(New Video) How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym On An Limited Budget

How to Set up your own home gym Brandon Carter

Most of you know that I prefer to workout at home instead of going to a gym. Working out at home is great because if you workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (Like me) working out at home saves you lots of time. Plus working out at home may be safer. The New York Times recently published an article about how skin infections spread like wildfire in gyms. A lot of people thing that setting up a home gym is a lot of work or cost a lot of money, but that is not the case. In the video below, I will show you everything that I have in my home gym and show you were you can get it.

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Here is all the equipment that I have in my home gym

1. Weight Lifting floor Mats

The mats are important to me to protect my floors, and to keep it quite when I am working out.

This brand is good, you can get better ones if you have the money.

How To build your own home gym






2.Weight Set with Dumbbells 

Nice cheap set of weights.

How to build a home gym






3. Doorway Chin-Up Bar

I have been using one like this for years

How To build your own home gym





4. Ripcords Resistance Exercise Bands

Hands down the best set of resistance bands that money can buy

How To build your own home gym







I have a 50lb and 2olb

How To Build Your Own Home Gym






6.Ab Wheel 

GREAT piece of equipment for your 6 pack development!

How To build your own home gym







I LOVE this for making my body weight workouts harder!

How to build your own home gym






8. How To Make Your Own “TRX STYLE” Suspension Chords FOR ONLY $10!

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You can also try working out with just a book bag full of books! Check the video below

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High Life Workout Plan

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-Christopher Scharner

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(Some of people questioned if Michael’s pics are “real” because his tattoo is on the other arm in the 2ed pic. it is because he took the pic in the mirror. I don’t want to get into the “science” of that, but if I take a pic of my reflection, my tattoos with switch sides too. LMAO!)

High Life Workout Plan

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20 thoughts on “(New Video) How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym On An Limited Budget

  1. You prefer getting 3 dumbbell sets or that 65 dollar weight set how many dumbell sets do you have. What do you think are goo excercises for toning developing strengtening biceps and triceps fast

  2. Brandon you know you are the man! Can you post some arms and back exercices please? I do pull ups is that enought?

  3. Waz d scene Brandon?After watching your motivational video i decided to purchase your program 1time.Am using my friend mastercard&dey want her Full name&d.o.b etc.Can u tel me y dey want dat 4?Cause shes used to just putting in the card#&dats it.

    • What’s up bro, thanks for trying to buy the program. You have to have a PAYPALL account to to buy the program. Your friend must not have a PayPall accout set up all ready. PayPall wants that information from everyone that sets up a new paypall accout.

  4. hey brandon thanks for the motivation to start my own home gym but i reall want some really good ab exercises because i am having problems with my lower abs

      • yo i am Jamaican so i dont really have a diet but i try to eat healty and cut out oily and junk food. i am doing the insanity dvds but like i finish it but i am still having problems with that section!

  5. When you get in the morning to work out, what do you eat before you work out with weights? I can work out on an empty stomach if i am doing cardio but not weights. My sugar levels are too low. For the exercises that you introduce generally how many reps and sets should I do? I am trying to build a new exercise plan from all the exercises you have introduced. I have hit a major plateau. I need to get out of it. I workout three times a week and like to change it up every two months.

    • Hey VJ, only think I may have is black coffee before the workout, for weights ot cardio. You burn 3 times as much fat when you workout on an emptu stomach first thing in the morning. If its just too much for you, have a protein shake 30 mins before. Good luck

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