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High Life Workout Plan

“I´d like to thank you for everything you`ve done up til now. Thanks to you i was able to accomplish my FItness Goals in the past year. Here are 2 pics. Sry for the before pic found no better one.
Would be glad to see it on your Facebook site or Homepage so that i can also motivate others to not give up
best regards”
-Christopher Scharner

High Life Workout Plan

“Results dont just come over night, and supplements can only do so much.. But these workouts Brandon provides are the real deal! For real results and real motivation quit doing the same workouts and try something new! I did, and I’m seeing satisfying results already!!”

High Life Workout Plan testimonial Before and After

“All of my coworkers, family and friends ask me how I lost all my weight (currently at a loss of 58 lbs) and built all of my muscle. I tell them that I used all that I learned from you as a base of my eating habits and work out plans. I wanted to thank you for all the helpful information and I wanted to send you a before and current (2 months ago) picture of myself so you can see my progress thanks to you. The before picture was a little over 1 year from the more current picture. I hope Brandon himself gets to see this because I would like him to know the huge impact his words and videos have had on my life and hopefully many others.”

High Life Workout Plan Brandon Carter

““i watched your youtube vids, which helped me with my body transformation. check my weight loss album!” – Kamari”

High Life Workout Plan

“Using you as an inspiration, I’ve got these results”
-Anders Christensen


549 thoughts on “FREE WORKOUT PLAN

      • Brandon im 16 and im 5’11 im wondering do I do the Highlifeworkout program and can I drink the protein shakes during my exercises to get big ?

      • Yo Brandon um im 16 and I dont have lots of fat so will i get bigger and ripped more fast then some big stomach people who buy the program ???

      • Hey Brandon it’s me again im Nikita by the way um bro I bought your program and its awsome the meal plan is sick and works like hell 😀 um the workouts ….. u said 5 day workout plan so u do the same thing 6 weeks ??? or u switch ???? dont get it quiet

      • hey brandon how do u stay motivated to keep doing your thing…. and i been working on my abs doin three sets of 12 for 2 months and i dont see results if i keep it up u think they will come with time

    • Hello,
      I’m 23 year old. I’m 5’2 and I weight 114. I know I’m skinny, but I want to get tone. I want to lose my love handles and belly fat. I don’t wanna lose a lot of weight. I just want a flat belly. Do you have a workout plan just for that?

    • hey my name is eric i use to be in shape… i played sports an boxed 4 a very long time….But after the death of my uncle who got me in shape an was my boxin trainer i gain some whieght an now i got a belly i wanna get built again wit a 6 pac an big ass arms can u help me

      • Eric i am sorry for your loss but Brandon can get you in shape I am in high school and his workout got me to be from 5’9 and 140 pounds to 5’8 and 200 pounds of pure muscle i am the biggest guy out on the football and lacrosse field and also that ladies love the six pack. So if your skeptic about this workout just think about what you could do if you spent a simple payment of 10 bucks to get jacked out of your mind and have that body you once had.

    • dude im 15 years old. i box. i lift weights i can max 185 for now. im about 5ft 11 and 180 lbs. i aint really fat either. im like 10-12 % bodyfat usually. i can feel the abs under there and its really pissin me off. i started doin 300-500 crunches before i go to bed and when i wake up(depends on iif im bein lazy or not lol). but all that does is the upper abs… and idk what i should do…
      got any ideas dude?

    • Hi Brandon, just wondering if you have programs for losing some muscle mass, mainly on my upper body such as shoulders and traps, i feel like i have maybe bulked up a little in the upper back and dunno if its possible to go back.any advice would be great.

      thanks in advance


      • I have NEVER heard this question in my life lol. just stop working out your shoulders and your traps. try running long distances untill you get to a size your happy with. Distance runners are ALWAYS skinny. Sprinters are ALWAYS ripped and muscular… that is why i recommend sprinting or some form of HIIT cardio for everyone else

    • Hey Brandon thanks alot i just downloaded the free workout and the ultimate fitness guide im going to work with those for the next 14 days and ill be back in 14 days to buy your ultimate program once im ready for it 😀 thanks alot and KEEP IT UP!!

    • I thought your plan was very helpfull for good exercises for different parts of the body but i train at home and just have a pullupbar, dumbells and a longbar so i cant do all the exercises on the video. Will the results still show if i dont do all of them and do you have an idea what i could use to bench on?

    • hi,
      i just download your full workout package. i just need to ask ,do u have to do chest every day or just once a weak… and do you have to switch the day’s of exercise, like you did chest on monday then next weak you do it on wednesday.

    • Hi Brandom i weigh about 5 stone and i want to get rid of my fat and add a six pack in no more than 3 weeks is that possible without the workout out plan if it is please give me the excersizes i need to do if its possible (but please make them easy) thank you your making my dream come true. =D

      • check out the workouts on this site, and download the FREE program. but the paid program has my diet plan in it, the will defiantly speed thinks up for you!

    • So your telling me i can download this and watch it on my evo? if you can watch it on a ipod im sure you can with an evo. if so freakin awesome if not im still going to download it

    • Hey Brandon it’s me again im Nikita by the way um bro I bought your program and its awsome the meal plan is sick and works like hell 😀 um the workouts ….. u said 5 day workout plan so u do the same thing 6 weeks ??? or u switch ???? dont get it quiet

      • Thanks bro!!! Thanks for buying the program! I am glad you found the Meal plan useful, I put A LOT of time in to it!

        I use the same split, but i change up the exercises every few weeks to keep my body guessing. there are plenty of videos in the program that explain how to do TONS of exercises for each body part. there is A LOT to chose from in there homie. Change it up every few weeks and you willl be in good shape. Keep me update on your progress homie!

    • hi man i was wondering if there is some other way to order this workout plan, since i cant use paypal in my country

    • hey brandon! im 16, i lost 50 pounds 2 years ago then i started working out with a trainer in november 2010 and in february 2011 i was 5’9 and i was 165 lbs, since summer started i stopped everything and i am currentl 186 lbs and i lost the hard muscles i had and im disgusted by the way i look. will your workout help me regain what i had ?? because i dont want to be a fatass again

    • Hey Brandon i am 22 and i am from India and my name is Param…bro i am started gyming frm 3 months and still not satisfy with my workout…yesterday i was searching bodybuilding workout plan in the youtube, luckily i clicked on your video and told myself that this is what i want to be…mann you got great shape not too bulky not too other builders.Bro my problem is that i cannot reduce my stomach and belly fat…..please help me out to get a proper shape and muscles like You..:)..and i am vegetarian bt i eat eggs so please guide me veg diet and protien powder…..i will surely download Your work out plan…but the problem is abt the veg diet…:(. I kno you vil surely help me out with this…Thank You..:)

    • Hi Brandon!I am from Romania..I am 14 years old,and I haven’t a lots of fat on me,but I want to make abs..I can buy your workout plan from Romania????Thanks to all…please reply to my via e-mail or comment,but please reply…Have a nice day!

  1. THanks for the yor comment Con! The free workout on the page will help you do just that! make sure you send and email to so you can instantly get your FREE printable copy of the workout! Make sure you email me to let me know about your progress!


    • Tried to download free trial,but it said it was no longer available.I was 1995 State Champ in North Carolina in Martial Arts.Just turned 35.Trying to see if I can win it again.Had a few health set backs but want to come strong this time.I enjoyed your video’s Brandon.Keep it up and God bless.

    • I am 42 years old, i have bad shape belly looking to lose weight and get ripped. My hieght is 166cm and weight is 71Kg. how could i get abs fast. I am in chennai (India) how i can get your full work out CD. what is the easy proceedure to get the same.


  2. have been working out at the gym now for about a month and can see gradual physical changes and feel increased strength but have no work out really and would love a copy of your plan

  3. i have a good routine and i know im doing it like it is, and i have a good diet, but i dont see fast results, there has to be another way. help !

  4. i’m in the army and looking for a good workout plan to get me in even better shape than i am now i want to be ripped and big do u think your up for it let me know

    • I can’t understand why the Army doesn’t promote nutrition more. Nutrition is more important then PT. A cooking class would probably be more productive then PT. I can’t believe how many overweight service people we have, although hats off to them for serving. BTW, I have been complementing this program with Mike Chang’s sixpackshortcuts. I think the most valuable lessons I get from SPS is the cooking lessons in their vids. Lol. Recommend spicing up this program with some cooking examples, too.

  5. great workout plan you have here, i also want to increase muscle and burn fat as fast as possible. Do you think i can register today…

  6. What up Brandon? I am looking to get into modeling. The genres I am interested in are urban fashion, fitness, swimwear, and underwear. I really want to gain weight for my shoots and preparing for the modeling industry. I wanted to know would some of the muscle that I gain come naturally since I am still 16 or is there something I should be doing now? I fear staying this same size all of my life. My other question is when going to the gym and trying to gain muscle, should I start off with cardio and then hit the weights? And, if so, how long and how many days should I do cardio before workouts?

    Thanks man


  7. Im in the Navy and currently deployed over seas. by no means am i fat but i would like to get ripped before we get home, can you help!

  8. looking to lose weight and get ripped. the free video is a great refrence to me because i am a beginning weight trainer.

  9. this looks great could you send e the work out please ineed to burn fat and build muscle and at the same time maybe get a little fitter. thanks

  10. hey if you can please send me the workout thing id love to get in shape for next years football and track tyvm man and great video

  11. Brandon Can you advise me? How to workout my chest at gym? (especially lower chest ).
    Can you develop program for me?

