound exercises put him next week with the chisel with isolation exercises….thanks brother

  8. Hey Brandon!!!
    Got a question for u bro! Actually two haha.
    How come that if you look at urself in the mirror in the morning and your body looks good and your happy, but suddenly when you look in the afternoon your body is all sloppy?

    Q2. Is sauna good for you if you try to get ripped? It burns fat right?
    Peace bro

  9. Thanks for your posts man, I’m quite into parkour and freerunning, and i’ve been working out since the beginning of school untill now (with a few weeks breaks for studying and snowboarding injuries) but I’ve noticed how much it actually helps to be more fit for parkour/freerunning, I did a backflip yesterday with heavy clothes on and I’d say it was my best backflip ever (And I havent trained since summer)… Just goes to show you how much having a good physical body can help you out!

  10. Hey bro! your gettin me siked up whenever i read one of your muscle gaining postings. im only 16, and my parents wont let me buy the full body workout plan, so over this spring break, im gonna create a workout plan, that hopefully keep me doing new things each week, so i can keep the muscle confusion technique goin. i am adding in all your techniques, and putting them into different categories for each days workouts
    (except for the days in between, that i rest). Keep up the awesome muscle gaining techniques bro! i already brag about you to all my friends, cause they all are wonderin where i am gettin my 6 pack from lol.

  11. Could you post other video of exercises to burn fat in home, cardio I mean please, you are great Brandon, I really admire you 🙂

  12. Hello Brandon,
    First of all, I wanna thank you for your great videos and advices, I really learned a lot, so thanks once more.
    Secondly, I want to ask a question that has probably been asked too many times: Is doing these home exercises without any gym membership ( and no equipements ) will give serious results? I mean, I don’t have much time to spend at the gym and I was wondering if doing these exercises at home will help me get rid of the little belly fat I’ve got around my waist and also build up some muscle, and what is the best way to do them.
    I’m 185cm and I weigh 77kg, not musclar and the little extra fat I have annoys me, I need less of that and more muscle.
    Sorry if the question is too vague and thanks for any response.

    Take care,

  13. Hey Man I have checked coouple of your stuff in the last 3 weeks I tried your workouts, I am tried my best I am only 14 and I weight 134 pounds which I am fat. The problem is that i feel like I am making no progress I eat so much and i can’t help it . Is there any type help you can give to make me stop the habit of eating fat food. I am addicited to eating fast food nothing can stop anything i can do to my mind lay off the fat food. This is why I think I am not making any progress of getting ripped and burn lots of fat…

    • try to get your mind of of the food, i know its hard to do, but it isn’t impossible, i had the same problem. If you wanna eat stuff that’s filling, then try eating something with peanut butter in it, or try something high in protein. The protein fills you up, and makes you feel less hungry.Don’t neglect a meal during the day tho, just shorten the servings or portions your eating. If you start substituting fast food in for maybe a parfait or a salad, or even some healthy steamed vegetables, you should start to feel better about yourself, cause your saying “no.” Keep doing Brandon’s ab workouts, and you will get also helps to think about making a workout plan. If you set a goal for yourself, try your hardest to achieve it, don’t give up even if it doesn’t seem like its not working at first. I have faith in your cause!

  14. Hey brandon,

    A few days ago I saw this scooby guy on youtube and I looked abit over his site and watched some videos of him.

    It seems that alot of ppl like him and his information but he said that he doesn’t support compound exercises because they are dangerous

    what do you think of that?

  15. hey brandon i got another question for you

    My back and triceps are small i want to grow them more than the other muscles is this possible?

  16. Hey Brandon,
    Thanks for all the videos from your download link. i like the way Exercises are splitted into Pull and Push. while surfing the net , came across an article where Anterior Deltiod exercises fall under Push and Lateral and Posterior Deltoid fall Under Pull. should i do Anterior Deltiod with Chest &Tricep . Lateral&Posterior Deltoid with Back and Bicep. can you suggest please.

  17. Dat for real. My homie and I been diggin squats and thrusts for week and my gluteus Maximus is mad sore my dude. I get the satisfaction on gettin my ass wrecked in the gym. Hardcore squats and thrusts. The way to go

  18. I’ve been following your fitness tips for a long time and turned out it had been working well. But I’ve got a question on how to remove buttocks fat. This is a problem that my friends in to and I asked him to do the squats and leg extension but until now no obvious positive results on him. Help me to help him my man. Peace.

  19. Hey brandon, I’m having trouble sticking to working out. I have trouble committing myself to going to the gym. I’m 17 and I wanna look good for summer. Any advice to get me to motivate myself to get up and go workout?

  20. Hey brandon im 14 years old and 5ft dead I am fat people say I have got a beerbelly there and i want to get ripped just the way you are by summer what excercises do I have to do

  21. I wanna get in the best physical shape I can get in. I was thinking could u make ur workouts into a app on the android market so I could work out anytime and anywhere on the go. Plus it could help spread your name around further.
    P.s I’m not an android employee I just have an android phone.

  22. I wrestle and started the seasone riped at 143pds but After all the weight cuttin lost muscle and am stuck at 130 how do I cut weight and not lose muscle? my body fat was exteremly low but its going up ive tried alot of. Your cardio
    ab workout and lifting and the sprints what els can I do?

  23. Hey Brandon. I’m quite bulky. I have been doing weights a lot. But I’m barely toned. Any suggestions? Should I do more toning with light weights or stick with heavy ones? And thanks in advance..

  24. Is this an ok plan? or is it too much?

    Monday: legs, cardio, abs 06:00 morning
    Tuesday: chest, back, cardio 14:40 pull ups, push ups, weight lifting
    Wedensday: leg, cardio, abs 06:00 moring
    Thursday: chest, back, cardio 14:40 pull ups, push ups, weight lifting
    Friday: legs, cardio, abs 06:00 morning
    Saturday: rest <>
    Sunday: rest

  25. hey,
    Thanks for all the videos and information. I just a problem with gaining muscle because I am tall and really skinny. I run a lot and play basketball. I have tried not running as much and eating more and working out more but still cant gain muscle.

    What can I do to help me gain muscle and how much should I workout?


  26. so i should drink a lot of milk? I am just wondering how I can gain muscle faster because I want to look good with my shirt off and since this is my last year of school I want to look good for summer. (you know girls love muscle)


  27. Hey Brandon,
    first of all I want to thank you for your advice and stuff. I’m 15 years old ( Almost 16 and I got about 2 or 3 months to get lean. Because I already got decent abs. I try to do HIIT on an empty stomach but the weight lifting isn’t going to work in the morning because my gym isn’t open yet.
    But do you got any more tips with nutrition and water and stuff? Because i’m a student so i don’t take rice with chicken and stuff. I usaly eat 8 whole weat bread with ham or peanutbutter from calvé.
    So please give me some extra tips to lean up ASAP!

    Thanks bro!


  28. hi mr brandon ,i want to ask you that i am not getting lean and some pounds of fat are annoying to me although i am 20 y old and my weight is 55 kg and heing 5 ft 9 inches i eat well not junk but do exercises but i think there are non effective plz give me a piece of advice thanks

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