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How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle -(Brandon Carter)

How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle High Life Workout Plan Brandon Carter

Everybody wants to burn fat and get ripped. Getting ripped depends on your diet and cardio. The problem regular with most cardio is that it burns off your hard earned muscle mass as well as body fat. This is why you see people taking aerobics classes or fucking around on some cardio machines everyday, but they don’t make any improvements.

When you hop on some bs machine and do Regular cardio for 30-40 minutes you will get ALL of the negative side effects associated with cardio (increased cortisol, muscle loss, overuse injuries, decreased power etc.).

To burn fat ans get ripped without burning off your muscle there are two options and they’re at the extreme opposite ends of the spectrum.

You can do very high intensity cardio (sprint).

Or you can very low intensity cardio (walk).

sprinting Brandon Carter High Life Workout Plan

Some pro bodybuilders do low intensity cardio. The best time to do it is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 30-60 mins if burning fat is the goal

You can walk on a treadmill with the incline up. Or you can go outside with a light weighted vest, or walk up hill, or walk through the woods
The nice thing about this is there is no (physical) negative effect at all. No cortisol, no muscle loss, nothing. And you start your day with some nice fresh air which is great for your health and your mind.

If you chose low intensity cardio his should be done three times per week, minimum. This will help keep you lean while you’re in the process of trying to gain size and will also help you recover more efficiently


If you have been reading this blog for a wile, you KNOW that HIIT cardio is my preferred fat burning method.

A study at Laval University in Quebec, Canada found that HIIT cardio helped trainees loose nine (yes, 9!) times more fat than those who trained the traditional way (moderate speed for 20-60 minutes). Combine HIIT with your weight program and you boost your metabolism through the roof!

I personally think that sprinting is the best way to do HIIT cardio. In the videos below, I will show you have I sprint to burn fat and stay ripped!

Here is a great sprint drill call “Suicides”

Here is another sprinting drill called “Full Court Sprints”

Here is a sprint drill that you can do when you are at a track

It is best to do HIIT first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because you will burn A LOT more fat! If you can’t do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then do it after your resistance training workout.

I like to do HIIT Cardio 3-4 times a week, thats how I stay ripped. If I REALLY need to get cut up for something, I add a second cardio session by walking (LOW INTENSITY CARDIO) 30-60 mins at night or after lunch. I do this be doing two HIIT sessions per day would be way too much. This method is really effective if you need to burn a lot of fat FAST!

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High Life Workout Plan

“I´d like to thank you for everything you`ve done up til now. Thanks to you i was able to accomplish my FItness Goals in the past year. Here are 2 pics. Sry for the before pic found no better one.
Would be glad to see it on your Facebook site or Homepage so that i can also motivate others to not give up
best regards”
-Christopher Scharner

High Life Workout Plan testimonial Before and After

“All of my coworkers, family and friends ask me how I lost all my weight (currently at a loss of 58 lbs) and built all of my muscle. I tell them that I used all that I learned from you as a base of my eating habits and work out plans. I wanted to thank you for all the helpful information and I wanted to send you a before and current (2 months ago) picture of myself so you can see my progress thanks to you. The before picture was a little over 1 year from the more current picture. I hope Brandon himself gets to see this because I would like him to know the huge impact his words and videos have had on my life and hopefully many others.” – Michael Alexander

(Some of people questioned if Michael’s pics are “real” because his tattoo is on the other arm in the 2ed pic. it is because he took the pic in the mirror. I don’t want to get into the “science” of that, but if I take a pic of my reflection, my tattoos with switch sides too.  LMAO!)

High Life Workout Plan

“Results dont just come over night, and supplements can only do so much.. But these workouts Brandon provides are the real deal! For real results and real motivation quit doing the same workouts and try something new! I did, and I’m seeing satisfying results already!!” – Joshua Everett

High Life Workout Plan Brandon Carter

““i watched your youtube vids, which helped me with my body transformation. check my weight loss album!” – Kamari”

High Life Workout Plan testimonial Before and After

“Hi Brandon, my name is Ergin YALI and Im currently 17 years old,
First of all I want to thank you for all the great and helpfull
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High Life Workout Plan

“Using you as an inspiration, I’ve got these results”
-Anders Christensen

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29 thoughts on “How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle -(Brandon Carter)

    • Hey Alex.

      Thats a workout, but its not HIIT bcause its not focused. but HIIT will make you a WAY better soccer player. it will help you with EVERY SPORT!

      good question bro

      • ok brandon, thank you.
        i’m doing a 5 split workout as you suggest (from monday to friday).
        on tuesday and on thursday i have soccer game. when do you suggest me to add a hiit workout? (or even more than one hiit workout)

      • you can do it after resistance training. ifs even better if you can do resistance training in the afternoon, then do HIIT first thing in the morning before you eat

      • sorry brandon but i don’t understand. in a 5 split workout, which are the resistance trainings?