  12. this is great excrise i love it
    i want to get more mass and muscles so can you send me a copy of the workout please.
    thanx alot

  13. wow..i thought i was in shape,but u took the trophy man..can u send me a copy of your workout plan, i must be doing something wrong

  14. thats what im talking about!! im training for now 2 years and i just began your tipe of workout damn i should started that alot earlyer!!
    i realy have to have your plan! it would work perfectly on me

  15. Okay ive beeen trying all these different workouts and i havnt been getting the results i have been looking for i havnt been able to really get that cut look we all try to get A friend of mine told me about your workout plan and i thought i would give it a try could you email me your printable work out plan

  16. Hi there. You look fantastic man. How long would it take to look similar to you. I am committed. I work out 4 times a week and rest the other days. I had not been doing cardio but I think that I need cardio for my body type. I tend to hold chubbiness in my waist and lower back. It is annoying. I feel like I need a new plan. I recently committed to working out 4 days a week with weights and resting at least two days with out guilt. I work out so hard that I definitnely need the days off. However, how much cardio should I really do. I think I need 60 mins of cardio 5 days a week at least or even twice a day to get some of this chub off. I need some help. Please email me back bro. Congrats on your body and maintaining it. so well. I also eat 5-6 times a day..

  17. Hi Brandon,
    Thats like the perfect abs…Can you please send me your workout plan?
    I need to lose fat on belly and get bulk on my muscles 🙂

  18. Hey Me Again Whats your diet i go to high school and the food there is not healthy at all so what do u suggest? for meals

  19. hey Brandon I’m 16 and am in good shape I go gym do boxing and cross country. I am extremely fit and have a defined stomach and body but i want it to be more defined and fitter. I really want to be skinny-ripped like have real lean muscle and be around 9 stone I am between 9-5 to 10 stone (it goes up and down depending on the time of day). I was just wondering if your program can be of help to me or will it just make me big???

    • it can help you. if you DONT want to get big just dont eat as much. plus if you run cross country you burn WAY to many calories a day to get BIG. in the program i lay out how to get skinny and Ripped or how to get Big and ripped. good luck bro

  20. SUp!!
    ima 15 year old guy who is a bit fat, you can see the top part of my abs but the rest of its flab! and i cant go to the gym beacsue my mom got issues.
    NEED HELP !”!!!!!!!!!!

    if anyone can help me eamil me on

  21. Hello Brandon,

    I have been doing P90X for about 5 months and ready to try something else. I want to get your program. But first, I am 5-6 and weigh about 135. I want to put on 15 lbs. I find it hard on P90 to put on mass, which is my goal. I am very cut but need to build mass. (my wife wants me to throw her around the house every now and then 🙂

    So, what was your height and weight when you started working out? What is it now? How long have you been on your workout program? I know that in order for me to gain weight, I am going to have to add some supplements (I guess). Will your program do this for me? Does your program include the workouts to get my body “like” yours, or do I need to buy something in addition to your program. Also, will the two videos include your Ab excercise!



    • you will NOT gain the 15 pouns of mucsle you wan using P90x because P90x is not a mass building program. My program dose have what you need to build mass and / or cut up

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  22. hello brandon!i want a great body as yours but i dont have a credit card to get high life workout!are there any ways to buy it?i’m from greece!

  23. Yo whats up man,
    I just watched some of your youtube vids for the first time and i was pretty impressed, ive been going to the gym 5 times a week for the past 1 and a half months and i haven’t seen any results, i push myself but i don’t know whats the matter.

    any advice you can give me?

  24. Aren’t you the guy who also endorses Acai Force Pro? What is different about Tea Rexx, and why do you recommend Tea Rexx instead of Acai Force Pro in this Workout Plan?

  25. Yo Brandon so hears the deal. I’m 15 and have been working out for about two years. Just started working out seriously like 6 months ago. Im starting to plateau so i came across your program but i have one setback haha. Everthings great except the mealplan. I read all your stuff and it said like if you cant cook a meal eat a meal bar or meal shake. Im in school and i cant make a shake but i can eat a meal bar. but i went to pick some bars up and i dont really know what to get. Like there are those “Cliff Bar” things but i dont really know if thats what your considering a “meal Bar”. Could you hit me up and let me know like what you recomend or what you took while you were in school. Thanks bro keep it up.

  26. Hey Brandon.. I really need some help here! i am only 13 years old and i need a six pack and loose a lot of my weigh, can u help me, as you know i am only 13 years old, so i’m not so strong as other at 16-17. do you think you can help me? i have seen many other programs where they do many thing.. If you really want to help me, you can make some home workouts to me??.. (sorry that my english sux) and can u help me to explain all that cardio things.. i don’t understand that 🙂

  27. hello im jimmy im 14 and im not in shape im 150 pounds and i need to get in shape i play sports like football baseball and basketball but im still not in shape i need help will this help me get in shape? and will this help me get a six pack? how long will this take?

  28. hey bro can you tell me how tall are you cause i’m 15 years old and i’m 183cm
    should i start weightlifting?please answer me

  29. Hi, im 15 years old i think its time for me to get in better shape and get ripped. Im 5’10 about 175 pounds. I got your free trial and i was wondering do I do my hole body workout everyday or a body part a day?

    • when you download the full $7 program you’ll get a detailed workout to follow Monday-Friday. the free workout plan is a one day full body program. the $7 program is just a lot more intense

  30. Man, I´m on track and field, sprinting, mostly 100m

    I´m a little heavy now, about 78kg, 1.81m, bf around 12,13 – 17 years old.

    I will cut some shit food, and eat a little less and more fruit, you know, to try to lose some extra fat, and go down to 74kg at less with a bodyfat around 10.

    Your program is nice,I have been doing some cardio/pylometric work this holidays that I saw on your youtube videos.

    I´m eating nice complex carbs, veggies, fruits, no sugar foods or drinks.. a clean diet you know. But now I also bought whey protein to take when I wake up and after training.
    I train 4/5 times per week.

    You also seems to have a nice sprinter body, what about trying track??

    Bye man, good job.
    Keep it up:D

  31. I use your full video, which is great.

    What would you recommend as an alternative to decline bench dumb bells, the bench’s at my gym only lye flat so I cannot do decline only dips? Thanks

  32. Hi Brandon,
    I’m 22 years old, am 169 cm and weigh 65 kg.
    I’m slim have a half-ripped body, no six pack. and a little bit stomach-fat.
    Think because of I’m doing Martial Arts since i’m 7 years old.
    Now i started going to a fitness center. then saw your vids on youtube.
    I’m quiet impressed by your body. It’s kind of motivation now for me.

    The thing is: I want to get more muscles and be ripped (like you) but without any SUpliments like creatin or anything else, only natural trainig so to say…

    Well my target would be to be at the end
    170cm with 75-80kg weight, muscles and ripped.
    And of course to hold that then…

    Is that possible? Is your program giving me the necessery infos to manage that?

    I’ll wait for your answer. Please write me an e-mail on OR

    Thank you and god bless.

  33. hi. i’m 16 and im in pretty bad shape. i want abs but they aren’t my main goal. my main goal is to get into great shape for my prom. will this help me get in great shaape for my prom in 4 months?

  34. What happends when i pay on the paypal? do i get the download links on email or what? im gonna order it as soon as i know that 🙂

  35. Hi i’m 6 foot 4″ tall and about 16.5 stone also i’m 34 years old and would like to start focusing on my fittness by toning up and lossing body fat, and would like a copyof the free workout does this workout give some idear of what sort of diet i need.
    Thanks Tim.

  36. before i buy, can i do these excersises at home. i’m not close to a gym and so i need to know if the excersises that i will download when i buy can be done at home. i have some equipment that i can use as well.

  37. Hey i have been doin the free trial and I’ve been seeing good results. I was just wondering, is diet really that important?

  38. hi, i have been training for about 2 months and i have started seeing results, however what i really want is bigger arms, chest and more defined abs. do you have any work out plans or advice for me?

  39. hey bro i can’t download the program cause i don’t have a credit card i watched all your videos.can i get a body as yours untill summer without any supplements?please answer me as soon as possible!thx

  40. hi brandon. planning to purchase your video but hav a few questions which i hope you wouldn’t mind asnwering them for me. how long is your both your video? and do you provide any email support for it if we come accross any questions with some of the technique covered? and i have just purchase P90X, do you think it will compliment well with your system? you did mention that P90X is effective if i want to get ripped and that your program will help to build mass which is what i am seeking. so i think combining both will give me better result what do you think?

    • P90x is a good program (if you dont mind paying $200) for it. P90x is an endurance/Fat burning program. it will get you ripped, not big. mine will do both. you can email me or hit me on Twitter when ever you want!

  41. Hey Brandon!
    I am 17, just started working out at the gym 3 months ago, but with no results. It would be great if you will send me the workout plan! Thanks!

  42. Hi,
    I am welling to download your plan, but i have one concern before that, I only can train at 06:00am before going to work this is the only free time the i have, you know at that tme i just waked up and not that much of food i can eat to get power. my question is does your program support my setuation?

    Thanks a lot.

  43. hey ive just been on the off season from afl and holidays just finished, and i feel unfit and ive gained some weight, whats a quick and easy way to get back into shape?

