Here are some product that I STRONGLY recommend for working out at home!

RIPCORDS resistance bands!

DO NOT BUY CHEAP RESISTANCE BANDS,They wont give you the workout your looking and they also brake easy. The ONLY Resistance bands I recommend are RipCords

You can buy some bullshit “wall-mart” brand resistance bands if you want, but when they brake and snap your goofy ass in the face, don’t tell people that I told you to get that shit.

The Pull up Bar and the RipCords will cost you less than $100
And they will last for years!!!

Click the Pic below to buy

Another good Resistance Band is the one below


A Good Pull up bar.

I am not as picky about the pull up bar as I am  a bout the resistance bands. You can get just about any pull up bar. The one below is one of the BEST (and it is the one I use) but if you find a cheaper one than its ok to get that. I like this one because i can get a MUCH wider grip than I can with the cheap ones. That wide grip helps develop your back better!

Click the Pic below to buy

Gymnastics Rings!


I love working out with Gymnastics rings!

You can by a pair here 

“The Human Trainer”!!! “

The ”Human Trainer” Is an elite total body suspension gym that you can use in at home. With the The ”Human Trainer” you can do hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

I like The ”Human Trainer” WAY better that other suspension gyms like “TRX” because The “Human Trainer” has TWO Dual-anchor suspension straps!!! Two suspension straps nearly eliminate the rubbing on your arms and neck which you get from using a single-anchor, suspension gym like TRX. The Dual-anchor suspension straps also allow you to preform more exercises like “DIPS” that are totally impossible with a single-anchor, suspension gym.

Another advantage that ”Human Trainer” has over a single-anchor suspension gym like TRX, the fact that YOU CAN USE IT ON A PULL-UP BAR! The main reason that I never bought TRX was because you HAVE to drill anchors into your wall to use it! Thats fine for your home (you can use anchors for the ”Human Trainer” too) but what a bout when your on vacation? Now I can bring ”Human Trainer” to any hotel and no matter how shitty the gym is, as long as they have a pull up bar, I can use the ”Human Trainer” to get a great workout!  This is also great for people that cant (or don’t want to) drill anything into your wall that will be permanent, now you can just attach the ”Human Trainer” to your “Iorn Gym” style pull up bar and take it all down when your done!

Click the Pic below to buy

Weight Set

TWeight SetThis  Weight Set is a lot like the one I have at home. Click Here to buy it

Arm Blaster

Arm Blaster

This is my favorite piece of bicep equipment!  I think this is BY FAR the fastest way to get BIGGER ARM! If you want bigger arm click here

Weight Vest

A weight vest is great for adding addition resistance to body weight workout! Click Here to buy  


Push Up Bars

Pushup Bars\\\\\












Click here To buy some good fucking pushup bars 


Lebert Equalizer




Equalizer bars! Click here to buy 



Gymnastic Canes

My boy Young Fitness will make a custome pair of canes for you! send him and email at YoungFitnessNYC@gmail.com

Gymnastic Canes



  1. hi
    unfortunately i live in australia and am unable to purchase the ripcord bands as the shipping costs more than the product itself. would there be any other resistance bands that you would recommend ? , there are plenty on ebay but i am afraid of them snapping in my face!

  2. Hello Brandon, Hope you’re doing well.

    My mother is 50 years old she has been complaining about a pain in her nick from the right side all the way to the shoulder for months, she had a surgery long ago in the armpit area, they took off 3 quarters of a gland called lymphoma, and she thinks the pain might be caused by the surgery since she was having some pain after the surgery in the same nick to shoulder area but not as much as now, she took many massage courses but no results , we went to 3 doctors they said there is nothing to be afraid of it might be the muscle, in that area the muscle is so tight and it feels like if she tried to carry something heavy or stretch a bit its going to cut in half, it might not be something you know about but bro I need your help to tell me what to do if you can help me.

    Best regards


  3. Is the human trainer better then the “body by jake” home training system? i have a gym membership but i see you be getting it in just as hard in the confines of your own place.

    • I think the body by jake is a joke. well, maybe not a joke. but your NOT going to get BIGGER with it but cuz it dose not provide enuff resistances. It WILL build endurance and may help you get more definition. The Human Trainer will help you get BIGGER and MORE RIPPED because you can makes you use your own body weight. You ever see the guys that do gymnastics rings in the Olympics? They are Always in the best shape!!! The Human trainer is the same concept as gymnastic rings, but it made for working out instead of doing tricks.

