About Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter workout rapper producer

I am Music-Producer / Recording Artist from South Side Chicago now Living in NYC. I used to be singed to Sony Records but now I put my music out independently… and for FREE!

I put this fitness website together because I want to help people reach there fitness goals. I truly believe that if more people were in health and in good shape then they would be happier and would live better lives. If more people were happier and living better lives then (I think) the world would be a better place. I could be wrong about that, but I hope the info here helps you with your goals

I will try my hardest to answerer all questions that you ask me on this site, so feel free to ask away.

You can hear and download ALL my music (FOR FREE!), and check my tour dates at www.BrandonCarter.com

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190 thoughts on “About Brandon Carter

  1. I noticed that the website had not been updated in a bit and noted that you mentioned you only do 10 minutes of cardio. This intrigues me and I wanted to see how you developed your system this way.

    • What about if you strech the muscle before you workout?
      will that help build it faster.
      And i been doin workouts for almost 7 yrs i do mma.
      Do you have any intense ab workouts i can do from home?

      • I dont know how to post new ones so im goin to reply on old ones.

        Brandon the workouts look great. You should use commercial things in your workout like perfect push ups if its possible of course.

        And for the guys who have muscle already and wan’t to gain weight and make that into muscle eat meat like steaks and things like that.
        Protein bars and shakes like Brandon does.

        You guys doin this workout brandon is offering us works just by lookin at him he won’t sell nothin if it dont work for him.
        You can’t just work out for a month and hope the muscle stays it wont it takes alot of dedication to get the way that YOU wan’t.

        And for the people who say they wan’t to have muscle definition like Brandon you won’t. Every body’s muscle form differently.

        You can also run and do push ups at home when doing push ups if you have a backpack or somethin heavy(no to heavy to were you cant lift it) put it on your back (make sure it stays and dont slip) you can use a persons feet, your sister brother mom dad depends on you.

        And another important hing im sure Brandon mentioned it in his workout video STRETCH or you will strain a muscle and it WILL hurt or you can even pull a muscle start light, slow then work your way up.

        Brandon great music by the way can’t wait to see how you sound in 5-6 yrs from now.

        If anyone wants to add me i have a myspace.
        Brandon your doin great keep it up.


  2. I’m 15 years old and will this help me lose ab fat I have a 6 pack but the fat is covering in unless I suck in and will this get rid of love handles to

      • how can u get rid of love handles quickly? I’ve been doing alot of exercise but i cant seem to get rid of them… what can i do?

    • omfg.. if you have 6 pack or 1 pack 😀 under you fat you just have to eat correctly! No patteitous with meat! only meat with salats and other stuff witch i dont know how to translete.. thats it! Im gaining fat from september till march then im drying with less drinking watter with correct food.. ( depends how fat you are…) Im sure Brandon know`s that going to gym is the easyest part! hardest is to eat right! Sorry for my eanglish!

    • haha..same here little dude..am 16 years old when i started lifting i was 15… just keep working out and listen to brandon..i had baby fat on my love handles but now i have riped obliques

  3. Hi DON
    i Like it,
    u Have a Good Job,
    i also try it at my home but i have;n any Equipment so Can U Explaim me What Should i do witout it to build buceps

  4. Bro, if I buy your thing can I get a body like yours? Do you follow the same workout plan as the one you’re selling? No homo, but fuck you look good man! I wanna look like you do, real shit.

  5. Hi there,

    I need to know how effective your workout plan is. Have you got any before nad sfter picture. I’m slim guy, but i want to bulk up for next summer. please get back to me.

    Thanks in adavance

  6. i graduate high school 2 years i had the perfect body i played football, basketball, and run track well after high school i stop working out i’ve gain 40 pounds im a full time student i barely have time im looking for a workout that is powerful help me out

  7. Hi,

    I have been working out around 2 years but my chest is much less developed than the rest of my body … i have tried so many different workouts but still the same … any tips ?

  8. Longtime no see. Looks like your workout plan works. I lost 5lbs and looking to lose 10 more to meet my goal. I’m really just trying to focus on the abs, but my nutrionist said that losing weight will definitely help control my diabetes. Thanks for the plan. I like your website.

    Your gram school buddy! Holla!

