5 CRAZY Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

5 CRAZY Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is secreted in both men and women. It is responsible for sex drive, as well as protein processing for muscle mass development and strength. The more Testosterone you have, the easier it will be for you to gain muscle and burn fat.

In this post I will go over 7 unconventional ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels. If you want to check out more conventional ways of naturally boosting your testosterone please check out my other post about testosterone.

  1. Spend More Time Around Beautiful Women

This should be something you’ve BEEN doing already but if not, I highly recommend it – if not for any other reason than boosting your testosterone. Obviously there are easier ways to boost your testosterone than this one, but if not for this one then why are we all here? CAUTION: With great power comes great responsibility. There is a downside to being around these mythical creatures involving your personal health and well being.(Source: #1 http://bit.ly/1yYNBhz Source: #2 http://bit.ly/1vTqfce

 naturally boosting your testosterone

2. Watching Sports increase testosterone

Tests have shown that testosterone increases when a person’s sports team wins the game. The fans of the losing team however, showed a decrease in testosterone. Ouch! This means that we should carefully choose who we look up to and help elevate.

Watching one’s heroes win or lose has physiological consequencesthat extend beyond changes in mood and self-esteem.

(Source: Watching Sports increase testosterone http://1.usa.gov/1w4x10P )

3 .Meditation

If for no other reason than to keep yourself OFF the “Wanted” List, as in America’s Most Wanted, meditate man. It boosts your testosterone AND growth hormone, and can lead to many other positive hormonal changes as well. Being in the right state of mind is everything. Give meditation a focused effort and reap the abundant rewards.(Source: http://1.usa.gov/1ySIBu3)

4. Practice Non-Verbal Displays Of Power And Dominance

Even as simple as fixing your posture for as little as 2 minutes has a significant effect on your hormones. Opening up/standing tall, choosing powerful poses over weaker ones impacts how much testosterone our bodies produce.(Source: Changing your Physiology increase testosterone http://bit.ly/1FW0riR )


5. Handling Weapons/Shooting Guns

Studies have also shown that even just holding a gun increases testosterone. Plus shooting guns is something I want to be really good at, not to mention it’s one of those things that takes a good amount of practice to be proficient at. You don’t want to accidentally shoot yourself or any other target you did not intend to hit.(Source:  Shooting Guns off increase testosterone  http://bit.ly/1vTqwfp)

5 CRAZY Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

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40 thoughts on “5 CRAZY Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

  1. What’s your best advice for me to gain weight? I’m 15 and I’m very skinny and have been working out for 3 months or so , currentlty around 60kg

    • To gain weight you going to have to consume more calories than you burn. Because you’re young, I would say that you can basically just eat as much as you can as often as you can. Lift heavy.

  2. Hey brandon, i have been suffering from binge eating disorder (eating every food you see)for almost a year now and i gained 5 kgs of fat, i didnt gain more because i train boxing so i burn some of them off. I dont have that motivation and discipline to just keep a simple diet, nothing extreme. i was that kind of guy who had six packs and ripped… and now im turning to a fat dude 😦 Hope you could help by somehow, i appreciated if you did 🙂 Thanks

  3. Hi BBC, i want to know from how many years and months you lift and from when . Your ages, what is your weight now and how tall are you . I know almost everything but i want to be sure . Im a big fan and i follow you from years . Keep MAKE GAINS 🙂

    • Whats up Todoe! I started working out when I was 16 playing sports in high school and I never really stopped. It does not take that long for you to make progress. I did not know what I was doing at first so my gains were slow. I make YouTube videos and write books in and make blog posts so you guys don’t have to learn everything by trial and error the way that I did. 🙂

    • Was sub Mike. Honestly I think muscle ups have built my laptop more than anything. I think it’s because with the muscle up you have a wider range of motion than with the standard pull-up.

      • thx man, unfortunately i am not able to do muscle ups, so you think standard pull-ups could be the right way? I tried dumbell shrugs, but i felt my forearms more than lats… 😀

  4. Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for spending time with us and answering to lots of people you don’t know, and thanks for answering few weeks ago to my question 🙂
    Can you please tell me how you breathe during abs workout, when doing quick exercise, like mountain climbers or something similar. I actually don’t know how i breathe, but when I catch myself thinking about it during exercise I get confused. Don’t know if I should breathe short between each, or do 2-3 holding breath? Thanks man!

  5. This is my routine:
    Monday-weights(full body)+hiit
    Tuesday-abs+muay thai
    Wednesday-weights(full body)+hiit
    Thursday-abs+muay thai
    Friday-weights(full body)+hiit
    Sunday-full rest and cheat day
    Is my routine good??
    Im 16 years old,80kg,170cm waist 33,my goal is to get ripped.
    Im currently 3 weeks into carb cycling.
    I bumped up my carb intake because i lost some muscle,last week i lost 0,5 inchess off waist.Are these good results????