  4. Hi Brandon!
    Frequent visitor.
    My wife is trying to get me back into my health fitness routine. So tough with things going around in my day to day job, life at home with the wife, fixing meals, etc. So I’m looking for the alternative to the weights (which just take so much room and tend to scuff up the floor, or if you get a mat, just takes up room too). I want to downsize and quicken my routines/equipment. Would you suggest buying the resistance bands instead of using weights, can I get the same benefit? Do they ever become too “lite” that you just have to buy more bands to get the added effect? Also, my wife doesn’t want me using one of the door frame pull up bars. I’m thinking of buying the human trainer and anchoring it to my garage ceiling. Will this work instead of a pull up bar? Will it hold a person’s weight from your experience? Thank you for your time and God bless.

    • You have a good wife man! A set of RipCords comes with a bunch of great bands that go from Light to CRAZY Heavy (the heaviest one is almost TOO heave for me!) so you will defiantly get the same benefit. “The Human Trainer” comes with TWO mounts that you can anchor to your ceiling easy so you wont need a pull up bar at all!!! If you get “The Human Trainer” and RipCords you will have every thing you need to get in the best shape of your life without having to leave your home! Keep me posted on what you decide.

      • Awesome…all the way! Thank you for the input. Now I just need to get the stuff, bring it home and set it up. I’m actually more excited now to workout. I haven’t bought your workout…yet. Will you try to set them up accordingly to the human trainer as well? Or are they adaptable? Thanks again for your great input. I hope someday I can eat like you too…gotta love them wings man.

  5. Hi,Brandon
    i am 22 yrs old i have done gym 2 years back for 6 months but i left it,and now my body is not in shape i loss my weight.i want to start my workout in my home especially chest,arms and abs.and i have not much money to gor for the gym,so please suggest me some workout for my daily routine.thanks
    New vistor

  6. I think your suggest is the best,
    Alll your HOME WORKOUT EQUIPMENT also great too.
    Only if I live in USA 😦

    I can’t find those here in Thailand.
    Shipping cost make me think twice to order it.

    But Thanks anyway 😀

  7. was good im 5’11” bout 140 skinny but i play sports my whole life well not now cause im 21 i been out of school for a while so i no im out of shape but one thing i never got was weight i eat like i been starving for years but i never gain weight at all i wana get atleast 160 of pure muscle but i been the same weight since middle school. and i cant eat certain food like seafood cause im allergic to it so i want to know if your plan got plans for non seafood eating people like me cause i cant eat it and cause i eat alot of meat on my behalf.

  8. I have been working out in gym for past two years and from this academic year i will not able to go to gym as i have to concentrate on my studies and projects of the final year.I have gained enough mass on my body since two years.My question for you is,will i b able to retain the mass gained in these two years by doing home workouts using resistance bands?

  9. I have been working out in gym for past two years and from this academic year i will not able to go to gym as i have to concentrate on my studies and projects of the final year.I have gained enough mass on my body since two years.My question for you is,will i b able to retain the mass gained in these two years by doing home workouts using resistance bands?please do reply

  10. Hey Brandon
    i tryed ordering the ripcords but the postage to australia was severval times more then the cords. i got some of ebay instead, i know u said to avoid th cheaper cords but is there really a signifficant difference between the two?

  11. hi brandon , do you konow if the workouts for women should be different fron men???
    if i wanna gain muscle on legs for example what kind of exercises would you recommend ? and is the bodyweight workouts better than the workouts iin the gym with dumbbelss? Please reply

  12. Would you say the home workout is better then going to the gym and would you gain allot of mass working out at home then the gym???

  13. Hey.. seriously man.. there is so much bad and confusing advice out on the internet but this site is refreshingly excellent, to the point, real world highly effective functional strength and flexibility that gets results in the fastest possible time.

    Good work !

  14. Hi, my name is Manh Nguyen. I’m 6″00 and 225 lbs. I’ve been struggling with my weight and getting a 6 pack. I’m NOWHERE near a 6 pack and I’m pretty sure my body fat is still higher than 25%. I’m trying to get into shape for my varsity basketball team. I’m deciding to try your product but it’s still expensive for me. Plus, I have nowhere to pay online so it’s another problem.

  15. B, I’m 169, 6ft even. I have the GFlex, reistance bands, pullup bar, dip bar, pushup bars and will power. I can’t seem to shed the belly I have on my six pack. I’d like to be at 175 and ripped. Hard gainer and hard belly losing. What to do?

  16. Can the Rip cords be used to work all the muscles in the body? And do they help to improve strength, tone, size or all?

  17. Aye bro I have used rip cords and they are very good bands, but I purchased some bodylastics bands (Terell Owens edition) I found them to be much better because the handles are detachable so it has way more resistance than rip cords because u can link all bands to 1 set of handles. My set is like 254 lbs of resistance. They also have DGS technology which means they have a cord in them that won’t allow them to snap. They cost the same as rip cords as well as coming with ankle straps, extra handles and door anchors. They range from 40 to 100 dollars.