  44. hey yo whats on the go brandon man im 17 and in fabulious shape but i have really small arms i can do 10 one hand push ups no problem and i can bench 190-200 pounds easy but my arms wont grow what do you think i should do to gain arm musle and is one of them metal bars with the spring in the middle any good i have one and i can do it easy.i think it looks so weird that my arms are so small but my body is fine i have nice sholder musles and a good stomach but these tweggie arms are starting to piss me off lol anyways man if you have any idea to help e-mail me as soon as u can and one more thing are raw eggs good to eat befor working out?and what is the best meal bar to eat on the go when i have no time to cook? thats about it thatnks for your time brandon hope to hair from you soon.

  45. hi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Iwant to make for me six pack >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  46. hi my name is john i am looking to build muscle i am about 5’11” and weigh about 120-25 i want a program to keep me on track cause i always find myself never staying on a plan simply because i never get results i want ! i pretty much want a body like u have do you have a plan that will get me there like a daily schedule i can follow and see results fast? im planning on buying your videos but i wanna make sure it has something i can follow !

  47. i want to gain muscle and loose fat what that tea rexx nurtrtion thing is it powder or…

    wht does it do gain weight for mucsle or burns fat ? thnx plz replay

  48. hey Brandon..i am skinny and i wanna get big. i have been training about 1 year, but i didn’t get much results from that. can u give me some advice.

  49. Hey,

    My name is Aaron and I am currently 17 years old who unfortunately has to go through the pain of having man boobs. Can you please help me as I sometimes get bullied because of my weight and I would like to show them and my family that I can be a good built. As I have my life ahead of me I don’t want this man boobs to be with me even when I’m older . Having this man boobs has stopped me from taking my shirt off and therefore it has stopped me from going swimming and other type sports. I also have to wear a thin t-shirt underneath so it doesn’t show when I wear different t-shirts on top.

    Please can you help me and I am willing to do anything to get rid of them otherwise my doctor is putting me for an operation soon.



  50. Heya brandon .. Just found ur site and amg i like it xD

    Im 18 Year Old 56 Wieght im skinny but i wish to get Abdominals // chest really fast i wish i can do that before summer can ya give me some good tips ?

    And dw i can pay you xD i just wish to know a good way to get muscled fast

  51. hey brandon i want to know smth when you work out your abs at the pull up bar do you touch your feet on the ground or you keep them in the air?continue the good work

  52. hey

    yea so i did the two weeks but its npt takin my visa so its the only card i got………………………………………………can u help

  53. hey just got your workout plan…thought you would have it geared more towards in home workouts kind of like all the you tube posts ( thought you gave up your gym membership….i recently did too). Also figured there would more workouts for each group…seems like the same thing each week. I’m not trying to hate on your workouts…i use them and like ’em.

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  63. hi im 16 years old and i run the 400m dash in track
    i was wondering if eating more would help me get bigger. thats all

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  69. Hey, question about the work out plan. Do you need a gym membership or expensive equipment to follow it? Cuz, I’m kinda on a budget right now. Thanks

    • you do each set until you CANT do anymore!!! if your trying to bulk up, pick a wieght that makes it so you cant to anymore around 8-10 reps. if you can do more then its not heavy enuff, if you cant do 8 then its to heavy. the point is to do it untill you CANT DO ANYMORE so your muscles will know that they need to get stronger. that is the key

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  72. Hi, just a question. Do I need a membership and/or equipment? Since I’m at the age of 12-13 and don’t have those resources available to me. I probably can’t download the video since I obviously can’t pay for it and if I did ask my parents to, it would be a positively no.

  73. Hey man, saw your videos on youtube and checked out your website. I downloaded the free trial thing and you have some good ideas, but that thing is riddled with typos. Just a heads up. I’d be glad to fix it up for you.

    • lol, I am aware of that. Spelling has always been my Achilles heel. I was diagnosed dyslexia at a young age, but my family did not have money to deal with it. somehow I made it through college, but as you can see, it still finds ways to manifest it self. If your could edit it for me that would be awesome.

  74. hey man im 13 bout to turn 14 in like 3 days. i was wondering if i used your workout plan would it mess with my growth as in tall wise?

    • That is a myth like the “Tooth-Fairy” or “Easter Bunny”. Lifting weights will NOT stunt your growth! that is why your High School Gym has a weight room… USE IT!!!! trust me bro, I ask my doctor that when I was young and he told me it was bullshit. now I am 6’2. Having that said, I still want you to ask your Doctor first so when people try to tell you that it will hurt you, you can say that your doctor said that they were full of shit

  75. I am a ugby player.I am. i have the speed and skills, but i just don’t have the strength. i am 60kg (132 pounds) the season finishes in 10 months. Can i put on a bit of muscle by then with your programe?I am far from ich so i am hesitant on programs like this. Thaks

  76. I am looking for that trial but i cant seem to find it, ive submited my mail on that site where is dude with shirt and cap on, but i dont get any mail.
    Where is the problem?

  77. Yo Brandon, I ordered your plan about a month ago and am going through it. It’s a real nice program. Now about the Tea Rexx. Amazon is saying it is currently unavailable and they don’t know when it will be again. Is Amazon the only place to get this supplement?

  78. Brandon, been doing the workout plan and it’s going great. The Tea Rexx supplement is not available on Amazon. Can you get it any other place? Are you still using it now? I’m trying to get it but can’t find it anywhere.

  79. Brandon, been doing the workout plan and it’s going great. The Tea Rexx supplement is not available on Amazon. Can you get it any other place? Are you still using it now? I’m trying to get it but can’t find it anywhere.

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  81. hey man, i got your plan i payed about $10 for that stuff and i hope you can help me out. i want to have a six pac. im like 5-7 170lb im tryin to get that abs you got. Can you give the work out and a plan i really need to get my fat to flat abs? My friends told me i cant do it, so i want to prove them wrong.

  82. hi brandon im 108 pounds 5f 7 im 19 i wanna gain weight im ripped but i wanna be be more ripped like u if i buy this highlifeworkout does it tell me how to gain weight

  83. hey just wanted to ask, if you quit the gym ages ago then how come the highlife workout vid is done in a gym and sometimes using machines? just i cant use that plan because i do not have a gym membership.
    by the way if you work from home do you need to change your workout much and how often? and if you run out of exercises with the equipment you have can you just go back to a routine you have not done in a while or will your body still get plateau? thanks and love the workouts!

  84. hey you lookin good man……heres the dealzz. im about download the program but i need to know how you rnutrition program is? lots of recipes and does it tell me what to eat for the next 6-12 weeks? cuz i dont wanna eat the same thing everyday

    get back to me….thanks!

    • thanks. my nutrition plan dose not have “recipes” because it is not a cook book. it has the basic guidelines that you need to eat right were ever you are… even McDonald’s!!!

  85. just about to download the program, was wondering i really like taking one caffiene pill before my workout cuz it gives me a wicked workout!, anythong wrong with that? what do you think?

    • I used to take a bunch off caffeine before workout. The problem with that is Caffeine give you energy because if makes your adrenal gland produce adrenaline. but after a wile your adrenal gland forgets how to make adrenaline without Caffeine, the way it would normally. Thats why people get addicted. So you can take caffeine if you want, but be careful. thats why i use Tea Rexx before a workout instead of something with a lot of caffeine

  86. hi brandon! i am 15 years old and have weight over 186lbs=90kg…..currently i a using an elliptical machine so i wanted to ask u that can i use it straight after eating?? i mean is it right?? and tell me a good diet plan plzz…….

  87. hi there bro !!
    i love you’re body and muscles and i want to ask u something i’m a boy 15 years old and i really dont have much muscles and i want you’re help please i dont want huge muscles but i want to get strong and nice biceps so can u help me by telling me how do i train and how much times on the week ???

  88. hi brandon i purchase High Life Workout Plan about 4 days ago and on the video u trainer 5 days a week im trying to gain weight should i do 3 days a week 2 exercise a day or should i just do 5 days a week..
    get back to me thanks ??

  89. plz repy back thanks

    hi brandon i purchase High Life Workout Plan about 4 days ago and on the video u trainer 5 days a week im trying to gain weight should i do 3 days a week 2 exercise a day or should i just do 5 days a week..
    get back to me thanks ??

  90. hey is it your high life workout that got you in the shape you are, or is it more genetics? cuz it almost seem like no matter what type of exercise you do, you’ll look like that. so meaning if you were just rolling around the floor you’ll still look like that.

    • genetics are over rated. people use genetics as an excuses most of the time. it should be easy from the videos on this site that its all about hard work. what is your diet like? if your are not getting results it has to be because of your diet

  91. I am so confused, so many workout plans online. I usually do not trust them but this one looks like it might actually work! I’m going to give it a shot

  92. Hi, very Impressive Brandon.
    I am 5’10” 110 kg. Broad structured ( Shoulder , Chest ). Fat On Belly, Upper Back and Loose chest, Double chinned………………What would you recommend ?


  93. Hey man. Does your dvd program include leg workouts as well or just upper body? Im considering purchasing the dvd today.

  94. hey brandon i am a skinny 16 year old male looking to build muscle and gain weight. i want to get abs too. and build my whole upper body. also legs too i guess. can you please help me.