  9. I like ur website: it seems to have some good info and vids..i have a question about taking protein supplements..I have been hitting the gym regularly for over a year now and I am pretty impressed with my results. I have been taking protein supplements on and off cuz i keep hearin conflictin info about the importance of protein supplements. whats ur take on? please advice

  10. Skinnyy?well i bet you feel WAAAAY better now..ha anywayss what did you do to gain weight,did you start eating a lot er whaa?I want to gain wieght, then get build so I can get them girls by summer… any advicee?

  11. Hello Brandon,

    I’m about to purchase your program. But first, I am doing the P90X program now. But .. looking to try something else. I weigh about 135 lbs … and am 5-6. I am trying to put on about 15 lbs. That will be a great size for me. Will your program help me do that? Also, do the two videos that come with the program include the entire workout (including Ab excercises) BTW, how tall are you and how much did you weigh before getting started?



  12. Hey, im still hesitant on purchasing the videos, why is it only $7? and will i get dvds shipped to my house or how does it work? and will it show what days i should work out which muscle?

    • the videos are instant download, you will be emailed a download link after you order. thats why is so inexpensive, because there is no physical product to ship so i pass on the savings to you. but hey, fell feel free to pay more if you want, lol

  13. Hi,

    I want to get a big chest, and my abs lookin straight. How do you get the v shape on yourwaist line? I have been doing less reps and heavy weight on my chest but seem to be on a plateu. I have been doing like 10 8 6 4 2 on bench and like 4x 8 on db press etc.??

    Also how did you get into being a model/trainer…that is what i want to do…….I have made major gains since i graduated…when i graduated in may of 09 i was 140, now im 170

  14. Hi,

    I want to get a big chest, and my abs lookin straight. How do you get the v shape on yourwaist line? I have been doing less reps and heavy weight on my chest but seem to be on a plateu. I have been doing like 10 8 6 4 2 on bench and like 4x 8 on db press etc.??

    Also how did you get into being a model/trainer…that is what i want to do…….I have made major gains since i graduated…when i graduated in may of 09 i was 140, now im 170

  15. You have a very good site, and good video (although I dont have the full workout yet.)

    Is there a way to get bigger and gain weight but still keep my abs..I have gotten bigger but lost my abs?

  16. What kind of protein do you use? I want something with high grams of protein and low fat cal. I was using GNC wheybolic extreme 60, but it rounds about 45$. Is there anything just as good but cheaper?

  17. Just order the video. Chest day, and its GREAT!..How do i get bigger but loose body fat to get my full and get the V shape on my waiste?

  18. wazup men! great website!

    i watched your youtube videos, and i think theyre great but can they help me to have your shape?. im 14, and i dont have shape or muscles at all, so, if i follow your videos, will i have your shape?

    your website is great and you are great rapping men!

    • when you download the full $7 program you’ll get a detailed workout to follow Monday-Friday. the free workout plan is a one day full body program. the $7 program is just a lot more intense

  19. hi brandon i am in need of desprate help , im 14 now going on to 15 and when i was younger i was in perfect heaqlth for my age but for the past 2 years ive been slacking and have got very fat for my ages and i am in desprate need of loosing weight i have recently gotten 0.5kg – 15kg weightsfor christmas and soon am going to be joining a gym very close to me but thats not enough i do those weights each day which is only little and i want my six pack back and i want to be healthy especially when my dads generation has had high blood pressure and have had heart attacks and my obesity is not going to help !! so please give me tips of what i can do to get ripped please email me at phillip05_robinson@hotmail.co.uk , i would love it if you can help me

  20. So you dont go to the gym anymore? and i can get a body like yours from doing these exercises from home? is this better then p90x? Thanks

    • I think its better then P90X because you can use it to just get ripped, just gain mass or both! P90X is a good program but it will only get you ripped, you wont gain mass on that program… plus its over $200 my program is $7!!!!!!!

  21. Do you ever switch up your workout? For example, sets and reps, exercises etc. Or do you just always do whats in the video?

  22. I have a protien shake called “100 Percent Whey Protien” and bought it at GNC for around 55 bucks. does this stuff work or wat?

  23. im 15 years old 5’5 i play football for my school im tryin to brn off sum fat i have and gain alot of muscle, can this happen in less than 2 months?

  24. Hey,

    I just bought your video and finished watching it, and i have one quick question.

    You recommend increasing the weight with each set? or just keep the same weight until you feel like you are ready to go bigger?

