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Get Big On A Budget: Gallon of Milk A Day (Gomad)

Get Big On A Budget: Gallon of Milk A Day (Gomad)


A ton of times people hear about ways to gain weight and get bigger the advise is normally given for them to eat more.  If you are small and trying to gain weight consuming more is what you need to do, but if it’s difficult for you to eat more, than a gallon of milk a day should do the trick for you.  This gallon a day is in addition to the meals you eat.  In the first month alone you could gain about 25 pounds.  If you are lactose intolerant and still want to try this you can try taking lactose pills.

Get Big On A Budget: Gallon of Milk A Day (Gomad)

Milk, as a whole food source, is hard to beat in terms of macro and micro nutrients.  Milk is primarily water, so one is sure to be hydrated on this particular diet.  It contains a hefty dose of protein, carbohydrates and saturated fat.  Milk is a fine source of vitamin D, A, calcium, magnesium, zinc, as well as many other vitamins and minerals.

You’ll also gain strength.  The protein and fat content in whole milk helps muscle and strength gains.

Get Big On A Budget: Gallon of Milk A Day (Gomad)

Some key things you need do in order for GOMAD to work is:

  • Make Sure It’s Whole Milk: They’re lower in saturated fats & calories and won’t give the same results. Go with whole milk, it also tastes better.  1 gallon of whole milk contains 120g protein. 20% whey, 80% casein.
  • Be Consistent:  If you drink milk only 3 or 4 days out of the week, don’t expect results.  Drinking milk for 30 days can and probably will get tiring.  If your not used to taking in this amount of calories you will probably get tired but it is easier to get in liquids than soild foods and they digest faster.
  • Exercise: You need to be exercising.  Do more compound exercises than isolation exercises.  This is a better way for you to build size than any other exercise.  If you don’t exercise at all you will definitely not be doing yourself justice and can expect to see your stomach expand.
Get Big On A Budget: Gallon of Milk A Day (Gomad)

Here’s an example of GOMAD you can try.  Spread your milk intake through the day.  If you have milk with meals: eat first, drink the milk after.  Eat your stomach full on each meal and make sure you eat every 3 hours.

  • Breakfast: eggs, veggies, orange.
  • Snack: 1 liter milk, mixed nuts, banana
  • Lunch: chicken breast, mixed veggies, peer
  • Snack: 1 liter milk, mixed nuts, apple
  • Post workout: 1 liter milk, oats, banana
  • Dinner: ground round, pasta, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese
  • Pre bed: 1 liter milk, berries, ground flax seeds, cottage cheese

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Brandon Carter

51 thoughts on “Get Big On A Budget: Gallon of Milk A Day (Gomad)

  1. Hey brandon,
    A few days ago I saw this scooby guy on youtube and I looked abit over his site and watched some videos of him.

    It seems that alot of ppl like him and his information but he said that he doesn’t support compound exercises because they are dangerous
    what do you think of that?

    Also I’ve been doing hiit 3 times/week now how long till I will see results?

    • Whats up Seth.

      every pro athlete and every olympic gold medalist dose compound exercises. Anyone that tells you not to do it 100% full of shit. thats great that you have been doing HIIT 3 times a well!!! you should see some results with in 2 weeks… if your diet is right!

      Good luck!!!

    • Hi Seth,
      No offense but can you tell me where you find Scooby said about he doesn’t support compound exercises?
      Scooby is one of the guys out there who is sharing all the valuable info about bodybuilding on the net FOC.
      Looks like you don’t read it carefully or you don’t understand what he means.
      I think you should try his workouts for one or two months and you will know who he is.

      Anyway, Thanks Brandon for sharing the valuable knowledge too. Btw, I am drinking milk while I am reading your article. Thanks 😀

      • hey thi ha

        You right, I strongly recommend that everybody get as much information as they can about fitness for as many sources as they can. That way you can see what works best for you. The truth is that EVERY person or company that has a fitness website or product is just building off the foundation that “Joe Wieder” laid down 60 years ago.

        I have been a trainer for over 10 years, I have literally hundreds of books and Thousands on fitness but I will study and read everyday. The best doctors never stop studying and the best Athletes never stop practicing. I only hope that I can help my readers the way that some many people have me.

        Thanks for the comment homie

      • But I’m a vegan so I don’t drink milk. What do you suggest for a person like me who doesn’t eat meat or anything from an animal?

      • My sis husband told me that milk make ur muscles weak. But u never listen to him. My uncle did some year in prison and he came out really big in muscle he says he was doing more punch UPS n drink as much milk that he can

      • HaHaHa!!! Good one Brandon that is so true. Best line I heard in a long time. Besides almond milk has very little protein. And personally I think it taste likes crap.

      • Damn, I thought II was doing good. A gallon of Almond per week. My Lactose Intolerance is Bad! Still you give good advice, I have a science degree, I’ll work around it.

  2. Hi I’m 16 5″ 8 and 65kg I have quite large biceps for my age and when I was 14 I was quite chubby but my question to you is how do I loos some fat around the lower stomach and Around the pectoralis muscles (around the nipple ‘pecs’) because I haven’t been able to remove that fat even though the rest of my body is quite trim

    • Whats up Chris!

      You can not just lose fat on one spot. but you can lose fat from all over. Check out some of my fat loss and HIIT Cardio post!

      keep me updated on your progress homie

  3. Yo Brandon!

    Thanks for the post as always man, nice photos too 😉

    I know you say not to count reps when working out and to do 3 sets.