  95. HI brandon im 5’3″ 112 lbs and only 15 I really want to get bigger and toe because im really small i am a wrestler and i am in martial arts. Do you think at my age that your videos can help me??? Thank You

  96. Hey,
    Im 15 years old 5’9 and about 60kg. I have a daily workout of 300 crunches, 100 press ups and 100 dips. I have no access to wieghts though. I have quite defined abs and big shoulders from, i think, swimming loads when i was younger. My problem is that my arms are still small and i think this is due to the fact i have no fat which i can change into muscle. What exercises can i do to change this?
    Thanks man

  97. HEY SIR
    Im 17 years Boogie-x from denmark, and your workout program is the best i have try ever,
    you a the best bodybuilder teacher

  98. Yo Brandon, how so you download the video workouts? Not sure how to do that. You say you can download them to your iPod, right?

  99. Hi Brandon I’m 22 years old and I was just wondering this plan of your,, will it get me the body you have I’m 5’8 weight 150?

  100. Hey Brandon, Im 31, 6’2 and 225 pounds. Im looking to add serious muscle and lose a lot of fat. Can I accomplish this with your program? New year, new body! Of course I plan to not drink the beer but If I follow it step by step should I reach levels similar to yourself? I know everybody is different but im really tired of being dumpy and looking to stand out from the rest

  101. Hi there,

    I dont have an access top to the gym, just wondering if this workout plan suitable for me?

    I have a flat bench dumb bell, barbell, chin up bar and resistance band at home. Will this give me the result with the following equipment?

  102. Hi, I would like to buy your workout plan, But I cannot use paypal… For reasons that aren’t important. my Question is:
    Is there any other way I can pay for the workout plan.

    Thanks in advance.

  103. Hi Brandon, I just bought your Full workout plan however its very different from you Free one. As in, the free plan you say to do all body parts a day and in the Full plan, you say to do one muscle group a day. Why the big difference? Which is better?

    • The free one is for beginners, after a few weeks you will be better for the full plan. the full plan is better, but if your just starting out, you should do the free one for two weeks to get your body ready

  104. Heyy Brendon, Im 14 (ye ik im young hahaa) i weigh 135 and im 5’7 and im all muscle i hve a 2 pack but i want a six pack real fast but i would like a trial or possibly free on first.
    Thankss bro

  105. hey was up i been working out for 8 months now i got stonger but im not ripped like i want to be im having a hard time losing my lovehandles need help also i take n o explode can i take that and trex tea at same time answer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    • I do you like N.O. Explode? I tryed that shit once and it made me feel like a crack head! it also made want to puke. you can take TeaRexx with anything because its 100% Natural, but I and not a fan of N.O. Explode. It has a TON of caffeine!!! TeaRexx had very little

  106. Hey there, Brandon. I was wondering, instead of doing HIIT on the treadmill, would it also be effictive on a cycling machine? For example, I can apply a high resistance on the cycle and pedal hard for 30 seconds. What is better in your opinion?


  107. Generous Hello’s Brandon
    can you tell me how the meal plans in the program are like?
    Is it simple to follow?

  108. I downloaded your workout plan, im going to start it monday.
    Im 16 yearrs old and about 12-13% bodt fat , i does boxing and weightlifitng, I already been floowing a healthy meal plan. How long would it take for me to see the changes of my body once i start your workout plan ?


  109. Hi Brandon,

    I just bought your plan. I really like the way you divided the exercises into push and pull exercises. The whole program looks pretty complete and efficient. Now, I am going to do my workouts early in the mornings before work. So, should I do the full work out and cardio on an empty stomach or should I have the first meal/meal replacement before working out. Do you think this is going to affect my workout results and intensity or not?

      • Sounds great. That’s what I needed to know. I’m already in pretty good shape. All I need is to define my upper body.

        Thanks Brandon.


      • Alright Brandon,

        I am going to quizz you out a little here.

        1. When you recommend to do cardio and abs everyday, you mean 7 days a week or only the days you workout (5 days a week if I follow your gym routine). Remember I want to cut up.

        2. Should I do cardio, abs, and then workout? or the order doesn’t matter? Does the order affect the results of the workout?

        Thank you.

  110. I am so interested in applying your plan!!
    Unfortunately I don’t have paypal so can I transfer to your bank account??

  111. hi,i have downloaded your programme but the link keeps sending me to dropbox 403,,can anyone help me with this ??????

  112. Hey bro is it possible to make a barbell with like 2 dumbells?
    i can’t drive yet so i can’t go to a gym, and i don’t have enough money for a barbell.
    Hit me up if you find an idea~

  113. Hay man I’m 15 and I play football and do wrestling I’m like 20% body fat & 5’9 155 I wanna get ripped and be a better player but I just don’t have the inspiration to do it this program looks amazingly helpful but I don’t know if I would be able to keep doing it for 6 weeks any comments?

  114. i paid the fee’s for the workout plan, and i cant download the files! it keeps taking me to the ‘Dropbox’ website. what do i do!

  115. Hey bro,
    i just have a simple question for you….. how can i increase my strength , i have been working out for quite a while but the progress has been really slow espcially the strength part !!any suggestion would be appreciated !
    thanks a lot

  116. I downloaded the Free workout, looking to download the total program in the next week or so. Been seeing results, but I was wondering, do I need to take any supplements on the total program? Right now I drink an AMP XXX Protein drink daily but that’s about it other than my One a Day multi-vitamin. Can you let me know if I will need supplements on the Full program and if so what those supplements are so I can get prepared in the next week or so? Thanks. Program is working so far, looking forward to seeing how the full program works for me…

  117. Hey
    i just bought your full workout plan, i got the email, but the link doesn’t seem to work, it just comes up as ‘ Error 403’. can you help please?

  118. Hey, I’m about to become an active gym-goer and I would love to bulk up. I’m 15 years old, 6’1, and ~155 lbs. Yeah, I know I’m on the skinnier side, but that’s why I’m wanting to get big.

    I’m starting MMA soon and will probably start wrestling and/or football at my new school (my previous one didn’t have them). I already workout 4 days a week, but they’re not very intense sense it’s at home I take protein shakes and multivitamins.

    I’d like to gain around 25 lbs by the end of this year. Do you think that will be possible? If not, how much would you think I’d gain and how fast?


    P.S. If I buy this, I’ll make sure to post my progress!

  119. I was just curious…I work out hard everyday but the cardio doesn’t seem to be doing much for my stomach. When I originally started exercising regularly my goal was to get ripped, not bodybuilder ripped, but defined. What can I do to work on my abs if my neck is injured and hurts when I try to do crunches and similar exercises.

    Thanks Man,

  120. hey man, how u doing
    listen im 65 kg and im pretty skinny
    i need help to get toned, i’ve been working out but not gettin toned

    anyways to help ?

  121. I’m one of those trainers that charge $100/hr. I just wanted to say its impressive that you take the time to reply to every ones comments.

  122. Hey Brandon, I’m 16 , about 70kg, about 17% body fat and 6ft 2. I wanna’ get lean muscle because at the moment I have excess fat everywhere! With your plan how long do you think It’d take me to do this?

  123. Brandon, I am seriously considering purchasing your workout plan as well as some Tea Rexx but how do I know this is all legit? I have looked at all your videos and read what you’ve had to say about lifting and it all seems solid, in fact I have tried some of it and it’s looking pretty good..but why should I spend the money for the plan? Do you know anyone who has used your plan before with good results that I can talk to or read about? I only ask because the internet is packed with people trying to sell bull crap. Hit me up and let me know what’s good.

  124. I’m 15 and I wiegh 129 and am 5’7. I’m really skinny but I want to play football. I want to gain as much weight possible in 3 months but I want lean muscle, will this workout help me achieve that goal?

  125. I’m 15 and I’m really skinny, I weigh 128 pounds and am 5’7. I want to play football really badly! But m too small. I want to gain as much weight as possible in 3 months but still be lean, will this workout help me achieve my goal? Thanks

  126. hey bro!
    how old should you be for this stuff???
    can you be 10 and do it or maybe 78!!!!!
    plz tell what the min and the max age is

  127. Hi bro!
    I used your free workout plan. and it actually help me to be leaner. But now I wanna to get muscle weight and to also to stay ripped. I would like to be more muscular than skinny. Does your full workout plan will help me to reach my goal?

  128. Hi bro!
    I used your free workout plan and it actually helped to be leaner. But now I wanna gain more muscle weight and to stay ripped as well. I would like to know: does your full workout plan will help me to be more muscular(and ripped) instead of to be skinny?

  129. Hi bro!
    I used your free workout plan and it actually helped to be leaner. But now I wanna gain more muscle weight and to stay ripped as well. I would like to know: does your full workout plan will help me to be more muscular(and ripped) instead of to be skinny?
    Thanks a lot!

  130. hi brandom,
    i,m engg student and i,m study long hours on sitting on a bench due to this i suffer from stomach fat and i want to reduce it but i,ve no time to spend in please guide me from beginning.I just want a flat stomach and guide which exercise is best for biceps,triceps,chest and shoulder.

  131. Hi Fella
    Listen mate I have been working off yr amazin Abs workout and now seeing results faster than anything else I ever tried before, I can feel muscle forming under the skin, looking forward to being totally cut and hard and I shall def be investing in your full program very soon.

    Question ? I am working on improving my core strengh as in the past i suffered from a siatic nerve trapped in lower back which ment i the muscle in lower back became thin and wasted which makes my sit ups slow, do you have any tips to work on strenghening my lower back, to get the max out of yr spartan workout , i also get very tight ham strings due to the same previous injury, I am on the road to recovery but do not want to fall back into the same trap as before ie do you have a routine that helps lower back and Abs?