  6. Brandon you were very vocal about squatting every day. How did that work out for you? I’ve been trying out doing abs every day but tbh I don’t think it’s much better than doing them every other day. What do you think about abs every day?

  7. Do you count your protein intake and what protein powder you use, i saw some videos that it was Gold standard . And by the way im practicing handstand but it is kind a slowly progressive .

  8. yo just wondering in your opinion how long to do intermittent fasting for? I been doing it 3 months but should I take a break? Can I keep going with IF Indefinately?

    Thanks man

  9. Hey brandon, i have been suffering from binge eating disorder (eating every food you see)for almost a year now and i gained 5 kgs of fat, i didnt gain more because i train boxing so i burn some of them off. I dont have that motivation and discipline to just keep a simple diet, nothing extreme. i was that kind of guy who had six packs and ripped… and now im turning to a fat dude 😦 Hope you could help by somehow, i appreciated if you did 🙂 Thanks

  10. Yo BBC Waddup waddup, could you please help me out? I’ve been trying to cut down for a six pack since summer I keep failing over and over again. My goal originally was to cut till I get a six pack by the end of this year and put on some muscle mass next year right in time for when ur book Ultimate mass comes out . I don’t know what’s the problem? Is it because I have been “trying” to cut too long? I have one cheat day every week but does that still mean my body knows I am cutting after the cheat day? Could it be I was consuming too many calories Because nothing looks too different from summer when I put on 10 pounds of muscle? I just want to get that fat off my last bottom row of abs man and then bulk up because being in a cut like this is discouraging, I feel like my arms are getting smaller in size but they are slightly more cut. Please help me out, as of this week I have been doing Intermittent fasting everyday with carb cycling and weight training and HIIT Cardio. Please help me out. And thank you for everything man you’re my idol.

  11. Hey Brandon,
    first of all thank you for everything you’ve done so far, I’m applying many of your ideas into my training/diet and I’m seeing GREAT Results, I love my body!
    Problem is, right now I got the flu, and the worst thing about this is how it’s messing with my head because I’m afraid to lose my gains, or gain fat.
    QUESTION: How should I eat to maintain my Physique while I cannot work out?
    Exactly as before? Different macros? Different amount of calories? Before I was eating a caloric surplus while intermittent fasting and it was working miraculously!
    Would really appreciate your input on this, I bet many have this kind of problem in this time of the year.. Cheers

  12. Hi BBC,

    I’ve been following you for a long time, I have a question, I’m training swimming, we have tranings every day. I go to gym 4 times a week and do a fullbody workout. The problem is that I want to get more muscle and strenght but I’ve got high metabolism and a LOT of cardio obviusly. What’s the easiest and healty way to bring the calorie count up? p.s I eat 7 times a day but i guess thats not enough and my bf is very low.

    I’m 29 years old, lost 40 lbs, and now trying to gain some Muscle Mass.
    Is it possible to gain muscle while loosing fat at the same time (with caloric deficit)?

    Thanks alot for yr videos, & Im waiting like hell for yr new book.

  14. Yo brandon love your stuff bro! its Also awesome you fuck with elliott too! my question is what is your top marketing books would you recommend that i should start off reading? I am trying to start my own fitness blog and basically just help people!

  15. There is a lot of different information out there about refeed days. I have two questions regarding this subject:

    1. When and/or how do I know when to do a refeed day?

    2. How many carbohydrates should I consume on a refeed day?

  16. What is the best weightloss supplement that wont make me pop on a test..my night cravings have caught up wit me and ive gained 30pounds…

  17. What up BBC! I am a 39 yr old fat cat at 5’11”, 270 lbs but not too sloppy. When younger I lifted hard body karate and now I want to get slim, lean, and cut. I need to lose 90 to 100 lbs. Should I really be hitting the weights hard? I’m afraid that it will work against me. I’m fasting now to start with (16/8 intermittent)

  18. Bro i admire your lifestyle it has truly revealed a raging passion inside me for health and fitnesss. any tips on being a successful personal trainer?

  19. Hi! Recently some people in the gym said I have the problem of rounded shoulder and imbalance muscles of the right and left body (my right arms and right legs are much stronger than my left arms and left legs), I would like to know if there is any great exercise and routine that can help to fix my shoulders? And how I can rebalance my right and left body? Thanks a lot!
    Btw I really love your videos, they are very useful, best wishes!

  20. I have bad back pain between my scapulas, ive been to the doctor and they say its because those muscles are weak. I really have no idea how to train those muscles though. I do barbell rows, deadlifts, and pullups for my back normally. Ive cut out chest training temporarily because that makes my back hurt worse. Any advice on how to target the small mid back muscles between my scapula/any advice on how to get rid of the pain?
    Thanks BBC, you the best!

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