    What I don’t understand is my first set I do to faliure, second set probably one rep, and last set not even one.

    So what I usually do is: 3 sets, 8-10 reps

    First set: 10 reps (Good weight)

    Second set: 10 reps (Intermediate getting harder)

    Third set: 8-10 reps (Failing at 9 but forcing myself to reach 10)

    Is that the best way of doing it to gain mass?

    Once thanks for all your help and support, appreciate it!

    Much love

    • Whats up Jaks.

      Your doing the right thing bro! when you get stronger you will be able to do all 3 (or 4) sets with the same weight. for now, reduce the wieght with each set, but make sure you STILL GO TO FAILURE with each set

      Great question Jaks!!! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Just want to respond to the first comment.. Scooby is not against compund exercises? He says exactly the same as brandon!!!!
    Seth.. dude.. you have misunderstood something.
    The only poeple i listen to is Brandon and scooby, because they are saying the same. So Brandon, please dont think Scooby is full of bullshit..

    • Hey Brandon.
      just wanna ask a bilion dollar question!!! All this things of making this died, and eat this and that, go sprint on running etc etc are really ok but there is something that really gets in the way of an average body men that doesnt go so easy even if f***ed your self hard at the gym and in the “kitchen” . Am talking about the nasty “love-handles” that they are screwing your body shape whatever you do at the gym and whatever diet you are trying to do! Any effective suggestions???
      This “enemy” is really bad and unforgiving i must say….


      • lol Hey Constantino .

        you cant lose fat in one spot. it may look like your losing fat everywere but your “love handles” but thats just because men have more fat cells in that area than in other places. (women have more fat cells in there legs and thighs)

        just keep eating right and working out hard, the “love handles” will go away with time.

        Great question Constantino !!! Thanks

    • Hey Christian

      I am sure that Seth just read it wrong.I am just glad that he asked instead of just doing the wrong thing. He is learning… we all are. thanks for the comment!

  5. Hey Brandon, I have a problem here. Right now, my goal is to cut up and get some mass at the same time. I wanna do the weights 6 days a week and HIIT 2-3 times a week like it says in your program. But the problem is that my school’s P.E class runs around a mile every tuesday and thursday. So I was wondering, how can I get around this and still reach my goal atleast by the end of May?

    • Whats up Conner

      If your trying to get bigger, you can still do cardio. Look at guys in the NFL. They do cardio in practice almost everyday and most of them are 200 plus pounds. The key is to eat more cals than you burn. you need to be eating 6-7 meals a day (or 3 meals and 2 shakes.)

      good luck homie. please keep me posted on your progress

      • Yeah good point lol. Thanks for the response. My diet is in check, I know that. I eat 5 meals and 1 shake every day. I’m basically living on chicken, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, steamers veggies and olive oil, which is my secret weapon for getting in those cals that I need haha. I don’t really mind the small variety, but then again, why fix something that’s not broken?

  6. yooo!!!! brother from another hot mother xD
    thnx for the advise……. my question is tht after working out can i only drink alot milk alone to recover and stick to my normal diet plan?? and if yes i should how much do u think it should be??
    peace out xD

    • Thanks OSZ!!!!

      you CAN drink milk after your workout (I did it today). wither you drink milk, a protein shake, or a full meal, just make sure your getting at least 3o grams of protein

  7. Hey Brandon,

    Just wanted to tell u that u always give good sound advice that works and I appreciate u sharing . Keep it up Bro

  8. I’m a very skinny kid and i want to get ripped before springbreak ends. Is it alright if i work out 3 times a day?

  9. Hi brandon,

    I got your full workout plan now and I saw that you got a 5 day workout plan in the gym folder and a 3 day workout plan + rest day in the home folder which one is the best to do?

  10. Hey brandon I am about 5’11 180, I am trying to gain muscle mass. I have little belly. Drinking a gallon of milk a day and working, would that get me a six pack

  11. Your body is PERFEKT to me man.. Not too big, not too small and RIPPED. But i was wondering, have u ever been bulking? Have u bulked to get the size and then been cutting after? Because i want to get bigger but i dont want to lose my abs while doin’ it :o. What is your advice on that bro? P.S Your my idol.

  12. Hey Brendan im 14. Is it healthy for me to be doing these type of diet plans or should i just stick to eating regular well balanced meals?

    • The GOMAD thing? Depends on if you’re skinny as hell or not. If you are that real skinny person that can’t seem to gain weight no matter what this would be great for you. If you’re not that skinny guy, then I would just stick to a well balanced, healthy diet.

  13. I was doing your workout plan for 4weeks but I lost way too much waight didn’t like it.
    I want to get bigger then cut!!!!

    Any advise??

  14. Boss, quick question? I’m 19.6% body fat and I and weigh 152. I wanna get down to about 9-12% of body fat. Any tips you can share with me I would tremendously appreciate it!

  15. Workout hard early in morning on empty stomach.. Eat plenty protain, veg and fruit every 2-3 hours a day and drink plenty of water..should do the trick for hiit cardio aswell after your workouts.. Should work in 2weeks max.. Hope goes well for you

  16. Brandon, it’s healthy to drink so much milk per day? The most studies show that too much milk favor the occurrence of disease. (Sorry if make mistakes in writing but I don’t know very well english)

  17. Brandon you look awesome bro just want to ask you about the Naked protein shake you drink. The Naked shake you drink has soy in it and I read that it mimics estrogen is that ok to drink? Before I purchase it just wanted to hear your thoughts on that.

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