  132. Brandon, you’re spectacularly fit. Your physique serves as a real inspiration. Is there any equipment i’ll have to buy beforehand to start the programme?

  133. hi brandon my name is Steve Suppan 18 years old and live in Amsterdam. i follow a education for be a personal trainer, and i want a lot of workouts for my clients, and not alone for losing fat and get ripped but also that i can give my clients the feeling that they do something and they feels right and get more confidents. is that in your workoutplan? because than i want it. holla

  134. I got an embarrassing problem… I have man boobs…. But I’m not overweight. I have a really slender body type (to a point where people ask me if I eat everyday) It just is so embarrassing. I want a body like yours and be confident and comfortable in my body. I feel like i do a ton of pushups on an incline every night, and they are helpingbut not much. I want to get rid of these things asap. Any ideas?

  135. hey brandon you rock man i am stunned by you skills this site has really helped
    i have almost have my muscles growing up since i dont want to go the gym please some home remedies for bodybuilding it will really help me man

    i have seen many of your videos

    if you give me some tips its really gonna help me man

    • Thanks man! I have not been in a REAL gym in over 2 years!!! I love working out at home. I suggest you invest in some home workout equipment ( ). a basic set up will cost you less the one month at a real gym but you have use it YEARS!

      My program has a whole section devoted ONLY to working out at home! It explains every thing you need to do and how to do it!

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  136. Hi I goto the gym and have been going there for about 6months, my workout is chest monday, back tuesday, wednesday off, Thursday shoulders, and Friday biceps and triceps and have the weekends off, and also work on abs twice a week, I weigh 69kg I have put on 4kg since I started at the gym, I’m not fat at all just toned and muscly, I’m just interested In trying something different and all your info is true, I dont work on cardio or legs. I just let my longboard and my regular bodyboarding do that, I’m interested in doing something different, build more muscle and become more toned, does your workout tell you when the right time to take protien as well? And is it really worth it? And that good? I’m pretty interested in it cheers:) I live in australia btw and If this workout is really good and I do see a big result, I will recommend it to all my friends 🙂

    • Whats up hoime! You have a good split program, but i think you should workout your legs on Wends if your going to keep that program. You probably get enuff cardio from your boarding, but it will not be log before your upper body starts to look crazy. They way your work out legs with bording is more of endurance training, thats not the same training your giving your upper body. Look at a sprinter’s legs, then look at marathon runner’s legs and you will understand the difference.

      But yes, my program WILL tell you exactly what to do, when to do it, and what to eat. I tryed to make it a fool-proof as possible. plus I try my hardest to respond to all the questions the people leave here on the blog. good luck homie. keep me updated on your progress

  137. hey my names aj an im turning 17 july 3 of this yrs but i weigh 120 an im 5ft 11inches need your help i want be big i have muscle just no chest or tricep muscles was hoping for some tips from you if you can i would greatly appreciate it thnx:)

  138. hey bro,
    I got an email about your free trial, but when I open the drop box link it just says “error 403” Can you help me with this please. I want to buy your full programme. Keep up the good work man!

    • YES! and dont let anyone tell you diffreently! your metabolism is crazy high, so your going to have to eat A LOT everyday. thats going to be the hardest part for you, but if you want if bad enuff you can do it!!!!!

  139. hey carter please give me some more tips man
    my muscles are almost bulking up

    so please help with tips man

    so you are really cool man i was really stunned when i saw your workouts

    so please do help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Dude! your program has helped so far by getting past my “brick wass” at 204 lbs. i had lost wieght from 224 to get to 204. After i got your program i shattered past it within a week loosing over 5lbs. im on my second week and am at 192. im never to hungry, i always feel great, and i even take FULL advantage of my cheat days! When i reach my goal of a six pack i owe you a steak haha!

  141. Hey bro,

    You’re looking ripped, man! I have read some articles that you wrote and it looks like this High Life Workout program is useful, but I’m deaf and a fluent signer of American Sign Language. How could it help me correct my workout forms if I couldn’t hear these videos or couldn’t understand what you said? Somehow, I really hope you don’t mind adding closed captions to them for me.


      • Oh, I didn’t notice this message until now! All right, please try your best to add closed captions on these upcoming videos. Thanks. =]

  142. Hey Brandon

    I just purchased your high life workut plan and the download page is an error! Please resend me the link as I did not receive what I paid for. Thank you

  143. This sounds awesome, can’t wait to get started!
    Just bought an other plan for $99 and it wasn’t even for home (like it promised to be), so this is a GREAT price!

  144. Hey bro,

    Your body looks ripped, man! I want to ask you before buying this program. I want to repeat myself because I think you missed it so I’m deaf and here’s my question. How does it help correct my workout form if I don’t understand what are you saying? Would you be willing to add closed captions on these videos for me? I would greatly appreciate it if you return this message to me. Thanks, dude.


  145. Hey Brandon,
    I recently purchased your highlife workout plan through paypal, any idea how i will receive the videos and info (via mail/airmail etc..)?
    Besides that… your videos are awesome and they really work!!!

    Keep it up!

  146. I am thinking about to download your plan but as far as I know you just cant use a standard plan for all time because your muscles get used to
    a certain excercise in abouth a month. So, if you want to achieve constant
    increase in a muscle you need to confuse the muscle with changing your
    exercise. If I would download your plan how will i update my program in about a month or so…

  147. Yo I really want to start the workout tomorrow but like I tried to download it after i bought it and it didnt work.. it said the link has expired.. so please… please.. i sent an email to customer support… but please respond in a day so i can start when i wake today.. cause its like 2 am

  148. Mam i tried the workout today and im am almost dying :p /

    I just need u to send me an email about what kinds of foods i can eat i am going to try my best all i need is the diet foods

  149. I got in shape already man got the six pak blah blah, but i dont have that confidence the women want you know, the swagg you got man you need to make a video on that bro lol your an amazing person and i want to be successful like you, im 18 and im going to college this semester so i want to pick up the ladies lol..take care and may god bless you bro..(i wish i could hang out with you to see how you do it man lol)

    • lol Thanks homie! that means a lot to me! Working out will help you with your confidence a lot!!! not just because you will he in better shape, but more because the act of accomplishing something (you workout) everyday dose a lot to build confidence!!! good luck in school homie! keep me updated on your progress!

  150. Hi Brandon i’m currently going to the gym i’m 152 pounds and about 5’11 tall. I wanna gain weight and build muscle. Is your High life workout plan still good for me? I’m considering in buying your workout plan. but not sure if it will work for me, because i feel like i’m too skinny and wanna gain weight.

  151. I downloaded your full plan like a month ago but didn’t get the 50 downloadable videos and all the extra things. All I got was a 10 minute video of your workout plan and a PDF of information.

  152. hello brandon how are u

    well iam 18 and iam 170 cm hight i had been in alot of transformations i was fat in the past and i was 93 kg and 170 cm and then i got in unhealthy diet and then i lost 30 kg after this i gained weight fast i dont know why and now mybe iam 85 kg

    so do you think this programme will help me and do you think the programme will help me stretch the skin loss buy building muscles

    i dont know what to do do you think i sould lose wight in first place or build mucscles and be in a diet


  153. hi
    i will download workout plan but i dont have fat in my body……
    so how can i build 6 packs and wat shud i eat…..??

  154. Brandon, can I ask u something?
    I’m 14 and i worry that doing weight lifting might cause me to become shorter. Is it possible?

  155. How do I put the money with paypal account when i make one? i mean like do i need a credit card, or is it like amazon?

  156. hey, just want to know, what’s more effective, pounding at one muscle group per day with around 4 exercises per muscle group, or doing push and pull exercises in the 4 day workout split like in your “Home” workout plan with just 3 exercises per muscle group as i would be working out more than one muscle group per day. it’s just i find using the 4 day split easier on some weeks because i am able to go boxing more at the start of the week and do weights from thursday to saturday and then rest on sunday.
    I struggled to go boxing as much when working out one muscle group per day from monday to friday because i found my muscles were always sore or i was just to tired to do my best.
    the reason i want to do both is because i think that the weights will really help in the strength and punching power i have plus making me look better in the ring haha what do you reccommend i do? thanks 🙂

  157. hi brandon
    i have a 8 packs but i have a fat layer in the lower abs
    how can i loss it in fast way
    i dont have a cardio machine can i use the rope jumping

  158. hi … i have a question …. can i do your program without any nutrition supplies ?? just natural supplies ?

    the reason to my question is i like to keep my body natural without any supplies and that’s all.

    and i love your video and your exercises are extremely powerful .

  159. hey, hows it going my name is chris, i always work out my core but i never see your saying if i buy your video i can get riped a look a little closer to you in $ weeks?

  160. Im 14 off to be a freshmen in highschool, i do have what looks like all i need to start ur program. I bought 40 pound weight set (adjustable) and the home workout set with the pull up bar, that roller thing and the perfect pushup handles, my question is do you think i am an ok age to start working out….at the gym the age is 14 bit is it “healty”?, also can u compare your program with p90x(besides the price) Thanks. Oh and I’m 5’8 and 124 pounds

  161. Brandon, i’m 18 about 5’11 around 270. I know i’m overweight how can I lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? What exercises and diet would you recommend I try?

