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Can You Burn Fat & Build Muscle At The Same Time… HELL YEAH!

Brandon Carter Workout Plan Jozen Cummings

People all ways ask me is it possible to burn fat a build muscle at the same time. in short, the answer is “HELL YEAH!”. The truth is that is would actually be hard not to burn fat wile building muscle for two reasons.

1. The act of Lifting weights burns both calories and fat

2. Your metabolism raises when your body becomes more muscular

Weight training is increasingly recommended as a fat-busting tool because muscle burns more energy than body fat at rest, so if you develop more muscle , you must burn extra energy and more stored fat as a result. This has been shown in metabolic studies.
Muscle in its resting state is like an idling car engine, burning up fuel in the form of calories  and fat reserves. Therefore, it’s true that the more muscle you have, the more calories and fat your body burns  each day.

This is why some people can eat whatever they want during there 20’s, but start to gain fat as they move into there 30’s. Your body starts to naturally lose muscle mass as you get older (unless you do something about it!!!) thus lowering your metabolism and making it easier for you to gain fat.

Sure, you could just starve yourself to lose fat, but that will cause you to lose muscle too!!! This explains why so many people actually get FATTER after doing what they call “diet” (sartvation is not a “Diet”, its a FAST!). they lose both fat and muscle during starvation dieting, so when the starvation dieting ends (because its unsustainable) people return to there old eating habits, but this time they have less muscle mass, so there metabolism is lower, so they gain fat a faster rate than ever before!!!

I STRONGLY believe the best way to burn fat (AND KEEP IT OFF)  is to focus on building muscle along with cardio and proper diet.

Not long ago, A good friend of mine from Collage asked me for help. Jozen was wildly out of shape and not happy with his appearance, energy levels, or the way the way that he had let himself go. After collage, Jozen had become a successful writer for XXL, Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Huffington Post, ect. But with all his effort being put into becoming the successful writer that his is, he neglected his health and fitness and asked me for help.

I put Jozen on a Diet and Workout plan that revolved around building muscle. The results in the video below speak for themselves

He lost over 30 Pounds and built a lot more muscle FAST by using the same workout program I offer here at this site! The best thing about his transformation is that he did it all on his own! All I did was show him the program, them he did it 6 days a week at his home. I dont remember the exact dates that the before and after were filmed, but I think it was about 6  of hard work. He told me that people noticed after only 2 weeks.

I know that his is getting A LOT more girls now, plus he has WAY more energy and confidence. Jozen looks and acts like a brand new person! I am really proud of him!


People ask me if my workout plan will help them burn fat, or will it help them build muscle? The truth is that its BOTH!!! The workout plan shows you how to customize the plan to focus on Fat Burning and / or Muscle building. But its hard to do one without the other if you follow the instructions.

Make sure you try out my new 6 pack / Fat burning workout too!

Download the The Workout and Diet plan for FREE from my FaceBook page (make sure to “like” it!)  If the download link did not work for you last week, please try it again. we fixed the issues

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet (you get both in my FULL workout plan). It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX, it is what I use to help me stay ripped.



Brandon Carter A.K.A. “The Black Man BATMAN”

31 thoughts on “Can You Burn Fat & Build Muscle At The Same Time… HELL YEAH!

  1. Peace, I recently purchased your workout plan and I think it is awesome, how long did it take Jozen to look like that in the video???? I know he worked out 6 days a week but for how many months? Thanks in advance. He looks great!

    • Thanks!!! his diet was important. He followed the home workouts in the plan. he did strength training 3days a weeks. and HIIT cardio 3 days a week. he did all the same stuff I talked about in the plan. it was a bout 2 or 3 months… i dont really remember. it was not long at all

  2. I would like a good weekly workout routine that I can follow, I can’t seem to find one that is 6days long etc. Anything would be useful and I will be committed to anything you send me back. Ps I am I’m good shape jus want to lose more fat and get abs!

    Ty hope u get bak to me. Kyle

  3. Well after seeing the outcome of your friend Jozen, how long will it take for a person weight of 265lb to go down to 200 I have about 38% body fat more on mid section of my stomach. Lets just say I cannot see my feet. Please respond like you mean it but I did started to workout I begain with the abs video.

