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Advanced Workout Techniques”TRI-SETS” (New Video)

A Great Way to take your workout to the next level Is to start doing “TRI-SETS” A Tri Set is one large set, composed of three sets of different exercises, all targeting the same muscle group. Pick exercises, perform each exercise to failure (don’t count reps! counting reps is for suckas! your better that that!) , … Continue reading

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Kettlebell Workout – How to gain muscle and lose fat at home FAST

There is no better way to burn fat and build muscle at the same time than  kettlebell swings, snatches, and clean and jerks. These ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work. The harder you work the more calories you burn. This is why sprinters are ripped … Continue reading

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Use “Drop Sets” to Build Muscle Fast

Are you using doing “Drop Sets” in your workouts? If not, then your are really missing out. “Drop Sets” are are great way to add intensity to your workouts! This video explains how what Drop Sets are and how to use them when you are working out in the gym or at home. For best results, make sure you … Continue reading