8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels – Brandon Carter

8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels - Brandon Carter

I wrote a long in depth post about  How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels a few weeks ago. I this post I will briefly explain how to boost your T levels. There is also a new video of me explaining my naturally testosterone boosting methods.

Testosterone is a hormone that is secreted in both men and women. It is responsible for sex drive, as well as protein processing for muscle mass development and strength. The more Testosterone you have, the easier it will be for you to gain muscle and burn fat. Males  produce about ten times the amount of testosterone as female, but females are far more sensitive to its effects. Though testosterone is largely responsible for those traits and characteristics that are considered “masculine” – physical strength, body hair, dominance, and virility – both sexes require it for proper sexual and physical development.

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8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels


8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels - Brandon Carter

Our diet plays a huge role in our testosterone production. Our glands need certain minerals — like zinc and magnesium — to get testosterone production started and our body need cholesterol to make testosterone.

To boost your  testosterone levels you need to increase my fat and cholesterol intake.  studies have suggested that higher fat and cholesterol consumption results in increased levels of total Tmen eating low-fat diets typically have decreased testosterone levels.

I already know what you are thinking. “isnt cholesterol bad for you?”. the short answer is HELL NO!

Cholesterol is GOOD for you! your body can not make with out it! your body NEEDS cholesterol to make testosterone!

If you’re interested in learning more about the myths and benefits of cholesterol, I highly recommend reading this in-depth, well-written, and well-researched article

The Cholesterol Myth That Is Ruining Your Healt   by Dr. Joseph Mercola

follow my normal muscle building / Fat burning diet, and make sure your eat at least four WHOLE eggs in the morning, and four WHOLE eggs at night.


8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels - Brandon Carter

Your  testosterone levels will increase if you eat 20 Almonds at lest 2 times a day. I can not find the clinical data online about almonds, but I did read in Tim Ferriss’s book “The 4 Hour Body” that Almonds increase testosterone. Tim recommended eating 2 almonds 4 hours before sex for and extra boost! Because I live in world were I might have sex at any given moment, I  am going to be eating 20 almonds at least 3 times a day lol. BEAST MODE!

You will also want to add some  Brazil nuts.  All Nuts are little fat bombs that provide the cholesterol that Leydig cells need for T production. One study suggest that the selenium in Brazil nuts boosts testosterone.  try eating 3 Brazil Nuts 2-3 times a day

3 Take A Vitamin D3 Supplement 

8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels - Brandon Carter

Vitamin D3 actually isn’t a vitamin, it’s a hormone — a really important hormone that provides a whole shit load of health benefits. Our bodies can naturally make vitamin D from the sun, but recent studies have shown that many Westerners are vitamin D3 deprived because we’re spending less and less time outdoors. When we do decide to venture outside, we slather our bodies with sunscreen, which prevents the sun reaching our skin to kick-off vitamin D3 production. If you’re not getting enough sun, you may have a vitamin D3 deficiency, which may contribute to low T levels. If you think you need more vitamin D3, supplement it. Studies have shown that men who take this supplement see a boost in their testosterone levels. Because I have a darker complexion — which makes me prone to Vitamin D3 deficiency — take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in the morning and 5,000 IU before bed for a total of  10,000 IU  each day!

4. Take Omega-3 Fish Oil.


Fish oil has been shown to lower SHBG and increase production of Luteinizing Hormone (the hormone responsible for triggering the testes to produce T). Because of the increased amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol you will be consuming, you want to make sure you get enough of the“good” fats to clear the gunk out of my blood.

5. Lift Weights

8 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels - Brandon Carter

If you want to increase testosterone, you’ve got to start lifting – and lifting heavy. Doing bullshit circuits with the weight machines won’t cut it.

Here’s what the research says on how to craft your weightlifting routine to maximize testosterone production:

6. HIIT Training

sprinting Brandon Carter High Life Workout Plan

You already know how much I LOVE HIIT!!!! So in addition to weightlifting, studies have shown that HIIT workouts can also help boost testosterone levels. For those of you who don’t know, HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It calls for short, intense bursts of exercise, followed by a less-intense recovery period. You repeat with the intense/less-intense cycle several times throughout the workout. In addition to increasing T, HIIT has been shown to improve athletic conditioning and fat metabolism, as well as increase muscle strength.

6. Get More and Better Sleep

Most Americans today are sleep deprived, which may be a contributing factor to declining testosterone levels in men. See, our body makes nearly all the testosterone it needs for the day while we’re sleeping. That increased level of T that we experience at night is one of the reasons we wake up with “Morning Wood.” (If you don’t have Morning Wood on a consistent basis, you might have low T).

But if you’re not getting enough quality sleep, your body can’t produce testosterone as efficiently or effectively. In one study, researchers at the University of Chicago found that young men who slept less than five hours a night for one week had lower testosterone levels than when they were fully rested. The drop was typically 10-15%.

Not only does sleep boost T, but it also helps manage cortisol, a stress hormone that has been shown to wreak havoc on testosterone levels when present in high amounts.


7. Manage Stress

When we face stress, our adrenal glands secrete cortisol to prepare our bodies and minds to handle the stressful situation — the primal fight-or-flight response. In small dosages, cortisol is fine and even useful, but elevated cortisol levels for prolonged periods can do some serious damage to our bodies and minds. One area that seems to take a hit when cortisol is high is our testosterone levels. Several studies have shown a link between cortisol and testosterone. When cortisol levels are high, testosterone levels are low; and when testosterone levels are high, cortisol levels are low.

Knowing about the connection between cortisol and testosterone, you should start the following measures to improve my stress management:

  • mediated for 20 minutes a day. 2 times per day
  • When you started to feel stressed, get up and went for a walk.
  •  practice deep breathing exercises.

8. Ice Baths

Take a 10-minute Ice bath after my really hard workouts. One benefit I found in my research was that they could increase testosterone levels. I mentioned a 1993 study done by the Thrombosis Research Institute in England that found increased T levels after taking a cold shower. Sorry, I can not find the study online anymore, but Ice Baths were also mentioned in Tim Ferriss’s book “The 4 Hour Body” as a great way to boost Testosterone.

Here is a funny video of me trying to take an ice bath for the first time lol. (I can do it now)

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Its even better if you go to your doctor and have him test you before and after like I am doing! if you don’t want to go to a doctor, you can get home testosterone test! (they are not as accurate as having a doctor send your blood to a lab, but it may be good enough)

If you are new to this site, make sure you Download the my “15 min Ab Workout” for FREE from my FaceBook page (make sure to “like” it!) This FREE Link

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  1. do you know about the antagonist agonist workout? do you think that is really work for both fat loss and muscle mass ?

      • well thats fine . one more question brandon if can i add weights every set like

        first set would be 10kgs then the second set would be 12.5kgs then for the last set would be 15kgs .. can i do that or should stick with the weights in first set?

  2. hey Brandon, in one of your videos you said don’t train your abs daily. can i divide my abs workout like uper abs on monday lower on tuesday and obliques on wednesday?

  3. Yo brand! I’ve been wondering about smoking marijuana when you workout… Does it hurt and can I do it from time to time? I’ve quit smoking marjuana a while ago because I realized it makes me more retarded and I cant use my brain well hehe but I’m just curious ! So do you know anything bout the effects when ur workoing out hard?

  4. first of all thank you for all info you are the best:o) I have three questions: is pullups working the lower back as much as the upper back? or is rows better for lower back than pullup? and how many almonds do you eat every day?

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