Workout and Fitness Advice For Basketball Players (with Dre “All Day” Baldwin)

Fitness advice for basketball palyers

I get a lot of about how to improve athletic performance in sports. Wile I am not a professional athlete, I do train some pro athletes during the off seasons.  I was recently approached by one of my favorite youtubers, Dre “All Day” Baldwin, about doing a video collaboration about how to basketball players should train to improve there game. In the videos below me and Dre talked about a ton of topics…

  • How to increase shot range
  • What kind of cardio is best for basketball players
  • what are the best exercises for basketball players in the weight room
  • how to increase your vertical jump
  • how to box out better
  • and MUCH more!

part 1

Part 2

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Workout and Fitness Advice For Basketball Players (with Dre “All Day” Baldwin)

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11 thoughts on “Workout and Fitness Advice For Basketball Players (with Dre “All Day” Baldwin)

  1. Hey Big Brandon! Supp bro! I think It’s really cool you and Dre did this collaboration Q & A together, I think that’s really cool. I’m a fan of what Dre does and I’m a big fan of the HLWP. I told you before you know I’m really trying to take my game to the next level and be the best basketball player I can be and this videos has given me a lot of advice and motivated me a lot not to make any more excuses, (one excuse I think I’ve been making too much is that I can’t shoot everyday because I don’t live near to a basketball court, I’d have to take a taxi and drive 15 mins to get to one) but to find a way because it means a lot to me and to be more consistent, not just with basketball but with life, school and playing instruments. So thanks bro!

  2. Matthew here again bro. My position is point guard and I want to ask you for some advice I hope that’s cool. Let me just give you an overview of what my routine is like. So I’d train twice a day, in the morning I’d do Jump manual (vertical jump training program) and in the afternoon 3 days of the week I’d do basketball training (ball handling and shooting) and on the 3 other days I’d do Unguardable Quickness (Quickness and Agility program) and rest Sunday afternoon. I’d do HIIT Cardio (sprinting) in the morning after the jump manual workout 3 times a week to improve my endurance. The Unguardable program comes with core and strength training and I spaced those out. The jump manual has 2 days when it focuses on core so i plugged it in there and I train core 3 times a week with a day rest in between. The Strength training is 5 exercises, I do those after quickness training so that’s done 2 times a week cause the core training goes on one of the days after quickness training.
    So I’m telling you all this to see what I probably need to adjust or what I need to add.
    In the video you said the top 3 exercises we should focus on is plyometrics, sprints, and lifting weights but focus on compound movements and push exercises and lower body exercises. I do HIIT so that’s the sprinting. In the jump manual program day 1 is plyometrics, and day 4 is weights, like dead lifts, squats, calves, ham curls, hang cleans. They don’t have clean and press on it so I should probably add it right?. Two days of the week is core and upper body. They only have one upper body exercise on it, upward arm thrust. They said I can add my own routine so I could do the upper body compound movements on that day like bench press and dips? And stretching and recovering and off day exercises is one the other 3 days.

    The Core training is good, but they mostly do plank holds and stability ball exercises. I think if I really want my core to be strong I should add weight to it like you do right?

    And lastly what should my diet be like? In the video you said playing basketball burns a lot of calories so I need to be eating a lot. And I’m working on my diet to be like 6 portion meals a day like you while taking whey protein as a supplement.

    I hope this wasn’t too much lol.

    • Sounds like your are doing all the right things Matthew! you can clean and press with the same barbell that you do your deadlifts with. If really sounds like you are doing everything that you need to be doing to accomplish your goals! I am proud of you! please keep me updated with on your progress!

      • Okay bro I will! And thanks for taking the time to read and reply and making all these videos. Your advice in fitness and diet is really helping me a lot!

  3. Cool post Brandon. I’m out of action at the minute. Relegated to walking and cycling because of a shoulder injury.

    Any tips on recuperating quicker? I’ve been out action for about 2 weeks now, really itching to get back into training too.

    I’ve not been to see a doctor, can’t see the point of paying silly money just to tell me I’ve a damaged muscle, which is probably the Supraspinatus.

    • Whats up bro. I am not qualified to give medical advice, but when ever I have an injury, I just find the exercises that dont hurt it and I do them. I pulled my bicep bad this summer and I could not do curls, but for what every reason, revers curls did not hurt so i only did them all summer until my bicep healed. hope that helps bro

  4. Hi there,

    I have an unrelated question – I’m trying to get fit, and I find it hard to try to gain muscle and loose fat at the same time. I got down from BMI 24 to 22 now, and I would probably like to stay there, but lose more fat and gain more muscle. Would you suggest going further down to say BMI 21 on a low carb diet, and then start gaining back to 22 on a high protein diet, or otherwise, first gain to BMI 23 on high protein and then try to loose fat back to BMI 22?

    • BMI is an arbitrary number. You should not concern yourself with it. It means NOTHING. its hard to buld muscle and burn fat at the ssametime. Its a lot easier to focus on one at a time. It can be done, its just not as easy as doing one at a time

      • Thanks for the answer. Anyway, even without the BMI, would you first loose fat and then gain muscle, or the other way, or does it not matter? And what periods would you recommend for each phase?

  5. Hey Brandon. Sup bro! I want advice on something else if that’s cool. In the jump program I’m using, They choose weight by making you find your 1 rep max by finding which weight you can only do 1 rep and then times it by .85, The instructions were given when doing the leg workouts with weights and on the upper body days is to do 1-3 sets between 1-10 reps, exploding with the positive and slowly with the negative. Then set 4 is done slowly. Then set 5 is 3 mini sets, the first 8 reps is done like set 4 and go to failure, weight is taken off and then another 8 reps or go to failure, more weight is taken off then another 8 reps or to failure. It’s done this way so majority is training explosion and the last part is to promote muscle growth. I wanted your advice on what you think about it? I’ll do the leg workouts this way but im wondering if I should do the upper body workouts this way? Because they have only one exercise on the upper body series, upward arm thrusts, so imma do more compound exercises on that day like bench press etc. Im also thinking about if I would reach a plateau after doing this for a couple months altho they say when it gets easier to do the 8 reps the 1 rep max should be reset.

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