  1. You mentioned low intensity cardio… can that be done on a (gym) cycle for 30 min or so at a slow pace?

    I normally do the sprints but I start that around spring time into summer and some of autumn.. winters way too dangerous (surface) to go and do sprints.


    • Hey Nido!

      Thats bike is good low intensity cardio. just put the resistance on high. just no that HIIT burns more fat than low intensity cardio. keep me posted on your results bro!

  2. Stopped running when bulking and tried it not long ago and couldn’t run for shit! instead been sprinting the short length of a football pitch and jogging the longer lengths and trying to get further each week which I guess is a form of HIIT but I feel better than ever!

  3. I’m a relatively new runner and I don’t want to be “ripped” but I would like to lose some fat so I can be a faster runner. When you work full-time and have children, it’s hard to fit everything in, especially in the morning when you are trying to get kids to school on time and not be late to work yourself. Would running up and down a steep set of stairs (about 80 stairs, with no landing) count as HIIT training? I can fit that in after work either before of after my run which I try to do three times a week. I’m not overweight (size 4) …just soft.

    • Hey Jen!
      Its great that your still working out with the work and kids! running stairs is GREAT. a go HIIT work out for stairs would be if you fun up the stairs fast as you can for about 15-30 seconds, then rest for 30-90 seconds and repeating 10-15 times. Let me know how that works for you!

  4. Serious questions for you on heart health from someone over 50 (cardio=heart related). 1. If I do light cardio, walking – will this strengthen my heart or do nothing? 2. Do sprints and HIIT cause atrial fibrillation or strengthen the heart? I ask because my dad 20-21 years my senior had me read Dr. John R. Little, author of Body by Science who wrote that people who do intense cardio like marathons or running every day develop atrial fibrillation and / or other kinds of conditions, injuries and illness (sometimes before they reach my age. He points to a litany of former (sometimes elite) athletes with all kinds of health conditions later in life. He backs everything up with irrefutable scientific studies.) Sprints obviously are more fun and challenge but do they cause a-fib, strengthen the heart, or do nothing?

  5. Great question Jeff!

    First of, I want to remind everyone that I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to give any medical advice. having that said, Sprinting is not the same as running marathons. if fact, its the exact opposite. Marathon runners run for HOURS a day. If your doing sprinting or any other kind of HIIT, you should only be able to do it for 10-15 mins. I don’t dont believe that 10-15 mins of running would ever compare to the life styles of any elite athletes, so “atrial fibrillation” should not be a concern. but again, I am not a doctor. great question bro!

  6. Hey Brandon,
    I played water polo for 8 years until I stopped because I started University. I started doing your exercises off YouTube because I found that I lost a lot of my muscle mass and tone. Man was I in for a treat!!! I haven’t felt so exhausted in quite a while, I really enjoyed doing them!!
    Thanks for sharing your tips, I will surely keep using them.

    Kind regards from the UK,

  7. Yo Brand!

    Im 17 years old and kind of thin you know and what should I do to get more muscles on my stomach and become bigger? For now Im working out 2 parts of the body per day, for example chest and shoulder on 1 day, and abs every other day, Im doing the abs with weights every other time I do abs. I can guess its the diet but what would a proper diet be ?

    I have another question too. I drink a “protein” shake after my workout but the problem is that I dont add protein powder to it, only some blueberries, strawberries, bananas and things like that. Is it a big difference than if I add protein powder or should I wait untill Im older?

  8. Hello Brandon.Your ab workout video really helped alot. Thanks for this information as before this i actually use to jog for 6-7 kms in the morning and it was so tiring and time wasting. But one query i have is Do I have to do all these three drills one after another with the number of sets you mentioned?

  9. Hey Brandon,
    as my form of HIIT cardio, I’m doing some MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training twice a week and at the moment, I’m trying to put on muscle mass and I was wondering how long should my cardio sessions be? I’m kinda afraid that I might lose all my gains if I do this.

    Thanks in advance and love all your youtube videos.

    Much love from London, UK

  10. Hi brandon, I am loving the website and your new ebook. I have a question about burning fat! If I work out at 8:00 pm to burn fat but I still want to build muscle as well when do I stop eating the carbs in the day so I burn fat? And if I have carbs straight after for my post workout will this still b ok?

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Hi Brandon, loving the website and ebook got a question about working out at 8:00pm if I want to lose fat when would be the best time to stop taking carbs?

    Thank you

  12. Hey Brandon! Was just curious if you could prescribe a proper diet for fat burning.i just started to use your exercises,and that HIT cardio,hope it will payoff,will be such a life turne-up..
    Thank you in advance!

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