    Cant wait to start it man.

  25. not sure if my comment went through so i am trying once more. Can i take a nitric oxide product with TeaRexx. I am just thinking about taking TeaRexx by itself.

  26. I watched some of your videos on Youtube.com and decided to try some of them. The first thig I did was the bicep one. I did it on a Friday, and it wasn’t until Monday that I could fully straighten out my arms. I didn’t even use that heavy of weights. My muscles feel bigger after just one session. I’m hoping that all of my muscle groups respond the same way when I do your other workouts.

    I’m 39 years old, and am hoping to have a 6 pack by June. I started working out a little bit since January 4th and have gone from 186 to 166 by just cutting out sugar from my diet and doing a little exercise. Do you think the 6 pack is possible in 16 weeks?

    Does your full workout contain all the muscle groups? Chest, shoulders, calves, triceps, glutes, hams, quads, abs, biceps, lats and traps?

  27. Hey Brandon, Iam 14 years old almost 15 years old. I want to get ripped like you.So how should i get started on your workouts?

  28. hey man…like the workouts…Im 24, go out on weekends…how much does booze set back your workouts? do you sip anything? how often

  29. hi…… Brandon Carter
    i am pankaj.i am 24 years old.
    my weight is approx 160 pounds.
    my problem is that there is access fat of my chest area and
    there is disbalance in my chest actually my left chest is bigger than left chest.
    please suggest me excercise to get perfect chest as well as other parts of my body.
    nice to join you.

  30. YO brandon! Im 15 6’2 12 st
    I been following the paid workout for about 3 months now, and all i can say is, that it was the best workout I have ever done by a mile!
    Thanks man!

  31. could you give me some tips on my diets?…i do eat 6 times a day like your workout says and seen some improvements but was wondering how i can make it better and was wondering what do you eat? can i get a idea of what your diet is…?

  32. dude just got to say that your workouts are the best i have ever seen!! ive been using and mixing up your short youtube workouts for some time and seen great results and they have really made me stand out in college doing sports and in the gym n i have now just downloaded ur workout plan and loving it!! cheers for everything man !

  33. Hello. I’m 15, and I used to do the odd working out, but I recently started working out a lot more – mostly doing work outs that are in your videos.

    Anyway, I have a six pack but only shows proper when I tense. I’m not that big build so probably need to put a bit of fat on before going any further. More to the point, I most of all want to work on my arms and getting some pecks. Any advice on just home exercises or weight-lifting?

    Also nice videos, they helped a lot. Thanks!

  34. I live out in Queens NY, School in Brooklyn, and work in Midtown Manhattan.

    Please let me know if it would be possible for you to train me.

    Send me an email stating your gym, price, and we’ll figure out a schedule.


    • Sorry bro, I’m not taking any clients now because I will be on tour promoting my music for the rest of the year.Its probably better for you because charge over $100 per hour to train people, But if you get the workout plan, you get all the same advice I would give you but for only $10 buck. You can’t beat that!

  35. Hey Brandon. Awesome vids. This really helped me out!
    But I have a question.
    – At your first videos at tearexx1 you were quite ripped, but was your chest trained by pullups or benchpress, or what?
    – How did you raise the kg, because I’m kinda stucked at 60 kg. in benchpress.

    Hope you’ll answer. 😉

  36. yo bro i luv ur body workots but am only 13 and want a good body somewhat like urs but everybody says dat am to young for weight… 😦 they say dat if i start lifting weights i will become short.. but am very tall at my age about 5.9. so do u recommend weights??? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reeply…

  37. Dude… Used your program got good results look like you except 5,9 and about 163. I have done mma for bout 7 years and share a passion for kicking people in the face as well…ever since I was bout 12
    You like mma which means your not a bitch thats cool;)
    Good luck on your fight coming up

  38. yo bro could u plzzz provide me with a good balanced 1000-1100 calorie chart…. plzzz man i need to looose weight fast.&cud u plzzz recommend a protein shake (plzzz include de ingredients… thanks in advance.

  39. yo man i have a lot of chest fat how can i reduce it without dumbell or weight workouts??? cn u provide with good chest fat burning exercises with resistance band..plzzz man i need it..
    how cn i reduce belly fat?