  4. Thank’s alot for taking time to show all of us how to lose weight and build mustles all of ur videos have really helped me alot thanks again.

  5. Hi Brandon!
    I’ll try this one. I have 5.8” and 96kg in me… really baaad shape. Do you think this one will help me? I stayed out from home 2 months working and eated a lot of trash (I’m from Colombia, and believe me, we have a lot of delicious trash to eat). As a funny thing, i practice MMA, and when i returned to practice… fuck.. i really was out of shape, even more… i have a little problem with my heart, but nothing to worry ’bout. I’ll take some photos every week and show ya how i’m progressing. I hope it works. Some advices for me?

    • Whats up bro!!! good luck with your MMA, i did that for a wile, but is stopped to practice guitar more. keep me up dated with your progress. the main advice i would give you, or anyone else, BE CONSTANT !!!

  6. and can you help me loose weight im 17 and im weighing 220 and i really wanna get a six pack i bench 305 and squat 520 and deadlift 420 im a powerlifter

    • bro stop lying how you gonna get help if you lying? cuz with all those heavy weight you lift at your age you should have your six pack already. fitness its lifestyle not a show off

      • lol chill son. he is probably not lying. for a kid his age to get that strong, he would have to put on a lot of mass, he has some fat covering his 6 pack so he cant see them. lets try to keep it positive on this site my dude. we can all help each other become better

    • wow! if your a power lifter, trying to get a 6 pack will fuck up your power. there is a reason that body builders and power lifters dont look alike.

      Personally, Im not into power lifting because it has nothing to do with health. a lot of power lifters have heart problems because the human heart is not built to support people that size.

      your 17 now, Im sure your one of the strongest kids you know, if your started to do more cutting up, did more cardio, and changed your diet, you will get a 6 pack… your power lifting will suffer, but your luck with the ladies with thrive!

  7. Brandon! I’m working out for almost 2 months now.and I’m updated to ur website! I can now see my Improvements,and thanks to your program I can now workout the proper way. Keep It up Bro!

  8. hommie thanks for all advice and tips it help me allot but one thing can you suggest diet plan or food i must to take everyday ,looking foward to your response. thank you again..

  9. Watsup bro, you asked in your vid if anyone knew what the real name for the “iron butterflies” were, well the first time i saw that exercise was in a P90x video and they called it a “crunchy frog”. Iron butterfly sounds iller to me, i dont wanna be tellin my boys in the gym aight sonn, let’s go do some crunchy frogs now, nahh. lol

  10. hahahaha thanks homie! people have told me A LOT of names for them, but nothing has sounded as cool to me a ““iron butterflies” hahaha, i refuse to say “im doing crunchy frogs” lol fuck that! lol

  11. yoo Brandon, these videos are epic, however id love to get cut up and look like you but how do i gain the weight to cut up as im quite skinny? like ive put on 2 stone and ive been training hard in the past year but im not much bigger, what sorta diet should i eat/drink and how should i workout like should i do plenty of cardio or heavy weights or what? i wanna get big but lean/cut up big, not bulky and fat? cheers man

  12. Yow Brandon can you get more before and after pics put up bro…. p90 have a lot of results displayiin , there needs to b more evidence of results from ur workouts for every1 to see.
    Nd wat ab workout do u suggest to reveal lower abs cos mine just don’t feel like showiin themselves lol

  13. HELLO B! FIRST OF ALL THANKS!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND THIS IS THE SECOND DAY I COME HERE!! i dont want to be thin (1.80 and 65 kg) I know is not good to train muscles 7/D but what about cardio? And i don’t know if is better to train 1 day cardio and 1 day muscles… or 1 day train both and next day do nothing. Also i wanted to know (if you can work cardio everyday) if is good to do the “mountain climbers”, or do i train abs too?
    Another thing…. If i want to tone arms and abs how many reps must i do and how many sets? Also wanted to know if i need an incline press to work
    And at last… For get good abs (like yours bro!) don’t you work the upper part with these excercises???

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