  162. Hey bro, does this come with a diet plan aswell ? im eating all sorts of good foods at the moment but i think id prefer a diet plan

  163. Hey Brandon, i have really stubborn belly fat that won’t go away, and i have tried everything i can, would you give me something to burn fat fast? Thankyou

  164. Brandon instead of downloading it would i be able to purchase a dvd of it for home use . I have no computer all I have is my htc phone?

    • your going to have to download it to a computer 1st, then put the videos on your phone. The program is not JUST videos. it also contains some PDF files that your going to want to read in order to get the most out of the program. I’m sure you have a friend of a family member that will let you use there computer. good luck

  165. BRANDON CARTER ….. i am akash i am from INDIA i am 6ft tall and wiegnh 94.5kgs but i m workin hell lot to burn ma belly fat plz do help me out to get 6packs like u …is tat enough tat the exercise tat u hav shown for abs to get 6 pack..

  166. i saw your video on youtube where you do high knees, squat thrusts? ( i think thats them) and mountain climbers all for 30 sec. how many times a day should i do those 3 if i just wanna lose my belly fat. when i flex i can feel the hardness but theres fat on top and i want to get rid of that so i am going to start cardio and eating right

    • Do each of the exercises 3 times and rest 30 seconds btw sets. Do that 2-4 times a week, 1st thing in the AM on an empty stomic and you will burn fat FAST! your also going to need to follow a good diet plan like the one included in my program. good luck

  167. Yo Brandon, can i do this shema
    Mo,tu,wo, and thu: chest,shoulders,Back,bicep & triceps, ABS cardio, and legs?
    But voor all exercise 2 sets

    • You “can” do that, but i dont recommend it. I think it would be better if you did something like this
      Day #1 Chest, Shoulders, Tri
      Day #2 Back, Biceps,
      Day #3 Legs, Abs

      My program goes into more detail than I can here in the comet section. good luck

  168. Brandon,

    First I gotta say you have some of the best exercise stuff that I’ve found online. It looks awesome but here’s my situation: I’m 52 and have been working out really hard for the last 2 months and have made some muscle gains. Not a lot, but some. I’m finally at a point in my life where I have more time to spend working out. Dedication and effort I have plenty of. But I just can’t seem to lose that fat that hangs around my midsection. I recently had a testosterone pellet implanted in my butt cheek that has given me more energy but still those love handles keep hanging onto me. Do you think your program can help me get that shredded look?

    Thanks, in advance, for your reply and congrats on lookin so damn good.


    • What up. THanks for the complement. My program will defiantly give you the workouts and diet plan that you need to lose the exstra fat in your midsection. please keep me updated on your progress. good luck!

  169. Hi! I train archery and need stronger shoulders. I didn’t download the program yet, so i just want to ask you if i have to go in fitness to do this program?

      • Hi again, i downloaded your full workout plan and want to ask you why do you have to do exercises to failure in a home workout plan and 10-12 reps in a plan for gym? I have some equipments at home. Now I don’t know what I have to do. How often I have to do abs exercises?

  170. im 5’8” and 280lbs… ive gone down to 200lbs and was veery active lifting ,protein, running 2 miles a day then….. i had my kid #6. Im aimming to get back to that weight and lose my arms and legs..not hips(its a family definetly firm up …any pointers..btw…love ur vids. starting on them today..

  171. Hi! I am trying to get muscle definition. What i have to eat ? I have to eliminate all dairy products and do cardio or aerobic exercise?

    (Ps. Sorry for my bad english)

  172. Brandon,

    Ive recently came across your presence via youtube and youve already proved inspirational to me with your excellent videos.
    As a potential customer for your High Life Program, i have a question before hand which im not sure is covered via your Q&A…My quest is to drop body fat to single didgits, my stats are 5.11″, 154lbs…1) will your program assist this or by adding mass will it somehow work against me, ( because i can add mass later once ive reached low body fat) ?

    Many thanks

  173. Brandon, Amazon is always out of TeaRexx, like currently. Do you recommend another fat burner, preferably something you can buy at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe?


  175. Started your program on Monday. Did my Pulls and Push exercises but I can hardly move now. Seriously my arms, shoulders and chest are so sore. I simply just can’t do my legs and abs today. So disappointed.

    This is the first time ever working out with weights in my life and although I know I made sure I maintained proper posture “like you demonstrate in your videos” and never tried to lift anything that felt too heavy I’m afraid I still did something wrong.

    Of course I stretched before and after but did no cardio to warm up. maybe that’s my mistake.

    Is it natural to feel this sore? I just want to make sure I am not doing any damage. I’m 34 yrs old 5,4″ and weigh 135lb. My BMR is 1457.5

    Please can you give me some advise on what to lift to make sure I can continue working out! Thanks Brandon.

  176. Hey brother,

    I am 24 years old and still a really skinny guy….. I really want to gain weight as soon as possible. I am currently 5’8 120…… i really want to be around 160….. i have been working out on any off for about 4 years…… I seem to be only cutting the fat….. What do you have for a young guy that wants to gain weight that doesn’t have a lot of complicated meal plans. My goal is 40lbs in 6-8 months……

  177. hi mate i was wondering if there is some other way to order this workout plan, couse i cant use paypal in my country?

  178. Hi,
    Brandon just stumbled upon your site, got some great stuff in here. I’m thinking about purchasing your plan but will only have access to a flat bench, 300 barbell set, pull up bar, dip bar, 25lb dumbbells, and will be getting some resistance bands soon. So basically no machines and limited space to do squats n deadlifts, (I can improvise space for the deadlifts) just don’t got no safety racks for squats, and cardio can be done outside or indoors. So basically no machines, and no space for deadlifts n squats (for now).



  179. hey brandon I would like to ask you can I make muscles and burn fat without using proteins, tea rexx and those stuff…
    also does it includes only professional equipment cos I don’t have a gym in my place that is very equipped like in your place.. 🙂 thank you

  180. Is this real? I have a bit of body fat , mostly around my stomach, want to get rid of that and build muscles in the shortest time possible without taking any pills or so , whats the best way to do this?

  181. You have by FAR the cheapest program out there. You should really advertise it in GBP (£) too, only 12quid LOL. Does your workout manual need a gym membership or a shitload of equipment? I’m a University student in the UK, so I can’t really pay for anything else other than my martial arts training. I’m just gonna buy it and give it an honest review after a few months.



  182. So… can anybody with any type of body shape get ripped in 6-12 weeks if they use your program? I am average build, but I let my spare tire acquire a spare tire of its own. I want to get rid of it ASAP. Will it help me get rid of it ASAP? And, will the work out plan get anybody’s body like yours?

  183. Hey man im realy young (13 years old). I kinda have 6 pack but there is a LITTLE fat on lower side of my belly. I dont have my own money and my parents wont give me the money for your plan… I’m REALY REALY REALY bagging you to send your diet to my email, also im from Serbia so i may not be able to get some of the foods you have there… I was looking and trying to find some good diet everywhere, i have also downloaded your “Free High Life”. I know im young but i still wana be in shape, im a hockey player. Please please please give me some diet tips and some workouts i should do! Thank you very much!!!

  184. Hi Brandon i ve make payment for the workout plan but its not downloading and there is no contact no. for the customer service,is any way u can help?.Thanks.

  185. brandon i am 28 want to losse my calf muscles for better running is it possible now .is this plan also helpfull in shotput and long jump…


  186. why dont you have heart to help other ectomorph for getting your workout plan for free..??? we all brother & sister all over the world….

    • There is a FREE version of this site. just click the tab that says FREE. I also have well over 100 workout video here and on youtube that you can view for free. But the paid version is way more detailed and has EVERYTHING you need to know all in one place! It consist of over 50 HD videos that full explain each move, what to eat, and how to workout to accomplish you goals. To store a file that big online cost me a lot of money, and each time someone downloads it i get charged. If i gave it away I would have to pay thousands of dollars each month. I keep the program as cheap as I can so its assessable to many people. I dont make a lot of money off of it at all because of the over head and $20 is cheap as hell! Its less that 2 drinks at any club here in NYC. If i could give it a way i would.

  187. Hey, I’m 13 years old and I I can not find a good workout plan, all of the workout plan that I have finde and tride is 4 18 year old kids.
    can you help me to find one or make me one plzzzzzzzzz,
    everyone in the class tease me because I’m fat and it would be nice of you if you’d help me.
    plzzzz, bro help me to make for finde one

  188. Brandon, im 14 years old. sorry for my bad english im from serbia. im 163 cm and 45 kg . what need me free trial or full plan ????? my stomach have small bally fat …… sorry for english ……..

  189. Im 5’11 around 190 pounds, big boned. i used to workout 5 times a week, played mma, football,etc. Got in great shape, but slacked off for about 8 months for p-reasons. Main point is, i havent done much workout for a while, just the random cardio, sit-ups, and all that stuff. im not fat, but not ripped, just muscles are not as tonned, and not as big/cut as i used to be, and fat coveriing abs, love handles, chest. So, im trying to get back in shape and my goal actually is to have same body shape as you. So, im going to download your plan and workouts and stuff. i just have one question, i always had a problem with chest, no matter how much i work it out it never gets that curve shape like yours, and it gets bigger but not very toned! ..whats the process that i should take? and do you recommend protein shake? or in other words, do you think its necesary?
    thanks in advance for any help you can provide me,

  190. What i do not realize is actually how you are no longer actually much more smartly-preferred than you may be right now. You’re very intelligent. You realize thus significantly in the case of this subject, made me individually consider it from so many varied angles. Its like women and men aren’t interested except it is one thing to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. Always care for it up!