  40. Brandon im 12 and people use 2 make fun of me because i was weak and fat and ive been using ur home workouts and circuits and they work.Now i make fun of them in my head.Im startin 2 get ripped cuz i wanna join football. ur a good fitness role model man u inspired me man so thanx. if u have any other home workouts please post them i wanna get those abs in faster.answer dis question if posssible. do u think im 2 young 2 be workin out. so thanx ur my role model bro.

  41. I love all our workout videos on youtube and will definately order your videos. My question is, is it ok to work out your triceps and biceps on the same day or will that just tire me? I’m thinking about just doing them on different days. Triceps are my favorite. By the way, your ab workouts are insane, but loving it, and hits all the right areas! Thanks man!

  42. I’m workout in the gym since 10 month , and i have some progress in my arms , shoulders , back , abs . But my chest haven’t a lot of progress :S , my shoulders and biceps are bigger than my chest .
    please Brandon what should i do ??

  43. I’m workout in the gym since 8 month , and i get some progress in my arms , shoulders , back and abs , but my chest haven’t a lot of progress . my shoulders and biceps are more bigger than my chest :S .
    please Brandon what should i do to bigger fastly my chest ??

  44. Hey man I got your program, looks great man. But do I go 3 sets to failure on all the excercises except lat raises, or 3 sets to 10-12 except on those certain excercises.

  45. hey bro,

    just a quick question before i buy your programme, will i get results near what you have gained (phenomenal btw) by working out at home as my nearest gym is about 3 miles away ??

  46. Like to know the 2 things you use.
    1) The equipment that you use for pull ups where can I get i?> any name?
    2) when you do bicep curls you had this contracption to keep your arms in position. What do you call it & where do I get it?

    I really appreciate what you are trying to achieve for people out there. Take care stay safe and healthy Brandon. God Bless.

  47. Hey Brandon im 15 about 5’9 140 i watched most of your videos , it really got me motivated to get that six pack i always wanted. So instead sitting on the couch im gonna go workout rite now. Thanks Brandon

  48. Yo i have a question i just bought tea Rexx and told some and im doing the 21’s workout and will the tea rexx burn the fat on my arms while im working out ??

  49. Im 16, exercise a lot. But hardly do any cardio once I stopped football, I need help with a good diet plan, my mom likes to make food that’s usually cooked in alot of grease, oil, and what not, Im skinny but have layers of fat in my chest abs and many other areas, I want to switch to eating healthy but my family eats alot of junk, any recommendations on what to eat or what to do?

    • it ok that she cooks in grease cuz its not eating fat that makes you fat. try working out first think in the morningon an empty stomic. you burn 3 times as much fat when you do that!!! If i were you, i would do cardio in the AM, and lift weights before your mom’s big greasy dinner (lol) that way her fatty food will help build your muscles and not make you fat.

      • hey brandon, thx for posting all the vids on youtube; theyre really helpful. ive been working out a long time, and am happy with my body, but i still like to watch your workout vids to give me extra tips on how i can improve. i was just wondering about your comment to Frank above about ‘its not eating fat that makes you fat’. i never heard this idea before; in fact, ive always heard the opposite. in that case, what does make you fat then?

  50. hi Brandon…im work as a model,can u help me what to do,cos i wanna dont wanna losse my mesuraments,and i wanna get riped abs ??? what should i do ??? thnx brooo…

  51. In your workout routine you only do two workouts during shoulders day. Is that really all you do for shoulders?

  52. hi brandon ive seen your vids and i think there realy good, im having trouble in gaining weight in order to bulk up im about 6ft tall and weigh 10 stone and ive tried eating like 5 meals a day but nothing seems to be working for me i was wandering if you had any good tips for me..

    kind regards

  53. Yo, two questions, how do you make those potatoes for breakfast I saw in one of your diet vids, and how do I know if I’m taking a meal replacement shake? (I just use skim milk and a scoop of whey protein, but I havent bought the bananas yet)

    • I just cook them in Olive oil. I ” meal replacement shake” will shack will say ” meal replacement shake” on it. protein shack is just protein. a meal replacement shake is a MEAL (protein, carbs, est..)