  18. Hi,
    I’m a 14 year old guy and I’m in my school football team. My coach asked me to workout as muscle will be an advantage in the long run but I’m scared as I’m only 5’4″ and I hope to be atleast 5’10” by the time I stop growing. My parents are not tall either, they are 5’6″ and 5’3″ so I know I may not have the genes. I have read somewhere that lifting weights and working out as a teen might stunt your growth. Is it true? What types of workout do you recommend for me?

    • Whats up bro. Working out as a teen will NOT stunt your growth. You can check with your doctor and they well tell you the same. your height is going to be determined by your DNA. I am taller that both my parent so you still have a shot at being 5’10. thats the average height of an NFL running back, but some are A LOT shorter! Most men dont stop growing untill some were btw the ages of 18 and 21, so you have some time.

  19. Hey man Im 14 years old, 5,9 and weigh 195lbs. I have been working out lately and i was wondering what do you think i should do to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. Also any diet plans i can follow?

  20. Hi brandon was watching your videos on youtube mate i have given up smoking and i dnt want to put on to much wait just enough to get a good body good abs and a good set of arms what kind of a diet would i need to do mate have looked everywhere. cheers nate and keep up the good work with helping others.

  21. Hi Brandon,

    Somehow my earlier post was deleted. Anyway my question was working out on ripcords = dumbbells?? Please let me know.

    I am really not sure to go with adjustable dumbells or human trainer from ripcord site.


  22. Hey Brandon, your product looks awesome, but I have a question before purchasing. Is it possible to do the entire workout in which you focus on 1 muscle group a day for 5 days (love this concept also) all at home without a gym membership? I have free weights at home and will get the ripcords and a pullup tower. Will this be enough. If so, I will purchase today and let my friends know about purchasing also.

  23. Another question, could the Human trainer replace the pullup bar or tower? I live in an old apt and it’s hard to install a pullup bar anywhere and the towers are expensive, so could the human trainer replace those?

  24. I’m 38 and had abdominoplasty 4 months ago & am ready to begin defining my new abdominal muscles. I also had a breast reduction, (though I like the results, they made them a bit smaller than I had hoped for), so in wanting to lose 10-15 lbs & tone up, I don’t want to lose anymore size in the breast area. I want to tone up my biceps, lats and most particularly my inner thighs. I have lost a lot of weight prior to my surgeries and there’s excess skin that needs tightened up & I want my body to match the new abs which I want to define just because I finally can now that I no longer suffer from a severe diastasis recti. Any recommendations on where to start & go from there?

  25. Hey Brandom,

    Just a quick question, can the home workouts be enough to get me fit? Or should this be like just a supplement to a more intense gym workout?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  26. Hi, im trying to get bigger for football while working out at home, im trying to build muscle and weight not burn fat and build muscle. im about 6’0 160 but im pretty strong for my size. what do you recommend i do to get bigger. I own a TRX Suspension training system.

  27. Hey Brandon, i am 15 years old small boy, all my body looks bones only, does any useful supplements + workout that can make me more tough and i can see it in 1 month?

  28. Hey Brandon My Names Franky Im 16 Years Old and I Workout Alot Im Toned But I Wanna Be Cut And Bigg Like You Can You Give Me And Tips?

  29. How can I get a good leg workouts from just dumbbells?
    I feel my muscles working in all exercises I do except legs
    I’m squatting and lunging with 30 lbs dumbbells but I don’t feel it in my legs and I could go on for hours without tiring my legs, just my lungs.

    Except increasing the weight but my adjustable dumbbells just fit 3 plates per sides, what other ways there are to really hit the legs with such a minimum equipment?


  30. Hi Brandon, i was wondering what kinds of workouts would build more strength and muscle, and what should i do if i am not strong enough to do a workout such as a pull up?

  31. Hi branding, I’m 15 years 5’4 and 151 I have a layer of fat on my stomach and i can tell that i do have a six pack under I just don’t know how to get rid of it, I’m also trying to get my arms a lot bigger I have a muscular body but a lot of fat I just want to get bigger in about 1 to 2 months so I can ask out this girl, Please Reply

  32. Hi Brandon, I’m wondering if you could suggest the best home execises for me. Im 16, 5’8 and weigh about 127lbs. I’m ordering some dumbbells and the ripcords as you suggested on this page. So basically what exercises should I do in particular and how long does it take before you start noticing changes in muscle size and definition?

  33. Hey Brandon I have a men’s health power strip work out band set that straps onto the door. I usualy dont like resistance bands because it seems to me that they get lighter as you release them unlike weights that stay the same weight through out the motion. do you think the power bands I have are good or not and am I correct in my thinking that the bands get lighter?

