How To Use Your Grocery Store To Get Ripped and Build Muscle Fast

How To Use Your Grocery Store To Get Ripped and Build Muscle Fast

If you  want to get ripped it starts in the kitchen; Actually it starts at the grocery store.

Having the right foods at home is arguably more important than knowing how to prepare those foods like a master chef. However, I highly recommend you do both.

If you’re anything like me, going to the grocery store isn’t just going to the grocery store. It’s more like going to Disneyland is for kids below the age of 8. It’s fantastic fun. There are incredible distractions everywhere.

In The Video below, I will show you “How To Grocery Shop” for fitness:

Note: Click here If you can not see the video

How To Grocery Shop:

Step 1: Before you even enter the grocery store have a plan that includes fruits, vegetables and quality proteins. No processed foods. No sugary bullshit drinks.

Step 2: Stay to the perimeter of the store. The aisles are laced with the cookies and cakes and processed foods that will rob you of your sweet sweet gains.

Step 3: I see fruits and veggies. Which ones to buy? My dad ate bananas all day like he was sponsored by them. He’d eat other stuff as well but fruit wise? Bananas all day. But you’re not my dad are you? Variety is the spice of life, Jack! Grab your favorites AND try a new one or two. Kiwi is the shit. Have you had a fig lately? Not the ones that come in the yellow box but an actual fig? How about squash? A purple sweet potato? Kale or parsley? I hope you said yes to at least one of these but I know a lot of you stick to the same things all the time. Yet, if you want different results you have to do things differently. And there are youtube videos that will show you how to deliciously and easily prepare anything you aren’t sure about.

Step 4: Since chicken is mostly for women, get you some red meat and some eggs – whole eggs not egg whites. I want to slap the shit out of people when they tell me they only eat egg whites. I’ve heard of people throwing their egg yolks in the garbage which is absurd. There is too much evidence about how good cholesterol is for you in order to sustain your overall health and well-being as well as helping to keep you lean and ripped. The egg white fairy is a lie.

Step 5: As long as you’re not intolerant, some grass fed cows milk is great to keep in your fridge. If you are intolerant, sub it out for almond, coconut, or some other delicious nut milk.

Step 6: Oh no you’re in the aisles. Put those cookies back. It’s time for abs baby!!!!! Some seasonings are great – get your goya and abobo. Oatmeal and brown rice are also fine to pick up from this no man’s land section of the grocery store.

Step 7: Olive oil and coconut oil. Best oils ever. Cook with them, take shots of them, rub them on your body. It’s all good for you, so stay silky as you make them GAINS!

Here is a video about taking shots of Olive Oil to gain more muscle mass:

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11 thoughts on “How To Use Your Grocery Store To Get Ripped and Build Muscle Fast

  1. Hey,

    I was wondering what you thought of these video suggestions:

    Day in the life of Brandon Carter,
    Life story of Brandon Carter,
    Good book recommendations,
    In depth look at your log books.

    Thanks for the videos and the inspiration.

  2. Hey man i’ve been wondering whether you bother to have coffee after a morning workout? Also i don’t really have much caffeine and i tried some an hour before a workout and i felt i tiny boost, but i feel alright without having it. Would you say having coffee is worth it before a workout cause of some of its ‘health benefits’ or should i just fuck it, even if it’s pretty much calorie-less?
    A response would be much appreciated man, respect from South England

  3. I recently began doing a lot more full body hiit workouts and Ive noticed a lot more muscle tone (most noticably in my arms) and general fat loss all over my body. My only problem is, my abs arent as defined as I want them to be (or as defined as they USED to be). I’m not islolating my abs but instead doing more plank exercises. Can you help me?

  4. Hey Brandon, i had few questions about your workout plan. I’m thinking about using it as a primer to insanity. I’m really trying to get into shape for the first time in my life. Would you recommend it to females? Can it be done by someone who hasn’t exercise in a very long time (essentially a beginner)? What kind of exercises are included (cardio, weight, resistance)? What kind of equipment would i need once i download the program? I would really appreciate if you could tell me more as i don’t see the answers available clearly on the specific page of your website.
    Thank you much in advance!!
    Sorry for the questions lol.

  5. I have recently started to take care of my body more than I used to and I was wondering if you could recomend some fitness plans to bulk up and could you also recomend some good suploments

  6. Waz d scene? Congrats on your achievements! I workout at 10pm now because of wrk&i follow your eating schedule to gain muscle&burn fat.Since i wrkout at nights i wtd to know if 2change my eating habits?For eg should i eat carbs in the evening till night instead of the mrng?

  7. bro what if i workout on an empty stomach first thing in the morning..resistance training followed by hiit cardio do you think i’ll still make gains considering i workout on an empty stomach and doing both weight training and hiit cardio(first thing in the morning)? thanks in advance!

  8. Yo Brandon,

    I’ve allready read 50% of your e-book. It’s f*cking amazing. The amount of practical information and how to do it in real life is unbelievable! I’ve started following you on youtube first and then on facebook. It now has been 9 months and you’re really someone to look up to!

    Since the first of September I started working out on a regular base (3 times a week). Since 1 month I started with a diet from my coach. In a week, after a few days it always get’s hard to keep dieting. Every sunday I have my cheatday to give my stomac a shock buth also so I can stick to my diet (mentally).

    I’m a Landscape architect so the most time I’m working at my desk without a lot of physical activity through the day. I have a big advantage that I work at home, so I can make my food for my diet at the times needed. Because of the fact that I work at home, I really am considering doing morning cardio on an empty stomac. I’ve allready started running outdoors buth it’s too hard. I’ve got problems with my knees so running outside is not exactly an option. The pain got worse after 2 weeks so I quited.

    That’s why I wrote this text on your blog. In your e-book you’re talking about HIIT. So now I’m wondering wich is the best routine for me to do in the morning. ( When I do morning cardio I take BCAA’s before and after so I have the energy buth my stomac is empty).
    Together with cardio I was also wondering what I can do more to lose more weight? Currently I’m training 4 days in the gym and 1 boxtraning of 2 hours, so I’m basically training 5 days a week. At the moment I really want to lose weight and cut. I have manboobs and a big belly. Those are the places where I really would love to see progress. I hope you can help me further with this. ( I know it’s not really a little text, buth I really wanna ask you all of this because you’re a hero to me. I really look up to you, man!)

    My statics: height: 173cm, weight: 81kg’s.

    Greets, Glenn

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