      • Thanks for that bro, I’ve been on this for 2 weeks, but haven’t seen much results, but I know it will come with time. I just can’t seem to convince my mom that eating more will help me gain muscle (she is a calorie cutter, and pretty much cuts everything and she has good results). She is tired of me drinking the protein shakes. My house is stocked with chicken wings, but she almost died when she saw the fat content on only 2 wings, when I have been eating 6. I am a pretty big kid, I;’m 17, 6 foot tall , and pretty wide, I just have small arms and belly fat. Any comments on if I should still stick to the 6 meals a day and the chicken wings and try to prove my mom wrong? Or should I maybe switch to chicken breast…this is long and I would appreciate your opinions, thanks in advance.

  54. first week completed! dam..i noticed with the high life work out plan i sweat alot more which i likee!!!!, i took a before pic so after 6 weeks i would take an after see how much progress i did

  55. I have been going in gym about 2 years and my body is not getting body shape or fat lose in that time well… I have gym program and I take protein but no results.

    Then my friend told me dont use weight now first run to lose fat then do some pull-upss and dips and pushups. so im doing that now.

    Do its really work that takeing cold bath. no incuries??
    I want body like you… You really motivate me.
    Im Indian so its that a reason why my body is not growing but I live in Finland

    plz answer bac

  56. how often should i do your routine that has high knees,mountain climbers,and up downs with an ab exercise after each one and how long will it take to get them.thanks

  57. Hey I’m 16 years old and I’m trying to get bigger arms so would the tricep workout and bicep workouts you put up work bro? or wait until I’m 18 or something?

    • my advise starting early is more better because your body will stil..be growing..until 21 so ..the more older u get the bigger the muslce gets if u lift everyday like me 6times a week 2 times of cardio monday and thursday i do my cardio empty stomach..and drink lots of water i drink 1 gallon a day..tanks

  58. hi.
    i want to ask that if i don’t want to use suppliments, however, these are cheap or expensive. if i increase my daily routine food or meal so what thing i increase to complete my daily protine or carbs for increase my body. and i want to ask one thing more what exerciser rips my wrist becoz my wrist are to small. i want to twist it. as well as my question is when i started shoulder biceps i felt load n pain in my last back bones what to do?
    thx and regards.

  59. Hi Brandon, found you via Youtube. I think you’re doing a great wonderful thing by helping people get healthy and in shape.

    I used to be very unfit a few years back till my Korean friend got me into fitness. I never looked back and I’ve changed a lot of my habits because of my dedication towards fitness. I also left smoking and heavy binge drinking because of training.

    I guess I am addicted now because the fitness actually helps me everywhere else through my life, with family and friends, with my work. I guess it makes me a more confident person and someone that can deal with pressure.

    You’re doing a great thing for many people. I hope a lot of people watch and follow your videos here and on Youtube.

    Best regards from Japan to you

  60. how often should i do your cardio and abs routine in a day and in a week.i’m 5 foot 5 and a half and way 130.2.i have just started one of your routines on youtube.i’ve take a day brake.on my day off,i work on arms.

  61. hey brandon whats up, dude i love you workout vids i mean when i started using your workouts i weighed like 250-300 pounds now i weigh 180 something and its all muscle i even got married from it she is in love with my body thanks to you bro…keep this going i want my kids to be able to see this kinda shit lol

  62. Not that you don’t know this, but you are a seriously HOT man.. I stumbled on your site while on my own quest to start a fitness website and now I’m stuck on watching your videos.. Wow..

    Pretty sure your exercises don’t apply to women right?

  63. Hey brandon I am 6 foot 2 and i am 250 at 22% body fat i want to get my body fat down to 15-10% fast will your workout do that

  64. yo bro checked some ov ya youtube vids doin some workouts at home there tough but thats good want to know where i can buy some rip cord write back

  65. Hi Brandon, Your workout plan is clear and straightforward ! I like it ! And I use to wake up at 5am too, because it is so quiet… (I have 3 kids).
    I understand that I need to do as many reps until failure. But for example, for biceps curls, if I take a 1 kg dumbbell per arm, I will do 50 reps before failure. At 20kg dumbbells per arm, I hit the failure after 2 reps… What is the good average ? I am afraid to damage my muscles if I take too big dumbbells…

  66. Dear Brandon,

    I must praise you for the videos their great!! I’m improved a lot especially my abs! My two main problems are:
    I wish to gain more muscle on my chest at home; what is the most effective way to increase pectoral muscle without any weights whatsoever at home? (only equipment I have are push up bars!)
    I wish to also gain more biceps; what are the most effective bicep exercises (the only equipment I have are 3 kilo dumbells!) without using weights at home?