  34. Hey Brandon. Im 14 years old, 5,10″ and 170 lbs. I have a little bit of chub on my belly, but i wanna lose it. I want to get abs, but mainly just make my stomach. Do you have any tips on anything. Like exercises. I dont have any workout equipment, but i think im going to buy your highlife thing. I am planning on doing track this year and i just want to get in shape. If you can help me out, I would appreciate it a lot.

  35. Hi Brandon,

    I wud like to know if i can build lean muscle with resistant bands (ripcords) only? For a half an hour a day (cuz this is the only time i have lol.) And a half an hour of cardio?

    Im a male 19 years of age, hight is 5’9″ waist 33 inches. And for sure i want that SIX pack abs lol. Plz get back 2 me.

    Thanks any questions feel free to ask.

  36. I wud like to know if i can build lean muscle wi resistant bands (ripcords) only? For a half an hour a day (cuz this is the only time i have lol.)
    And a half an hour of cardio?

    Im a male 19 years of age, weighs 150, hight is 5’9″ waist 33 inches. And for sure i want that SIX pack abs plz get back 2 me.

    Thanks any questions feel free to ask.

  37. Hey Bandon I was just wondering what your height and weight is? Also what’s your best advice for someone who is wanting to develop a chest like yours? My chest is a trouble spot for me and am looking for some good suggestions. Thank you

  38. Hey Brandon,

    I`m now 14 years old and I want to workout. One problem: I`m really skinny. I`m 5.7 ft tall and 127 pounds. what should I weight?

    ps: sorry for my bad grammar, I`m from the netherlands

  39. hey dude,,you are my best inspirational youtube player,,because i have to do all sport in my home,,are you serious about bodybyjake wont get bigger?i need the best home equipment which can train all body,thanks

  40. Hey brandon,
    I’ve been working out for a while now but I’m still having trouble getting definition in my abs wihtout flexing. I do have a six pack but its unnoticable when im not flexing

  41. hi my name is samee my age is 26 my height is 5.6 & i am from india i wnt to increase my height is their any execrise to increase at home only bcz i cnt afford any equipment bcz of same financial problems pls help me out with ths problems

  42. hey brandon,love the advice and the videos but i just have one question.ive seen countless videos regarding HIIT and training that you (which i love!) but is there a full workout program plus diet plan that is all rolled in together,i.e,that lays out a formulated plan of when to trian and what to eat for the 7 days a week? thank you for your time on this and your facebook page is amazing.ive already passed it on to others

  43. Hey Brandon, I’m turning 14 in a couple of months, am 6′ 1″ and started watching your videos earlier this week. I was wondering if, to do the $19.95 workout routine, you have to have every piece of equipment listed in the “home workout equipment” page. If you do, are there any substitutes that you can recommend?

  44. Hey Brandon, great videos and tutorials man. i was wondering if you knew of any good quality suspension trainers to buy? recently lost my job so money is kinda tight right now, but seriously need to get in shape at home. thanks for you time and keep the great info coming bro!

  45. hey brandon i m 5″9 and i want to increase my height, so can you please tell me some excersices to increase my height upto 6″0

  46. Brandon, Man thanks for everything. I’m getting ready to turn 50 looking 30 and I want to give myself a 6 pack of abs. It’s because of you and the great information that I see that can come true. Stay true to your brand. You cut everything plain in simple without sugar coating things and trying to make a sale. Downloading your full plan and have recommended you to countless of my friends. That 15 min abs workout is a beast ,especially the 3rd full time around making it 9 total set. Thanks Bruh. You are killer !!!!! I will be posting pics for all those who don’t think that it can be done at age 50.

  47. Hey Brandon
    My name is alvaro I been trying to lose weight an work out my abs an arms chest. I have bought videos products an none of them have work. I recently starting watching what I eat. Drink protein shake ones a day. I work out about 30 to 45 a day for 5 days a week. Can you give me some pionters about what to do or what Im doing wrong. What to do to lose the weight an get rip.

  48. Yo what up up big brandon i bought a golds gym 40 pound vinyl dumbbell set at walmart they look like the ones you have in the curlingvideo if so how good have they been to you bro? thanks bro appreciate it!

  49. Brandon,
    Do you have an all dumbbell workout routine? I have the power block dumbbells and ez curl bar (power block as well).

    Thank you,

  50. What up Brandon, is there a difference in buying either the Olympic Rings or the human trainer suspension that you recommend?

  51. Man you are inspiration. I watch your videos all the time. I just started my journey in getting in shape. Keep up the good work.

  52. Yo what up what up. I need the bench and the mat bruh. Where do I get that exact one. I like how small it is.

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