  191. Hey Brandon, can you do your programme with just a squat rack, bar, chin-up bar and dumbbells? Is it best to focus on either muscle building or fat loss separately or can you do both at the same time?

    At the moment results seem to take so long. I eat so cleanly, trying to put a lot more muscle on then burn fat within 8 months. How quickly can I expect results with your programme?

    Also can we get TeaRexx in the UK?

  192. i dunno bout buying this cuz i wont be able to go gym every day and i only hv resistance bands at home so it will be hard for me

  193. Hey Brandon,
    I’m 19 and very active. I swim, kickbox, eat five times a day the whole snack and right foods and run a ton and I’ve managed to cut fat on my legs and stomach, but I haven’t managed to cut the fat on my arms. Mind you, I do push ups, swim and weight training but it only gets bulkier. Does your plan have workouts to tone arms without making them so bulky and muscular.

  194. Hi Bradon,

    I am Krishna from India.. 27 yrs . 5’11 80kg
    First things First .. I have been following your vids in youtube … and you made me what i was trying and failing from years .. Yes i lost all my FAT .. i used to run away from cardio like bats run from light .. But now I am Loving It .. I want to Buy your Complete workout program .. I will buy it this week .. I guess its 1000Rupees in Indian Currency :).. You made my DREAM Come True Bro .. Keep Going .. !

  195. hey man, my question is i have been working out quite for while and it seems to working for me, but my problem is that carry a little too much fat around my waist, so i was just wondering how ur videos could help me loose that fat.


  196. Hello Mr.Carter i am a 13 year old 8th grade football player and i was wondering if this plan can help me and how long it takes

  197. Hey Brandon i am 22 and i am from India and my name is Param…bro i am started gyming frm 3 months and still not satisfy with my workout…yesterday i was searching bodybuilding workout plan in the youtube, luckily i clicked on your video and told myself that this is what i want to be…mann you got great shape not too bulky not too other builders.Bro my problem is that i cannot reduce my stomach and belly fat…..please help me out to get a proper shape and muscles like You..:)..and i am vegetarian bt i eat eggs so please guide me veg diet and protien powder…..i will surely download Your work out plan…but the problem is abt the veg diet…:(. I kno you vil surely help me out with this…Thank You..:)

  198. Hey Brandon i am 22 and i am from India and my name is Param…bro i am started gyming frm 3 months and still not satisfy with my workout…yesterday i was searching bodybuilding workout plan in the youtube, luckily i clicked on your video and told myself that this is what i want to be…mann you got great shape not too bulky not too other builders.Bro my problem is that i cannot reduce my stomach and belly fat…..please help me out to get a proper shape and muscles like You..:)..and i am vegetarian bt i eat eggs so please guide me veg diet and protien powder…..i will surely download Your work out plan…but the problem is abt the veg diet…:(. I kno you vil surely help me out with this…Thank You…….:)

  199. hi brandon im 15 years old , 168 cm and 59 kg . my friends in skool are tall and strong and i get bullied all the time . i try to fight but i always get beaten(outnumbered) so will this program give me the strength to beat them. i also want large veins on my hand and a flat stomach to impress girls (never been in a relationship)
    by the way i live in uae and cant afford to go to gym.

  200. hey brandon what up i have a question to ask you am 18 am trying to get fit fast and i have workout equipment in my house i dont go to the gym it a waste of time.and how do i download your program from my ipod do i have to pay for it?

  201. Hi Brandon,
    I am 23, 1.74m,96kg.
    I’ve been going to gym since April, my diet is constant and well balanced. My gym routine incorporates 10 mins cardio, 20 mins strength and 10mins abs(floor workout). My weight is constantly fluctuating and its beginning to frustrate me as nothing I do seems to help. Did try your plan for 2 weeks with only muscle build but no weight loss. I want to be fit by December as it will be summer vac, is there any help you can offer me???

  202. Brandon, before I purchase this workout plan will you please tell me what kind of equipment is required? I don’t want to buy this workout plan, and not have the correct equipment.
    Thank you!
    -Cody Cruz
    ( )

  203. Ey man..

    Im 17 years old and i have some muscles.. my chest is okay and my 6-pack u can only see 2 of the above packs.. I’m planning to sign up to a gym today.. but what should i exactly do and eat to get a chest and 6-pack like yours?


  204. another simple question…. im 7 foot tall weigh in at 110kg lean muscle, i work for australian defence force in infantry corps. physical training 2 times a day morning and afternoon, what would you recommend to me to help put on mass and become the 7 foot monster i should really be?

  205. Hey Brandon, i’m pretty sold on your program after watching many youtube videos/reviews/etc. My only question for you is will this help me gain weight? I’m 18 6’ft and 155 pounds, i’ve always been in good physical shape but i’ve been trying to add on like 20-25 pounds for the past 2 years and NOTHING has worked. I have a pretty solid diet, lots of protein, veggies, hell i even switched to wheat bread 2 years ago once i found out it was healthier. Any suggestions or response would be greatly appriciated.

  206. I tried to get the workout plan by subscribing and sent an email to your gmail account but both links returned are invalid.

    This really crash the confident on paying you the money to buy the full set material. 😦

    Can you fix those links first? And better send me the workout plan directly?

  207. What’s up bro do have a meal and workout plan for some one who is skinny with a high motabolism and trying to add muscle mass. I hit the gym 5 days a week and rest the weekends. Are your workouts just for large people trying to lose or also for skinny people trying to gain?

  208. Hey man,
    I just found your website and it looks pretty legit, but i was wondering does it cover workout goals for skinny guys wanting to get bigger? Im 6`3 and fight to keep a wieght of about 160… I have started a workout plan, but im at a loss when it comes to my diet… thanks

  209. I notice that a lot of men (and younger, under 5) post their comments here. Any women out there? I am not afraid to “train like a man” and know that I will never get “bulky” by lifting weights. I used to lift but a neck injury made any upper body lifting terribly painful. I am turning 40 in a few months and I weight about 150, about 5’6″ and proportional, size 6 and have what is considered an “hourglass shape” (bigger in the chest and hips, smaller in the waist). If I lose a little on the scale, I do not care – I jusy want to be fit and strong again, I am looking to build more muscle and strength in my arms, shoulders, back and chest (not many women are seeking that I see!) I have been using Brandon’s recommendations and actually see results in my arms, especially biceps and triceps. I am going to work really hard on my shoulders. I have been doing HIIT for about 8 days and have made much progress. Thanks Brandon! I am ready to download your home workout plan…will keep you all posted.

    • oops! I meant that the guys replying here seemed to be under age 25, not 5! LOL! Peace and good health to everyone here seeking and thank you again Brandon!!!

  210. hello
    I am 27 years old and I am 56 kg and 173cm… please help me, what should I do, I want a nice body….please………please nebd me a diet for the nice body

  211. hey, im 14 (15 in 20 days :P) ive just started the gym, say 3 weeks ago. ive been doing alot of cardio fitness stuff, ive been only using the treadmill,crosstrainer ect. Ive been using that because i think thats how im going to loose wieght. im not happy with my body, i have really good abs (because ive been dancing for years) but the abs are covered in about 3 inches of fat! and i have man boobs! any tips on what i can do in the gym to help me loose the wieght on my abs and chest? so then i can work on my six pack 🙂 thank youu 😛

    • Whats up bro! Congrats on being willing to put in the work to get your body in shape!!! When I comes to loosing weight, diet is by far the most important thing. there is alot of diet info for you in my program. its too much to type here. good luck bro, keep me posted on your progress!

  212. Hi,
    I have a question for you. How long you have been training to achieve your current body size and shape. I have been train for 1 years. my height is 172cm (current chest 37inch, 13inch, weight 60kg) my goal is around 40 inch size of chest, when i reach 36 or 37 chest size. some how I found out, it doesn’t improve.anymore. how to increase more muscle and stay slim. any recommendation, I appreciated.

  213. Hey Brandon !

    Im 15, and i weigh around 56 kg. is it okay for me to follow the program eventhough im 15? is 15 too young to start working out? or is it acceptable to work out? what your opinion?

    THANKS BRO ! 🙂

  214. Hey Brandon ! I’m 17 and weigh 95kgs. firstly , how can i use protein shakes or even buy them in India without my parents knowing? Secondly….will they help reduce weight and tone my body. thirdly , the free one is only for 14 days or will it show results even after that?

  215. bruv wargwan im 16 yeah n my body is aryt apart from fat on the stomach which is lots and if i brought that workout ting yeah you reckon ill be toned up n ma fat around stomach gone before june 2012

  216. i am 28 want and my height is 170cm and weight is 73 wanted to loose weight. i love to workout i have tried for police services for which i have practice 5km marathon which i have to complete in 25 min. which i have achieved also.
    now i am thru and waiting for my written test . i want to continue with the workout( i have gain few extra pounds now since i have left the ground)please let me know what can be done.also i want to improve my long jump where i have to develop thigh muscles.please instruct me in this……

    sachin (india)

  217. hey brandon , . im 17 years old , 5’5 and about 130 , i used to be in great shape , playing sports and always on the go but i moved to a new school and where i dont go out playing sports with my buds as much as i used to i got a bit of fat over my abs there there i can feel em , i was wondering if u had any suggestions on how i can get rid of this while gaining more muscle and getin lean !
    Jonny !

