(New Video) How To Build A Bigger Stronger Arms At Home Without Weights or Equipment
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(New Video) How To Build A Bigger Stronger Arms At Home Without Weights or Equipment

People often ask me how can they build bigger stronger arms without any weights or equipment.I have not been in a real gym in years (I have a small weight set at home) so I can give you some tips on how to build your triceps with only body weight. First Of all, one big mistake people … Continue reading

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Home Fitness Equipment Review “The Human Trainer” Rotational Pulley and Olympic Rings

The ”Human Trainer” Is an elite total body suspension gym that you can use in at home. With the The ”Human Trainer” you can do hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose. They Just came out with some new add ons to the … Continue reading

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Me and A Hot White Chick (New Workout Videos)

I don’t normally post other people’s workout videos on this site, but the chick in the videos below is kind of cute (I like skinny girls), plus she is using my FAVORITE piece of home workout equipment, “The Human Trainer”! . You can also check out this crazy home back workout in my video above. … Continue reading

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Use “Drop Sets” to Build Muscle Fast

Are you using doing “Drop Sets” in your workouts? If not, then your are really missing out. “Drop Sets” are are great way to add intensity to your workouts! This video explains how what Drop Sets are and how to use them when you are working out in the gym or at home. For best results, make sure you … Continue reading

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How To Do Bicep Curls With Correct Form To Get Results Faster

I always see people doing bicep curls wrong and they wonder why there arms don’t get bigger or more ripped. If your not doing Bicep curls with the proper form, then your NOT WORKING YOUR BICEPS! In this video I demonstrate exactly how to do a proper biceps curls so you will get results faster. For best results, … Continue reading