Muscle Building Breakfast Meal – Fast Easy Way To Cook Eggs

Fast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)

In my blog post about how to Natural Increase Testosterone Levels, I recommended eating 4 eggs at breakfast and four egg right before you go to sleep. This is important because your body needs cholesterol to produce testosterone (cholesterol is NOT bad for you, that is a myth that has been proven wrong). Eggs are also a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Great for anyone trying to build muscle or burn fat.

In the video below, I will show you a fast and easy way to cook a bunch of eggs in at once. You can eat some as soon as you make them, and you can put the rest in your refrigeration for later.

overview of how to make the eggs

  • Get a muffin panFast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)
  • spray pan with cooking sprayFast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)
  • fill pan with eggsFast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)
  • add spinach and cheeseFast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)
  • cook at 350 for 20 minsFast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)
  • eat!!! Fast Easy Way To Cook Eggs! Muscle Building Breakfast Meal - (Big Brandon Carter)

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19 thoughts on “Muscle Building Breakfast Meal – Fast Easy Way To Cook Eggs

  1. Big Brandon Carter ! supp bro .. My name is Matthew im 17 years old, 6′ in height, around 160 pounds and IM A BIG FAN OF THE HIGHLIFE WORKOUT .. I’ve been following ur posts on this site for awhile now and i’ve recently downloaded the free highlife workout plan and im going to purchase the full plan as well. I play basketball so im really trying to take my game to the next level and apart from working on my handles and shooting, speed and agility, getting stronger and being healthy is A BIG PART OF IT, and im using ur program and i know for sure it will help, especially with HIIT CARDIO! I have a few questions though, what do u think about using a total gym? i ask because that is one of the resources around me, my uncle has it, he has a bench press and 25 lb dumbells as well. im going to start building my home gym and get some of the things u recommended like the pull up bar and kettle bell etc. and take my supplements, but i wanted to know what u think about the total gym? From what i read it doesn’t really aid in muscle building but it helps to tone ur muscle and doing cardio

    • Whats up Matthew! I don’t really like “total gym” or any machines because the restrict your motion and make it easier for you. dose your high school have a weight room? if so, that may be a better option. I even like body weight and suspension training better than “machines”.

      Getting stronger will make you a WAY better basketball player. its one reason why Lebron James is so good. I play ball with some high school and collage kids at the court by my house. Most of them are “better” than me, but they have a hard time beating me because I am so much stronger then everyone on the court. Thats how YOU want to be! HIIT cardio will help A LOT to because it will help your endurance and speed.

      Good luck Matthew, please keep me posted on your progress!

      • Im good bro (y) .. lol okayy i’ll stay away from the total gym, I’ll use my uncle’s bench press and 25 lb dumbells instead. Sadly my high school doesn’t have a weight room but im going to start to develop my home gym, basically like yours in the video you showed, so i can workout in the morning before i go to school and practice for basketball in the evening before my school work and stuff. Im going to try and buy the human trainer if i can find it, I live in Jamaica but there is this place in Kingston that sells alot of sports goods and workout equipment and supplements so i’ll check it out, if i find something like it i’ll let you know.

        lol so true ! LeBron James is a great player !
        YES that is how i want to be ! 😀 I know HIIT will help me A LOT and thats why im so glad it’s in your program ! You know running distance actually makes you slower lol #sad .. lol thats cool hopefully one day i’ll get to play against you :p but i wont be like those other guys cuz i’ll be on the highlife workout plan ! or we can team up and just kill everybody lol .. but im really going to work my ass off to get better though, work on my dribbling, shooting, speed, agility, vertical jump, EVERYTHING! I may not be a LeBron but im damn sure going to try !

        My dream is go to the NBA ! Matthew Rose #13 !

        Thanks a lot Brandon, i’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress and hopefully send you before and after pics when I make significant progress. HIGHLIFE WORKOUT ALL THE WAY!

      • P.S I know its important to change your routines so your muscles don’t get use to your workouts. How often do you recommend i change after working out for a couple months using your program. I watched a video on youtube, i think you were speaking about muscle confusion, and you said you change you routines like once a month or so. I took note couple months ago of the different one’s you spoke about on this site, like the 5 day spit, the push/pull/leg split and the two day split, i don’t see those posts here anymore though.

  2. Another great practical vid, I really find it hard to get the eggs down on a daily basis, but these look tasty. Can I ask when/how often you do your cardio? Because of work, I work out at night and have to follow each resistance workout with my cardio session.

  3. hey Brandon, in one of your videos you said don’t train your abs daily. can i divide my abs workout like uper abs on monday lower on tuesday and obliques on wednesday?

    • Hey Rohail. Thats how Arnold used to do it, but he was on roids so he could recover WAY faster than me and you. I think you should just train all parts of your abs every other day so you dont risk orvertraing . you can try the other way if you want, but i just dont think its the best way. I

  4. BC-BEST COACH!!!! Dawg your program is worth it and i hope more ppl can support u cause you keep it real.I really wish i could train with you personally so try an have a boot camp in Trinidad plz lol!!! Thanks 4d hard work BC!!!!

  5. I weigh 135lbs but have a some beer belly but i wanna get ripped not put on weight or anything.Do i still have to eat 3times a day?When doing abs what exercises should i do with in the 5day plan?Is MMA or Kung Fu better?Cause i know d the extra physical will help me but i wna know which is the best 1 to do.

  6. hey brandon can you re-explain the 5-day split vs the way you currently work out. it was in an old vid that you posted before it got ban on youtube, but i want to try something different than the 5day. thanks

  7. Brandon, regarding this meal plan of eating 4 eggs in the morning and 4 at night, I’ve heard this before and looked into it as well but have questioned whether I should do it or not… Since I’ve seen your post I began eating 8 eggs per day (started this week). During this week I discussed this with some peers and we ended up searching whether they are good to eat in such a large quantity or not. Anyways from the majority of my findings it specifies the cholesterol isn’t bad for you (as you mentioned) BUT that you shouldn’t exceed more than 1-2 eggs per day because although it doesn’t affect your blood it does increase your chances of future heart failure and can also result in type 2 diabetes. Anyways I wanted to get your opinion on this and maybe if you could look into it…? Thanks a bunch!

    I’m posting some of my findings below so you can read them… (note the sources)

    There was also a link (in Spanish that’s why I’m not posting) that stated the maximum amount of eggs per week shouldn’t be more than 7 eggs. This website that stated this is the European egg industry site, not any random site.

      • Thanks a bunch. Ive started eating 8 eggs daily when I posted the original comment and also went in to do a study of cholesterol and testosterone. Will do another one in a month and will share the results if it helps my testosterone levels and if it didn’t raise my cholesterol 🙂

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