  218. Magnificent publish, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!|What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It positively useful and it has helped me out loads. I am hoping to give a contribution & aid other users like its aided me. Great job.

  219. Hey Brandon, I play football and I’m 5’9 & weight about 220. I wanna lose weight and get strong. I would like to get like u. But I wanna b strong. Can y help? Also, do u know how to get faster?


  220. Hey! Im 17, around 5’5 116, had been hitting the gym for 1 year but still looking kinda skinny i only gained around 20pounds.
    Just pick up a job during holidays and earn the money the buy these equipments myself. I just bought your workout plan, downloading it right now. Really looking forward! I also bought the arm blaster, pull up bar, human trainer, 105lbs weight set and the ripcord bands from amazon with all the money i earned this holiday haha! Only hope i could keep up with the diet to bulk myself up fast!!! Thanks!

  221. Hey, im new to exercise world, i am not fat but have belly fat and girl chest. what do you recommend me to get in better shape fast?

  222. hello there im 17years old turning 18 in march, i recently 2 weeks ago started to work out on my biceps and triceps, shoulders and back, i have a little belly fat, how can i get abbs ..?? ooh and my left side of my chest is smaller to the right any idea why and how to change it.?? and im not big yet so.. any ideas ?? ur the pro n the boss soo u must know,, ??

  223. hey man,

    Alright I have two questions. The first one is can anyone get an eith pack like you’ve got? The second is if my body already has a pretty good “base” how long you think it would take for me to get really ripped and in great shape using your plan? Thanks

  224. Whats Up Brandon Im 16 years old And I WOrkout But I DOnt Get The Results Im Looking 4 i Want To Get Hella Ripped Right Now Im Toned Up And I DOnt No How I Should Eatt

  225. Hey, is your diet plan really a “must have” if I want a ripped body? (I have a balanced diet, usually chicken and rice) or can I keep up with my diet, do you’re workout and get in 2 weeks+ the ripped body?

  226. Hey Brandon. I’m 14 years old and have a bit of fat on my stomach, and wondering if the best way to get it away would be to do cardio (running) or Sit-ups, and the six-pack excersices?
    Love your vids 😀

  227. Hi Brandon,I am 24 years old after all these years of hibernation i started Working out, basically i am a fat guy ( not an obese kinda) and i want to get ripped ,Can you suggest me whether your program works for beginner as well ( consider i do night shifts at job every two months )

    • Whats up Atif! This is great for a total beginner! 24 for is a good age to start addressing your health issues because its only going to get worse as you get older if you dont take care of it now! The fact that your on this site shows that your willing to take the right steps! Keep me posted on your progress Atif! good luck on your journey!

  228. hi..
    i already pay for download full workout video,but i fail to download the’s always interrupted went i try to download the video.


  229. Hi Brandon

    I just have a quick question to your full workout plan.
    How much equipment do I need to have to do the workouts at home?
    The only thing i have right now is a set dumbells, but i am getting a pull up bar soon..

  230. hey bro…
    i m a skinny guy…..and want lean mucles like urs.. so according to u should i take whey protine or mass gainer

  231. Hey Brandon, dis praful age 20… wanna ask, wats the file size of ur full workout version, coz i have slow internet connection…

    Repl asap, so dat i can buy it… 🙂

    • Its a really big file homie. it has over 50 HD videos. If your connection is slow, it may take a wile to download, but you will still get it. people with normal internet connections get it pretty fast

  232. Hey Brandon,I can see my six pack but one upper ab is smaller that other ones,I almost cant see him,what to do to change that.This is how my abbs look: () x
    () ()
    () ()

  233. Hi Brandon
    This is Marcelo Sandes from Brazil
    I have a question before get full version of workout plan
    Do I need go to gym to get results with your workout plan or is it based on home workout plan ?!?

    • Whats up Marcelo!

      No, you can do it at the gym or at home… or BOTH! I covered a lot of ground in the plan so you can cater it to your goals and resources! let me know how it works for you homier!

  234. Hey Brandon,

    Two questions

    1. What are the major differences between the Free version and Paid version? Will the paid version give me exactly what to do each day?

    2. Also, I have been doing the ab workouts from YouTube for a couple weeks and they arent super hard. If anything gets tired it’s my legs. Do I need to do something before the workout to make the abs tired? And if I should use weight, what equipment should I use?

    I look forward to your response!



  235. Hey bro, I have a quick question.
    I’m 17 and I’m playin basketball right now. But I’m not sure i will have enough time to complete the high life workout plan. Since i practice 5 days a week for two and a half hours a day how long should i be doin extra stuff at home. Would doing push ups, pull ups and sit ups for 30 mins. get me bigger? I’m tired of waiting to fully commit. when i’m in off season i will be able to truley commite to the high life work out plan.
    Thanks bro

  236. Yo brandon wats gdd? Im gonna buy your full workout plan but i was wondering is the Extreme Strength Training and Muscle Building (5 DAY PLAN) done at the gym or at home?
    Also after after ive done this for 6-12 weeks how should i adapt it?

  237. yo brandon i am 14 years old and i weight 57 kg , i have 4 packs and good muscleus and i wanna know how to get 6 packs i have the 2 top ones.

  238. Hey, is your diet plan really a “must have” if I want a ripped body? (I have a balanced diet, usually chicken and rice) or can I keep up with my diet, do you’re workout and get in 2 weeks+ the ripped body?

  239. Hey, is your diet plan really a “must have” if I want a ripped body? (I have a balanced diet, usually hamburger and cola) or can I keep up with my diet, do you’re workout and get in 2 weeks+ the ripped body?

  240. hey im thinking about buying it now! im 5’4 150 lbs. i reall wannt to get in better shape i just want to know if anybody can do it and does it really work. i know i have to work hard on it and im willing too. Thanks

  241. hey brandon I’m 15 and I have a little brother 11 years old, he says he’s fat and want to get rid of it. Should he do the high life program?

  242. Greetings from Ireland Brandon. I have been following your emails for a number of months now. I’m really impressed with your methods. I have been working to a different programe so I havent bothered to download your one. I am now ready to do so, before I do I was just wondering have you thought about doing an iPhone App? Take care and keep up the good work. Cheers, G

  243. Hey brandon.
    I wanna ask you two questions about the plan.
    How many exercise in the workout plan I can do that at home, and what kind equipments should i need .

  244. Hey, I’m 13 almost 14 5’7 and weigh 108 I haven’t gained much weight really, but I’ve been working out out for a while. I’m noticing some results they’re just kinda slow. how can I gain weight faster and see better results?

  245. Hey Brandon, I need your help I got my six pack but one ab is much smaller than other ones its like he is sick or something:P any advice?Thx man.

  246. Brandon, my son is 14 years old and plays soccer in a top select team. Believe it or not, he is FAT, and is the only one who is fat on his team (a year up). He has learned to adjust, with all the making fun of stuff. He still needs to stretch, so that will help him. My question is, will this help him, and is it easy to follow?

  247. Hi, I’m 15, 5’9 and 59kg. I already use weights and muscles are good but what size weights should I be using?

  248. Hi brandon
    I have downloaded full workout plan, I wanted to ask would the diet plan work if I followed all the requirements except for eating the muti-vitamin, tea rexx and bars. Also I am about 80-90 kg got big belly, bum and never go gym, I wanted to ask if i followed the gym video and do as it says for each day would that be enough or do I have to do the home video aswell. And how long would it roughly take to get into shape.

  249. I just Paypal but I can’t download to my s3 galasy
    Already email you pls check on this

    Thank you

    Ill send you a pict of the before


    • Hey Eduardo!

      thanks for buying the program! It over 50 HD videos! so you have to download it to your comp, THEN put the videos that you want on your phone. If you put 50 hd videos on you phone s3 (or any phone) all at once it would take up ALL the space. lol dont do that. let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. thanks again!

      • Thank you, already download on my computer and buy a sdcard 64gb and ingot all install on my S3

        Can you pls upload more videos for the gym like for the second week on the gym

        Already start last night 😉 feel good this morning

        Thank you 😉

  250. Hi Brandon! Is your program upgraded to 2013?
    I’m not very good with english, can I easily understand all?

  251. Hello brandon

    I do not get mails, no new videos from you.can it be that I’m not i email distributor? greeting zoran

  252. Hey man, what kind of ” cheap ” foods or diet can a broke motha fucka like me eat in order to bulk up for that MUSCLE MASS!? Cup noodles , pbj sandwich, eggs and whey protein just ain’t cuttin it. Nearly 3 months and haven’t gained 1 pound. Not to mention I eat whatever els comes my way. Any advise ?

  253. hello Brandon tomorrow I’ll start the training program in the gym …. but I do not know what I have to choose gym or home workout folder? and where I take the exercises? Perhaps in the folder HOME workout exercise?

  254. Yo Brandon,
    Recently I started training calistetics only. I found it that I really enjoy it. I was trening for some mounths with weights, but I did not like it as much. I know that its possible to make some good muscle mass with only bodyweight. I do want to get more muscle mass and I have a treining routine and everything, but the problem is that I also want to learn some new elements in calistetics. So how do you think that I can train new moves and stuff while still getting maximum musle mass?? I dont want to overtrain and get minimal mass. Also it whould be cool if you could give me at least a short workout plan so I know where to go from there. thanks

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