  67. When I do bench press my biceps feel like their being worked and I thought they were pull muscles? Cuz the next day I do workouts for my biceps for Pull?

  68. Also, I want to gain muscle mass so when I workout t’ill failure what size of weight do you recommend using? Like a really heavy one or a lighter one?

  69. Man i really like your work, i think u’re a good person, u’re free workout that i downloaded is helping me at the gym and your music is true, your words are POWER 4 victims of the governaments, keep on this way, “it’s liberty or death, freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody”.

  70. Hi Brandon I’m 16 from UK and have just started your program. I’ve purchased the resistance band and chin up bar. I have also changed my diet. But I am concerned about tea Rexx and HITT. As I am at college I have not got time to be going out to perform HITT. I cant also get the tea Rexx due to funds lol. Do you think this will affect me from changing my body.
    P.S. thanks your a inspiration

  71. hey brandon. I am so greatful for your fitness programm! so cool you did this! this new knowledge about working out
    (and EATING RIGHT!!) means much to me and also motivates enormously because I know, that I now have the right equipment and information and the only thing which is still needed is MY hard work. But that’s no problem=). I have one question though conserning reps of whatever exercise. I’ve been told to vary reps for example for biceps, triceps, squats, chest exercises. which means e.g. a month I take weights which allow me to do approximately 10-13 reps. (till FAILURE I know…) And the next month I would take heavier weights which only allow me to do about 6 reps. I get your point about doing an exercise till failure. this is what I’ve done even when I counted. But you don’t give any advice on the level of difficulty of the exercise you know what I am trying to say? (sorry I am not native=D) Is it OK if I do certain exercises let’s say “concentration curls” with weight which allows me to do 15 reps the first set and still maybe 10-13 in the 3rd set (because only resting 30 sec. will drop my Rep-rate every set… even if I give 100%. but I guess it’s normal)
    thank you for your advice. By the way I really like this song called BLOOD MONEY! the sound is fabulous. And even more the lyrics. capitalism destroys our society, our morality, everything. We need artists who MAKE people think about those issues! They don’t have the time to do it themeselves since they are working 8-12 hours 5 days a week. It’s crazy… but anyways. I love political lyrics, something meaningful which stands in contrast to so much nonesense which sadly gets to much attention right now. I will spread the world! keep up the good work man!

    love from switzerland!!

  72. hey. is your workout designed for mass gain? I am 23 and very narrow shoulders. what kind of workout is best for me and what should be the routine. I have a gym where i live

  73. I like the info the u put out its simple and straight to the point none of tht counting shit. My question is im 6’1 and 203 I want tht lean ripped look like u should I left heavy or moderate or a mix of both.


  74. hey man! what’s up?
    can you pls help me out to lose fat from lower abdomen…
    actually , presently working out according to ur workout plan, working out at home for abs…though I have got upper abs but am unable to remove fat from lower belly & from sides too.
    pls help me out..reply soon.

  75. Hey Brandon,
    Love your YouTube videos there fun and informative, I bought your workout Plan around two months ago, and I hear your bringing out a diet book, when will that be and can we buy it in England, diets the one thing I struggle with.
    Keep up the good work mate
    Darren Lane

  76. Big fan here! I just strarted to go to the gym about 2 weeks ago and I want to build a lot of muscle. I’m 15, not overweight and not underweight. I’m 141 pounds (64 kgs) I also want to get a six pack. So can you give me a plan That i should follow for now to get these results. I never give up!! 😀 You’re a huge insperation to me bro~ 🙂

  77. Hey BBC! I am a fairly skinny guy, not too skinny, got a little muscle but not a lot. I try to not do too much in the gym as I read skinnier guys should be in the gym as little as possible and be as effective as possible in that time. So my question is, if I am in the gym, working on my chest for 30 minutes doing compound movements, is it safe to train chest again the day after but with bodyweight, different variations of pushups for maybe 100 reps or so. Best regards, Hubbe.

  78. Upper abs, lower abs, and obliques, all are muscles like biceps and pectorals. You don’t train biceps for 15 minutes so why do it for abs??

    • they are smaller muscles with different muscle fiber density. That being said, sometimes I DO train biceps and pectorals for 15 min and sometimes I train abs for an hour. It all depends on what your goals are and how your body responds to different kinds of training.

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