Cold Exposure: The Secret Tip For Super Fast Fat Loss – (Brandon Carter)

Burn Fat FAST / Cold Exposure For Fat Loss / Ice Baths and Shiver Walks or (Big Brandon Carter)

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Most of think that getting hot and working up a sweat is what will help us burn the most fat. But recently, scientist have discovered that the human body burns much more fat when it is cold. When you body is cold, it has to burn a lot of fat and calories In order to stay at 98 degrees (98.6 °F  or 37.0 °C). If you can get your body cold enough, it will burn more fat faster that exercise and diet can alone.

On a TEDTalk video in 2010, NASA scientist Ray Cronise discussed how to lose weight by exposing the body to cold temperatures. Ray went from 1.5 pounds of fat loss per week to 4.5 pounds of fat loss per week after simply adding cold to his weight loss regiment. Cold exposure helped him lose 30 pounds in only 6 weeks!

As is referenced in Ray’s talk, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps diet consists of approximately 12,000 calories per day (holly shit!).  The only logical way he could burn this many calories is through swimming in very cold water. It should also be noted that many other elite athletes have begun to exercise at cold temperatures

Here are some ways that you can ad cold exposure in order to burn more fat faster.

  • Drink a liter of ice cold water first thing in the morning . When you consume something cold (such as ice water), your body must temporarily increase the rate at which you burn calories in order to keep you warm or to warm whatever cold substance that you ingested.
  • Take Cold Baths or Showers. I started taking Ice baths recently, no only do they increase fat loss, but Ice baths also naturally increase testosterone levels!!!! This first time I tried ice baths, I used a real bag of ice. Now I use reusable ice packs! they stay colder longer, and they are a lot more fiscally conservative.

  • Workout in the cold.  I really like to workout in the cold. it makes me work harder because I want to stay warm. Here is an example

If you really want to burn fat fast, you will also want to

  1. Follow a good diet plan (in the new episode of our comedy podcast, I talk about why i DO NOT eat organic food)
  2. Drink Plenty of Water Each Day
  3. Get enough sleep each night
  4. Do HIIT cardio 
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13 thoughts on “Cold Exposure: The Secret Tip For Super Fast Fat Loss – (Brandon Carter)

  1. hey brandon whazz up man? you are awesome dude . Am doing four day split . can you tell me how many times can i drink water i mean every half an hour i drink a glass of water i s it ok lol am waiting for your reply

    • Thanks homie! I think you should measure you water intake by the amount, not the time. am for at least 1 gallon a day (i try to drink 2 gallons each day… Thats what Ray Lewis dose to0)

    • Hey Robert.
      I don’t really recommend people do a “cleanse” because its really just fasting. I rather see you make a real lifestyle change instead of doing something temporary like that. but thats just me bro

  2. The third tip is so important and most people dont realise it! Getting enough sleep is good for a lot of things like blood pressure, sex, focused concentration, etc. Getting more sleep alone can work wonders! lol sorry for the rant. Love the post dude.

  3. hey brandon…
    thanks so much for all the tips, you are awesome dude…. but i was thinking since you always give all this tips for burning fat and loosing weigh maybe you can write or do something for all of us that have a metabolism a bit faster than most people and we don’t gain weigh that easy. we just stay skinny in someway it sucks … i would really apprettiate it. stay awesome

  4. Great article. I’ve been taking cold baths and wearing icy bags on me while watching tv for half a year now, on and off, not every day. I think i’ve been too inconsistent to see real results!
    Instead of a regular shower i have used my bathtub filled with cold water. How do you think that is working in comparison?
    And what about the icy bags? I usually have them on my stomach. So i think i only get the benefits in that area?

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